DIY Tips To Impress Your Dinner Party Guests

DIY Tips To Impress Your Dinner Party Guests

Johan Brown

Everyone who’s planned a party knows the importance of decorating. Your decorations set the mood and let guests know what to expect for the evening. Decorating a party can be a tedious task but don’t worry; we’re here to help! Keep reading to see some helpful DIY tips and tricks.

Mood Lighting

Pexels - Pixabay

What’s a dinner party without some beautiful candles? Even basic tapers can be transformed into works of art with a fast dip in colored wax.

The ends need only be dipped into molten colored wax and allowed to dry. then arrange them in a variety of candlesticks to maintain interest: Some of these are antique, while others come from a craft shop.

Table Decorating

Pexels - Max Vakhtbovych

Give vases, tumblers, and bottles made of glass with distinctive graphic designs in metallic tones. When you remove the conductive copper tape from the home improvement aisle, it truly shines.

The metallic item, which was first designed for electrical work, is available in a wide variety of widths.

DIY Coasters

Pexels - Yan Krukau

Glassware and the table's surface are shielded by soft leather coasters. Their fun side is revealed via stripes and paint splatters. Use different thicknesses of masking tape to outline a design, and then paint craft paint on the exposed areas.

Prior to removing the tape, give it time to dry thoroughly. Utilize them at your subsequent gathering after giving them a 24-hour cure after clear sealant application. By painting only half of the circle, you may create a color-block effect, or you can dilute the craft paint before splattering.