Dog Waits Outside Airport For 6 Months Until Flight Attendant Returns

Dog Waits Outside Airport For 6 Months Until Flight Attendant Returns

Johan Brown

The Story

The man motioned for her to come closer, but nothing could prepare her for what he was about to whisper in her ear. She wanted to know more about the dog, but she couldn’t believe what he was telling her.

An overwhelming sadness nested itself into her chest as she listened to the story he was telling her. That’s when she knew she had to rush back to the dog and make sure that it was okay. How could she not have realized sooner?

Busy Lifestyle


Theresa Brooks knew that her life was anything but grounded. She spent every month living in a different hotel in a new country. Her life as a flight attendant was busy and exciting!

She never got to spend much time at home, but she was okay with that because she loved her job. She knew how lucky she was to be able to travel the world as part of her job. The cherry on top was that she was paid for this too. But that didn’t mean that she couldn't be surprised.


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She had just gotten off a flight from New York to beautiful Puerto Rico. She was beside herself with exhaustion, this had been her second flight of the day. She was grateful that she had accommodation waiting for her at a nearby hotel.

She grabbed her bags and said goodbye to her co-workers before she started walking the distance from the terminal to the entrance where she would get a shuttle to her hotel.  But just as she reached the outside of the airport, she spotted something.

The Dog

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Her eyes landed on a poor, lonely dog sitting just outside of the airport's entrance. She’d always loved animals, especially dogs, and she instantly felt sorry for the poor thing. She couldn’t just walk away, so she decided to give the stray some love.

She bent down beside him and scratched his belly lovingly. He returned the favor by licking her affectionately before laughing playfully. Theresa was glad that she could give the little dog some much-needed love, making both their days. But little did she know what would come from this exchange.

She Left


She soon left for her hotel, almost completely forgetting about the dog. That night she enjoyed a  nice dinner, which was paid for by the airline, before heading to bed. The next morning, she woke up early to head back to the airport and hop on her next flight.

She had breakfast, got dressed, and then checked herself out of her hotel room. She took a shuttle back to the airport, but as soon as she got there, she saw something she couldn’t quite understand. Someone was waiting for her just outside of the airport.

He Was Still There

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When she got to the entrance of the airport, she couldn’t believe her eyes. The dog was sitting right where she had left him the night before. She was confused, but he simply got up and ran to her, happily wagging his tail.

It was clear that he remembered her, but she wondered if he had anywhere else to go. Surely there was a reason why he’d been waiting by the airport since the night before. But she had no idea that her involvement with the dog would change everything.

She Thought About Him

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She greeted the stray again and gave it some more love, but it was time for her to get to her next flight. She said goodbye to the adorable animal before boarding her next flight. This time, she couldn’t stop thinking about the dog. She was concerned about it.

As the days went by, the dog never left her mind. A month passed and she still thought about it often, sitting all alone outside the airport. But she was a busy woman, so she just had to keep moving forward until her job brought her right back to that same airport.

He Was Gone

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She was on yet another flight that landed in Puerto Rico. It was a long flight, and she was so tired. All she wanted was to get off the plane and head straight to bed.

She made the same long walk to the entrance of the airport, prepared to get another shuttle back to her usual hotel room. When she got to the entrance, she looked for the dog, but he wasn’t there.

Gut Feeling

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As she sat in the back of the shuttle on her way to her hotel room, she couldn’t help but feel concerned about the dog. Perhaps someone had taken him? That thought seemed to put her mind at ease. It had been a month since she last saw him, she just hoped he was somewhere safe.

But she had a gut feeling that something was wrong, and she couldn't shake that feeling. What if something horrible had happened to him? But when she got to the hotel, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

At The Hotel Entrance

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When she got to the front entrance to check in, she couldn’t believe her eyes. A dog was waiting for her just outside the door. But surely this couldn’t be the same dog, right?

But when he jumped up and greeted her as if she’d never left, she knew that it was him. She was overwhelmed by an uneasy feeling. What was this dog’s story?

Trying To Get Information

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Theresa asked about the dog at the hotel’s reception desk, and the receptionist told her that the dog would appear outside the doors every evening for the last month.

The hotel staff had taken a liking to the poor stray and made sure he ate by feeding him all the kitchen scraps. But had he followed her there? She’d have to go back to the airport to discover the truth.

Doing Some More Digging

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Theresa checked in at the front desk of the airport and got them to show her camera footage of the entrance. She was staff, after all, so she was allowed to. After she took a look, she noticed that the dog would go wait at the doors every morning and then disappear.

She didn't understand why the dog was waiting at the airport every day, and more recently, at her hotel. She was now committed to finding out the truth. But she would feel sorry once she did.

Asking Around


She asked around the airport to find out if anyone knew anything about the dog. She found out that the people behind the front desk had been feeding the dog since he always showed up and looked hungry. But he wasn't coming in for food only.

But then she started asking the right people. She asked the locals that lived near the airport if they knew anything about the dog. Their eyes grew wide, and they started talking in hushed voices. Something was very wrong.

Sad Story

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A man beckoned her closer. But she could never have prepared herself for what he would whisper into her ear. Even though she wanted to find out more about the dog, she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

Sadness welled up inside of her chest as she listened to the story that the man told her. She knew at that moment that she had to rush back to the dog and make sure it was fine. She couldn't believe she hadn't realized it sooner.


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It turned out that the dog's name was Angel and had quite the story. The dog had managed to track his owner's scent to the airport where they had left on a business trip. He had broken out of his property and waited every day for his owner to come back.

But it was the last part of the story that made Theresa's eyes start to tear. The dog had been through more than any animal deserved, and she had to make sure that he was well taken care of.