Deputy Put To Shame When His Elevator Secret Gets Recorded
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Deputy Put To Shame When His Elevator Secret Gets Recorded

Johan Brown

He could sense the onset of tiredness. He was aware that he needed to sit down to avoid passing out. He was so mistaken in thinking that nobody was looking.

He would never get over this if he had known that his boss had seen it all from the elevator camera the whole time.

An Embarrassing Secret

Facebook / EPC Sheriff’s Office

Tony Scherb of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office was in love with the work that he did. He had been familiar with every detail of the station over the years.

Prior to the discovery of his big secret that would drastically alter everything, he took great pleasure in his work at the station and enjoyed every day of it.

Looked Up To

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He had worked at the station for about 30 years and had established a lot of acquaintances during that time. But as he aged, the inevitable was fast arriving.

Retirement was just over the horizon, and he was eager to give in his rifle for a fishing rod. But he was unaware that just as he was about to depart permanently, something would change.

A Senior Cop

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Scherb was widely known. He had worked there for 29 years and had seen many individuals come and go. He was recognized by all his colleagues at the station for his commitment.

But they had no idea what he was doing in the elevator and what happened there when he wanted to unwind. He questioned whether they would still view him in the same light.


Facebook / EPC Sheriff’s Office

He would soon be retiring, but that didn't exactly mean he didn't still have a lot of work to accomplish. Before he could exchange his badge for a drink, he had a mountain of paperwork and several phone calls to make.

He had to put in extra effort due to the very constrained timeframes. In his 29 years there, he had become accustomed to this, but it didn't make it any easier.

Working Under Strain

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It was trying. No police officer could work under such strain. It was crucial to find methods to unwind, given the risks of the job, the requirement to maintain professionalism, and the public's continual scrutiny.

But some police officers developed undesirable habits when they needed to work under strain. But would his colleagues understand when they caught him?

A Hard Job

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Scherb was a member of the El Paso County police force, which was in charge of ensuring the safety of more than 663,000 citizens.

The police had their hands busy since there were so few policemen compared to civilians. They engaged in their activities to release some steam to keep some of their sanity. Officer Scherb was the same, and so was he.

Unaware He Was Being Watched

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He knew of certain people who might turn to alcohol or smoke excessively. His "elevator ritual" was crucial because of this. It was the secret of his joyful disposition during the past few decades.

But Scherb was unaware that his employer would put a covert surveillance camera smack in the heart of his area.

Loved By His Coworkers

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Even though Scherb was generally loved by his coworkers, no one could have predicted how entertaining and unexpected he was once they found out his secret.

He donned a well-designed mask while on the job as a traffic officer to convey the power he needed. His coworkers were aware of his kindness and generosity, but until it was captured on tape, no one realized exactly how erratic he could be.

Secret Camera

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Scherb's supervisor apparently placed the camera after learning that the lift had been experiencing technical difficulties in order to take extra measures and perhaps identify the source of the glitches.

Scherb had no notion that everyone inside and outside the building would observe him perform his rite.

No Judgment

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To be fair, what Scherb liked to do in the elevator wasn't so crazy. We all have our moments when we think we're alone - only there isn't video evidence of the cringe-worthy things we do during our "alone time."

Although Scherb wasn't in the privacy of his own home, he still wasn't expecting anyone to see what he did to blow off some steam.

Getting Into It

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The video footage shows Scherb walking into the elevator alone. Everything appears normal. He was just a traffic cop using the elevator, tapping his foot and waiting to arrive at his floor.

Of course, Scherb had no idea about the camera that had just been installed. And what it captured soon had everyone howling.  

Time To Groove

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He pulled out his phone and chose his favorite app. It was a simple thing, but my oh my, did it get the job done. The beat and melody started to flow, and he let his body move with it.

This wasn't dancing. They were silly, gyrating convulsions that helped him burn off the pressure. Then, the elevator door opened, and a colleague walked in.

Sudden Stop

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Scherb immediately went back to his formal stance, but the music was still going. His coworker raised an eyebrow.

This was mostly because it was probably a song she would never have imagined him listening to. Her tiny grin made him have a profound realization.

Doesn't Matter

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He was retiring! It didn't matter anymore. He could be as goofy as he wanted. He was human, after all, and why shouldn't he embrace the joy that came with his "elevator time."

He might even be able to spread a little joy to others as well. So, he started dancing again.