Delivery Man Shortchanged, Decides To Pull Something Out Of His Pocket

Delivery Man Shortchanged, Decides To Pull Something Out Of His Pocket

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They believed that being stingy with the delivery man would work out well for them. To make things even more complicated, they were unpleasant about it. Instead of the norm, they pretended that the deliveryman was the one that owed them something.

However, they were unaware that the delivery man had a secret item stashed away in his pocket. They hadn't noticed an item that would mean their undoing.

Jarrid's Story

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Massachusetts was the setting where this incident took place. In what would turn out to be a tale of humiliation and retaliation, there were primarily two persons involved.

These individuals work for F&R Auto Sales, a car dealership in the area, while Jarrid Tansey is a delivery driver for Palace Pizza, a pizzeria. They would become involved in a conflict that has already been seen and engaged in by millions of people online.

A Hardworking Man

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Jarrid Tansey was a hardworking man. He worked late shifts at his second job and relied heavily on tips to provide for his family. Delivering pizza wasn't the easiest job, but it paid the bills.

He had learned how to deal with difficult customers, but he had never experienced anything like this before. The people he delivered pizza to that night were on a strange power trip, and unfortunately, Jarrid found himself caught in the crossfire.

Earning A Living

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In Jarrid's situation, the majority of people would have thrown in the towel, but that just wasn't an option. He needed to come up with a strategy before his wife could resume working, as she had just given birth.

The family of three wouldn't be able to eat without a second source of income! So Jarred lowered his head. He recalled the lessons his father had instilled in him.

Another Job

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Jarrid knew that there were no handouts in life if he knew anything at all. He learned that from his father. He so eagerly accepted a second job to make ends meet after the birth of his daughter.

He was completely prepared for the long hours, but he never anticipated that a roomful of people would bully and degrade him. How did this happen?

Challenging Customer

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Even though Jarrid has dealt with challenging clients previously, none have compared to the ones from the auto dealership. It intensified to the point of confrontation, and it wasn't at all appealing to observe.

In the end, the employees of F&R Auto Sales would regret ever interfering with the ordinary and innocent pizza delivery man.

A Life-Changing Phone Call

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One evening, Jarrid received a typical-sounding call from his manager. Pizza and refreshments had just been ordered by a nearby auto company.

He hurried to deliver the delivery on time after loading their order onto his motorbike. He made the decision to take a shortcut while dodging vehicles and congested city traffic. He hoped to get a good tip if he got there early.

Delivering The Goods

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When Jarrid arrived at F&R Auto Sales in Westport, Massachusetts, he carefully put the receipt on top of the boxes of pizza after removing them from his bike.

The final sum was $43. He delivered the hot pizza to an impatient-looking man who was tapping his toe as he entered the lobby. He had no idea that this delivery would be one of the worst he had ever made.

Only The Start

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Jarrid received a $50 bill from a front desk employee who also collected the pizzas and beverages without saying anything further.

Jarrid thanked him and resumed his journey after what he could have assumed was the end of their conversation. But this wasn't the end of the story. The dealership wouldn't be done just yet.


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When Jarrid returned to Palace Pizza, he anticipated that it would be some time before the representatives of F&R Auto Sales responded. Until their next order, at the very least.

But it wasn't the case. His manager wanted to speak with him as soon as he got back. The vehicle dealership had contracted with some issues, according to the caller.

They Wanted The $7

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Apparently, the spare $7 wasn't meant to be a tip. So they were demanding that Jarrid drive back to the car dealership and give them that change back.

Jarrid was appalled by this. Were they really being that petty about $7? Were they really so cheap that they weren't willing to tip at all? But there was not much else he could do about it. At least for now.

He Went Back

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So he got on his bike and drove back to the car dealership; of course, with the $7 that they were demanding back. He still had a hard time believing that he had to get through all this.

Little did he know that things were about to get worse. But fortunately for him, in the end, he would be the one to get the last laugh.


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Despite Jarrid’s protests, his manager ordered him to get back on his bike and return the $7. The customer was always right, he argued, and Jarrid had better make sure that he returned the stolen cash.

And he didn’t care if Jarrid had to use his own gas to make the trip. Jarrid, fearing for his job, complied. But what was waiting for him at the dealership wouldn’t be worth all the money in the world.


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Jarrid arrived at the car dealership with the $7 in question. The whole staff was waiting for him, and Jarrid felt threatened. But still, he felt like he had to say something.

He gave them back to one of the workers and then voiced his frustration. And that would be the cause that led to a heated dispute.


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"It just doesn't make sense why you'd hand me a bill that you were just gonna have me drive back here to give you back anyway," he complained. "I'm not mad; I just had to waste my resources coming back here."

"So listen," said one member of the staff. "The manager apologized once to you. Do you want him to apologize again?" That was rude. But it didn't end there.