Elderly Man Not Taken Seriously Until He Opens The Case He Brought Into Dealership
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Elderly Man Not Taken Seriously Until He Opens The Case He Brought Into Dealership

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The elderly man entered the shop wearing modest attire and speaking in a quiet voice. Despite his attempts to solicit assistance, one aggressive salesman immediately pushed him away.

They insulted him and told him there was nothing there for him. They had no idea that the elderly man would ultimately get the final laugh.

An ex-Army soldier

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Vietnam War veteran Robert Jack served in the Army. His time in the military left him permanently damaged, yet he could still recover and find happiness because of his wife, Katie.

As he entered his senior years and faced additional adversity, Robert made every effort to hold onto optimism. But would it be sufficient?

In Love

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Long ago, Robert and Katie were wed. They fell in love in high school and have been together ever since. But as they grew older, issues began to mount. The old guy felt adrift as the family lately entered a more difficult period.

He spent some time one day wandering about before entering a classy vehicle dealership. All eyes were on him as soon as he entered the room. How did he get there? Was he experiencing a medical emergency and in need of assistance?

Abnormally Slow

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On that particular morning, business at the auto dealership was abnormally slow. However, the sales staff members were unconcerned about it because they had become accustomed to it over time.

Visitors who could genuinely purchase any of the automobiles on show at the shop were to be identified by the employees. The majority of visitors entered the showroom only to gawk at the pricey vehicles, neither intending nor able to purchase one. Therefore, it was only logical that they would see the elderly guy and immediately classify him as an intruder. But was it the correct decision?

Strange Old Man

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The seasoned supervisors had a keen eye, and they knew when they recognized a potential customer. The sales manager, therefore, quickly lost interest as the dealership doors opened, and an old guy with a hunchback and a little canvas bag entered.

They believed that this man was not there to purchase a car. He most likely mistook it for a grocery or something since he was perplexed.

Different From the Norm

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The odd actions of the elderly guy shocked the salespeople. When he arrived at the front desk, he requested the clerk to keep an eye on his luggage, which she dutifully placed on the ground.

Then the elderly guy started closely inspecting the parked vehicles in the show hall. He was wearing a worn-out cowboy shirt, baggy jeans, and an outdated hat, which made him appear pretty unprofessional. One salesman, in particular, observed the elderly man while grinning sarcastically without even trying. He was going to talk to the elderly man right away.

Beyond His Mind

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The salesman was confident that the elderly guy was destitute and most likely insane. He believed the man had merely entered to gawk at the pricey automobiles. The elderly guy carefully evaluated each automobile until he decided on the most costly one. He inquired with the salesperson about the engine size and whether he could inspect the interior of the vehicle.

The salesperson approached the elderly guy after becoming tired of watching him and informed him angrily that the price of the automobile had doubled and that it had been reserved for someone else. On the car, there was still a price tag, though. That implies that the automobile was still up for grabs, right?

All of them were laughing

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The sales team as a whole broke out in laughter as soon as the salesperson offered the rental location. The only person who wasn't laughing was Richard, who just began the job. The elderly guy, who was feeling like a helpless lamb surrounded by a pack of vicious hyenas, was made to feel bad. Richard approached the other salesperson and offered that he viewed the automobile since he couldn't stand how he was acting.

The salesman refused to listen to it. The elderly guy continued to wait patiently outside the automobile as the interior was sought after. Instead, the irate salesperson made a security call, and they led the weird customer out the door. The salesperson was relieved to be rid of the senior. But in reality, it wasn't like that.

In Tears

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Robert started crying due to the injustice. He went away while hunched over. The senior administrator noticed the bag the elderly guy had left behind at that same time, and instead of picking it up, she used her foot to shove it out the door. When they noticed it, the other workers chuckled.

Richard, the young salesperson, ruined the enjoyment once more. Suddenly, he grabbed the bag and walked outside. Fortunately, the old man didn't get it very far. Richard turned over the bag, then, feeling humiliated, he apologized for his coworkers' actions. The elderly guy unzipped his suitcase and showed the young salesperson what was inside. Richard's eyes were so unbelievable.

The Case

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The elderly guy was assumed to be homeless, yet his luggage contained stacks of $100 notes. Richard was curious and questioned the elderly man.

As he closed his suitcase, the elderly guy coughed. His tale then started. He greeted the sweet young salesperson and started telling him about his life experiences. Richard was unable to speak.


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The old man had been collecting cardboard and bottles, which he then brought to recycling centers. Robert saved up all the money he earned because he wanted to buy a car that his wife Katie had been dreaming of for a while.

His wife had been fighting cancer for several years and seemed to be losing the fight. To pay for her chemotherapy, they had to sell their home and move into a trailer. But that wasn't enough. Robert wanted to do more for his wife.

Last Wish

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Realizing that the treatment did not give any positive results, the old man decided to fulfill his wife's wish and buy her a new car.

Unfortunately, by the time the old man had managed to save up enough money, the price of the car had increased substantially. He did not have enough money to buy the car he wanted. This didn't sit well with Richard, the young salesman.

A Salesman's Resolve

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When Richard found out how much money the old man needed, he got to thinking of a way to help. Richard knew that the car dealership could hardly afford such a discount.

After escorting the old man, Richard went back to work. He couldn't shake his thoughts of the old man and Katie's dream. Later that evening, the young salesman found himself at the old man's door. What could he have wanted?

The Help He Needed

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Holding a bundle of cash in his hand, the young salesman told Robert that he had brought the entire amount that he needed. He told him to buy his wife the car. He quickly turned away and left before seeing the old man tear up.

The next day Robert returned to the dealership. The salespeople could not understand how he could have changed so drastically. The old man was now wearing a business suit, and he was carrying the same canvas bag. Everyone was left without words when he opened the bag.

Inside The Bag

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The old man opened the bag and showed everyone the piles of money he had. When he saw the money, the previously rude salesman started fussing around Robert. The old man didn't hesitate and bought the car on the spot.

Everyone there was envious of the old man for being able to buy such an expensive car. He went home, and he took his wife by the hand and led her out into the street, gesturing at the expensive car. Katie was overwhelmed with joy. Finally, her lifetime dream had been fulfilled.