Waiter Won't Serve Man, So He Returns In Uniform
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Waiter Won't Serve Man, So He Returns In Uniform

Johan Brown

Baker was furious when the waitress refused to explain why she wouldn’t serve him. He had waited in line for 45 minutes, and now they were treating him so poorly. He didn’t deserve this. He wasn’t used to people disobeying his commands and looking down on him. This was ridiculous!

Clearly, she had no idea who he was or what authority he had. He wasn’t going to let her get away with this. He couldn’t wait to see her face when she discovered who he really was.

Karl Baker

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Born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia, Karl Baker was enjoying a much-needed day off. He had just completed a string of 12-hour shifts, and now, all he wanted was to sit back and relax.

He’d planned out his entire off day. He wanted to sleep in, go out to eat, spend some time outdoors, and end his day in front of the television with a drink in his hand. But sadly, things would not go as planned.

Busy Week

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It had been a busy and hectic week for Baker. But that wasn’t unusual. Things were particularly frantic in the Alexandria Police department around that time of the year. Karl had been serving there for over five years at this point.

Everyone at the station was overworked, but Karl didn’t have a problem with this. He knew that it was all for a good cause. But was it really?

Hardworking Man

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He loved his job. Ever since he was a little boy, it was his biggest dream to someday become a police officer. Growing up, he worked extremely hard to make this dream come true, and he hasn’t looked back since,

He now had five years of experience in the field, and he was completely satisfied with the life he was living. He wouldn’t change it for anything. But on some occasions, he would have to do things that he would rather not have to do.

His Favorite Part

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At heart, he knew he was a street cop. His favorite part was to patrol the streets, doing his most to make his community a better place for law-abiding citizens. He always loved helping other people.

But of course, just like any other job, this one had its fair share of downsides. In Baker’s case, there was one downside in particular that he abhorred and dreaded to no end.



There were some days when he had no other choice but to spend multiple hours doing tedious paperwork. Out of everything, this was the part of his job that he disliked the most. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get himself to enjoy it.

That is, until one day. On this day, he realized that his job could entail things that were a lot worse than paperwork.

How It Started

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It started with a parking ticket. It was early one morning, and Baker was on patrol in Sequoyah, a neighborhood in Alexandria when he suddenly spotted something.

It appeared that someone had parked their car in the middle of the sidewalk, which was now blocking the way for passers-by. He quickly reached for his notebook and placed a ticket on the car’s windshield. But he had no idea what would happen next.

An Angry Woman

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As soon as he placed the ticket on the car’s windshield and began walking back to his own car, he heard someone yelling from behind him.

As soon as he looked back, he saw the visibly angry woman who was yelling incomprehensible things as she made her way toward him. But who was this woman? And what was going on? Unfortunately, Karl was about to find out.

He Was Baffled

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“What the hell are you doing?” she yelled at him. He was baffled as he stared at her with a frown on his face. The real question was: who did she think she was, speaking to an officer like that?

Karl cleared his throat and explained, “I’m giving this car a ticket. You see, it’s parked in the middle of the driveway. That’s not good.” In any other circumstances, he probably wouldn’t have been as patient as he was, but this time, he had a good reason to be.

Derelict People

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He was well aware that in this part of town, there were many derelict people who struggled with mental and emotional issues, so he was doing his best to keep the peace between himself and this woman.

He didn’t think the car was this woman’s property because she was well-dressed. She didn’t seem homeless, but he had a feeling that she wasn’t the owner of the car. But what she said next left him speechless.


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“I just parked it there for a couple of minutes!” the woman said. “The street is empty! I’m not bothering no one! You have no right to do this!” she howled.

Baker was absolutely shocked. She had faced rude people during his 5 years of service, but nothing like this. How could he even respond to something like that?

“I’m Sorry”

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“I’m sorry, ma’am. You’ll find the relevant information in the ticket,” he said, and he walked away. That was the best thing he could do before things escalated and he was forced to do something drastic, like arresting the woman.

He got into his car again as he heard the woman grumbling behind him, and he continued his patrol. He didn’t know what he was getting into.

Morning Lie-In

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A few days later, Baker woke up to his dog jumping on his bed, the sun shining on his face, it was already midday. He got dressed, poured himself a cup of coffee and thought about where he could go to enjoy a decent brunch.

But right after walking through the door, he saw something that instantly made his jaw drop to the floor.

Slashed Tires

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Someone had slashed his car’s tires! With his heart galloping, Baker walked toward his car and inspected the damage. Whoever had done that had been merciless; they had gone absolutely berserk in his wheels.

But who could have done something like this, and why? Right then and there, he remembered what had happened just a few days ago.

What If…?


Could the woman he had given a parking ticket be the culprit behind this? She seemed really upset about it; she also seemed to have anger management problems, to say the least.

But there was still one question in the air; one question the answer of which instantly sent a chill down the officer’s spine.