Teens Notice Older Man Walking With Girl, Then Realize Something Is Off

Teens Notice Older Man Walking With Girl, Then Realize Something Is Off

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The four Canadian boys were enjoying themselves practicing their skateboarding tricks in an underground parking garage. It was just another night at the impromptu skatepark. However, it was getting late and they would need to start heading home soon.

As they left the underground parking lot, they had no idea that outside would reveal something suspicious.

Mystery Girl And Men

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As the four boys were leaving the parking garage, they noticed a young girl who appeared to be upset, walking towards the grass with two older men. One of the men was being quite aggressive towards the girl, who seemed to be causing a disturbance.

Initially, the man was walking behind the girl, but then he noticed the presence of the four boys. This alone wasn’t enough to raise suspicion, but then the boys noticed something else about the girl that made them suspicious.

Skateboarders Intervene

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One of the skateboarders, Carsyn Wright, said that the girl was yelling and screaming. This was enough to make the boys suspicious. Wright said, “She just wanted to be out of there.”

The four boys turned their attention to the men and asked them what was going on. They demanded an explanation for the girl’s behavior and the man’s aggression.

Suspicious Parent And Girl

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The larger of the two men told the boys that he was the girl’s father. The boys assumed that the girl had been caught drinking at a young age or something like that, so stepped away.

The woman didn’t ask for help and didn’t contradict the man, so the boys let it go. However, something didn’t feel right about the situation.

Fishy Situation In Calgary

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It was getting late in Calgary and the boys needed to head home. They packed up their skateboards and started walking back with reservations about their earlier encounter. It was easier to believe the man, since the girl hadn’t contradicted him.

But the boys couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. Deep down, they had a gut feeling that the situation was fishy.

Revisiting The Encounter

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The boys had initially believed that the girl was intoxicated, but the more they thought about it, the more uneasy they became. They began to question whether they had been too quick to back down.

The man who claimed to be the girl’s father had seemed confident and arrogant. This made the boys question whether a father would act that way. Then, they remembered something that had them questioning everything.

Struggling Resistance

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Carsyn remembers that the woman was covered in dirt and scrapes. It appeared that she had been fighting the man for a while. The man then picked her up and carried her away, but she continued to struggle.

The boys felt a strong urge to return. They would never be able to forgive themselves if they didn't listen to this instinct.

Suspicious Doubt

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As they thought more about the situation, they realized that something was off. They were unsure if the three people knew each other. Additionally, they wondered why they were waiting outside the parking lot at that time of night.

They suddenly felt worried that something bad was happening. They quickly returned, hoping they hadn't arrived too late.

Ignoring Uncertainty


The boys admitted that they did not believe what they had been told, but Wright responded by saying that people often don't want to think badly of others and so they ignore their doubts and hope for the best.

When they reached the parking lot, the group of three was gone. They quickly realized that they must have gone inside, so the boys followed them.

Hidden Danger

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The boys did not know that the two men had a hidden side. When they entered the underground parking lot of the Chinook Centre, they also unknowingly entered a dangerous part of Calgary and could not return.

The community had a growing problem. Beneath the mall's upscale exterior, there was something much larger and darker happening.

Fighting Crime

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Officer Arthur L. Doner was looking into an increase in crime in Southwest Calgary, but previous attempts to catch the perpetrators, such as stings and searches, had been unsuccessful.

The gangs competing in the area had become very dangerous, and it was difficult to make progress against them. Officer Doner felt like he was fighting a mythical beast that just kept growing more heads. He was unaware that four skateboarders were about to attempt to fight the gangs on their own.

Mischievous Mischief

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The boys walked cautiously into the dark underground parking lot of the Chinook Centre. They had noticed earlier that there were no security guards on duty and had taken advantage of this information to skate there that afternoon.

The underground parking lot was a great place for mischievous activities, but the men had also realized this.

Disappearing Act

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The CCTV footage of the men shows them walking around the parking lot, looking for something. The girl is with them as they try to find a secluded corner. Once they find the right spot, they appear to have found what they were looking for.

The men open the door to the stairwell and take the girl inside with them before the door closes and they all vanish.

Fox Valley

The boys stealthily entered the underground parking lot. It was unusually empty on that day. They initially searched behind the few cars that were parked, but they did not see the group of three people.

After a few minutes, they walked to the stairwell, hoping that the trio would not be there. The situation was becoming too intense for them.

Shocking Discovery

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Arnaud stood still, holding the door handle and giving the others a look that indicated they should be prepared. He quickly opened the door with a single motion.

However, what the boys discovered in the stairwell shocked them. They were not prepared for what they saw.