Ex-Military Man Does Something About Porch Pirates
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Ex-Military Man Does Something About Porch Pirates

Johan Brown

He became somewhat more agitated inside each time he stepped outside and checked the porch, only to discover that someone had helped themselves.

He had had enough of watching his money disappear like this. Up until the day, he heard a scream and a loud crash. He relaxed and grinned slowly in satisfaction.


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One-third of all items sent to residential addresses in the US never make it to their intended receivers. And it's not due to shoddy merchants or a broken postal system.

Instead, it's the fault of Porch Pirates, who can't resist the allure of a gift left unguarded on the porch of a hard-working guy. Arthur Russell, though, had become weary of these individuals and would no longer stand for it.


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Arthur was a reasonable man. In reality, he took great satisfaction in the discipline he had developed while serving his military career.

He was grateful for all he had and had earned it all through hard work, so it was shocking when someone boldly took his possessions as though they belonged to them. Arthur was upset when it first happened. He saw red the second, third, and fourth times.

Brazen Robbers

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Everything was taken from him while he was at work, including pricey Jeep automotive parts and little goods like toilet paper.

By reporting the thefts to the police, Arthur tried to act honorably, but they weren't concerned with his issue. Angry with his setbacks, he made the decision.

A Plan

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Arthur started working on a revenge project after making many calls to the police with little luck.

The next individual who made the decision to come to his porch and take advantage of him would regret it. Sadly for them, Arthur possessed a special set of abilities and a peculiar interest.

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He was a Retired Navy SEAL with a focus on counterinsurgency. He had endured arduous physical and mental preparation to do risky missions. He was left with a mentality that was focused and determined due to this.

He also likes creating booby traps in his own time. The Porch Pirates were blissfully unaware of what Arthur was cooking up for them for their next visit.

A Plan

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Arthur started off with a complex decoy box. He spent weeks designing and building it, but he wasn't happy with the results.

The modified snare he had created, which functioned something like a Chinese finger trap, didn't seem quite right. The size didn't seem adequate. He desired to have a profound effect on these vile individuals.

Getting To Work

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Arthur said, "I was thinking about how I might frighten them into dumping my package and making them never come back to my front porch.

He thought while alone on a chair. It was clear that his goal was to scare them without actually hurting them. He objected to the cops being involved.


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He pondered how to enhance his retribution box for hours. The redesigned snare struck me as a cheap trick. It needed to be much more, in his opinion.

He decided to abandon his first concept and return to the drawing board. He noted a number of things that individuals unquestionably fear. It suddenly came together. But he'd have to exercise caution.

Purchasing equipment

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The following day, Arthur visited a hardware store and purchased everything he required. He completed some paperwork and then departed, feeling a bit uneasy.

Also observed was the cashier's odd expression on his face. He was aware of how it appeared, but he wasn't interested in explaining what he was doing. After all, it was America, and he was free to do what he wanted.

The Bait

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Arthur spent the rest of the day putting together his device and making a box look like an official goods package.

When Arthur finished, he stood back and looked at his masterpiece with delight. He took it to his backyard for a test drive and laughed in excitement when it did just what he engineered it to.

Test Rides

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He tested it again, this time covering his ears. The first one left them ringing. He tested it over and over again to make sure it was reliable. And it was.

There was just one more piece left to make it all come together. Arthur got in the car and drove to the nearest store to get a security camera. There was no escaping him now.

Doorbell Camera

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Arthur returned home and installed a doorbell cam so that he could see the thief's face while he was at work. The footage didn't disappoint.

Now, all that was left to do was lay down his trap and wait. Just as he expected, he didn't have to wait very long. That evening as he sat on his couch, he caught his first victim.

Acting Casual

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The doorbell cam shows the unsuspecting victim audaciously strolling right up to Arthur's front door. Arthur watched eagerly from his phone.

He was sitting on the edge of the seat. He couldn't believe that a thief could look so casual before committing a crime. To his surprise, it's a woman.

First Catch

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Arthur watches in amazement as the woman approaches. She goes to ring the doorbell to check if anyone is home but is spooked by the motion sensor light.

She walks away from the door. Then Arthur notices a getaway vehicle in the background. The man inside eggs her on, telling her to turn around.