Family Adopts A New Horse, Vet Sees It And Tells Her To Hire A Bodyguard
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Family Adopts A New Horse, Vet Sees It And Tells Her To Hire A Bodyguard

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She wasn't sure what else there was left to do. She determined the best option was going to the vet. As she waited in the reception, she squeezed in tight next to her daughter, her leg bouncing with anticipation. Her heart felt like it was about to burst out of her chest, and she counted every second down.

After what felt like an eternity, the vet finally stepped out of his office. As she rose from her seat, she noticed the grim expression on his face. When she asked how the horse was doing, she was not prepared for the answer he gave.

Raised On A Farm

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Animals have always captured a special place in Madeline's heart. She was raised on a farm in North Carolina. Unsurprisingly, she learned how to ride a pony when she was only four years old.

When Madeline held her daughter, Suzy, in her arms for the first time, she knew she wanted Suzy to grow up in the same manner she did. It was then that she decided to purchase a home in the countryside. But she had no way of knowing what was to come.

A Fresh Start

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Madeline adored being back in the countryside. It hadn't changed at all and brought back many old memories. She felt as if her heart was soaring. After they settled into their new home, she knew it was time to take Suzy to the ranch so she could pick out a pony.

Suzy dashed into the green fields around them. A herd of mustangs lazed around the field. As she eagerly pointed to a chest-nut colored one, a smile spread over her face, and she pounced up and down with excitement. But something odd about the horse caught Madeline's attention immediately.

Eyes Like Stars

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The horse had remarkable, brilliant blue eyes. Her eyes seemed to shine brighter as they approached her. Suzy, who was giddy with excitement, exclaimed, "Her eyes look like stars, mom! Let's name her Starlight."

Madeline preferred that Suzy choose a pony instead of a horse! But she couldn't deny the joy she saw in Suzy's eyes. How could she rob her of that?

An Uneasy Feeling

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Madeline and Suzy took Starlight home with them that day. But Madeline couldn't get rid of the uneasy feeling she had.

Starlight was much calmer compared to other horses she had encountered before. Her hair was glossy and luscious, and she was smaller than the rest. Why would the ranch ever sell her at the price Madeline proposed? It simply didn't make sense!

Finding Answers

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The mother and daughter did everything in their power to make Starlight feel at home. They brought Starlight apples and hay to eat; she seemed to adore it.

Madeline then looked over Starlight's official paperwork. She needed to find answers. She couldn't help but feel like she had struck gold and needed to understand why exactly that was. She sat up well into the night doing her research, but it started feeling pretty useless. Then something caught her attention.

A Call To The Ranch


She discovered that, according to Starlight's medical records, she hadn't seen a veterinarian in a long time. The next day, she called the ranch as soon as she woke up. She asked them why Starlight had missed her checkups in the last two years.

It was a requirement that adult horses have a complete annual inspection from a veterinarian, and she knew that. The answer the ranch gave made her jaw drop.

They Explained

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The ranch told Madeline that Starlight had only recently come to them. They just started updating her medical records when Madeline and Suzy bought her.

They were polite and accepted responsibility for not telling Madeline sooner. They even said they would allow Madeline to return Starlight if she wanted to. Their answer was logical, but Madeline still felt unsure about it all.

Troubling Thoughts

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Madeline pondered over if she should return Starlight to the ranch, but Suzy had grown attached to her. It was now impossible to take her back.

She sat in silence, detached from her surroundings, for the remainder of the day. She couldn't get it out of her head. Was it possible that the ranch acquired Starlight in an immoral way? Madeline felt sick just thinking about it.

A Tough Situation

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Madeline knew that if she took Starlight to the vet, the system would upload her information. The police would come searching for her if she had been stolen from somewhere. Suzy would lose her new best friend.

A pit of guilt formed in Madeline's heart at the thought of it. How could she take Starlight away from her daughter? Suzy wouldn't forgive her in a million years. Madeline let out a loud sigh as she closed her eyes and called the vet's office.

The Vet’s Office

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When Madeline, Suzy, and Starlight arrived at the vet's office, they found it empty. The receptionist scheduled them for the following hour, and after a brief wait, the three of them entered the consultation room.

Madeline and Suzy gave the vet a quick summary of the situation before he left to examine Starlight. It took a whole hour for him to return. He had discovered more than Madeline had anticipated.

Something Else

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The vet smiled and whispered, "I think you should get a bodyguard." He continued, "Despite what these records claim, Starlight is not a mustang." Madeline jumped to her feet, "What?" Then the vet said, "Starlight is an Arabian horse. They are very expensive and in high demand."

"Is she healthy, though?" Madeline asked as she held her breath. "Arabian horses are highly resilient," the doctor replied. "Starlight is not an exception. But there is one more thing."


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Even though Madeline had been obsessed with horses when she was a child, she had never before seen one with such beautiful eyes. As she searched for blue-eyed horses online, she was paralyzed with anxiety.

Google claimed that blue-eyed horses were believed to be more vulnerable to developing skin cancer and becoming blind in their old age. It also said that some ranchers thought they were insane. Was this what the vet wanted to discuss with them?

An Unlikely Bond

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A heaviness settled over Madeline's heart. Starlight neighed affectionately at her as she took a look at her from across the door.

Madeline smiled as a warm feeling came over her. She was growing fond of the horse, just like Suzy had. She asked, "What is it, Doc?" She would fight to keep Starlight with them, no matter what.

What The Vet Had To Say

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"From what I can tell, Starlight is healthy. She is also pregnant," the doctor explained. Madeline was speechless.

She was waiting for the vet to tell her that the authorities had been called or that the ranch had lied to her. She could have never seen this coming. Her eyes welled up as she hugged Suzy tightly. Could life get any better? But the vet wasn't finished yet.

Scanning Her

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"One more thing," the vet said as he approached Starlight and slid a tiny device over her shoulders. "I just want to see if her microchip is working." Madeline's heart sank.

"Hmmm. It doesn't look like she has one," the vet added. "Ah, there it is," he said, moving the microchip scanner down Starlight's left shoulder. He displayed the information on the screen.

Her Greatest Fear

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The vet's eyes grew wide as he read the information from the microchip. He said suspiciously, "This horse is not registered to the farm you purchased her from.

Madeline's whole world fell apart. As she tried to fight back her tears, she asked, "What do you mean?" The vet picked up the phone and said, "I'm sorry, but I have no other choice."

Reported Stolen

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It was determined that this horse had been reported stolen earlier that year. When the Ladner family found out she'd been taken right out of their farmland, they were shocked.

Grace, the young girl, was especially heartbroken when her favorite horse disappeared. The veterinarian was forced to contact the police right away.

How It Happened

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In an interview with the local news station, James Ladner explained, "I arrived to lead my trailer since we were about to get a new horse. I started looking around at all the horses as we passed by again. All of them were at the gate except for that one."

James added that when he checked the gate to the pasture, it was obvious that the chain had been messed with. What did this mean for Madeline and Suzy, though?

It Was Confirmed

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After the vet placed the call, the local sheriff's office was on its way to pick up Starlight. Suzy burst into tears as she heard the devastating news, crying that they couldn't take her horse.

Starlight resembled the description of the stolen horse perfectly, and her microchip information matched. The horse's owners were also offering a reward for her return. But did this mean Madeline was in trouble?

Taking Her Back

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The vet calmed Madeline and her daughter down by explaining that they weren't in trouble. However, the farm that sold Starlight to them would be.

He realized they had already formed a strong bond with the horse and feared they might take her and flee. James and his 10-year-old daughter Grace arrived twenty minutes later, and they brought the sheriff along.


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Grace's eyes sparkled when she laid eyes on her horse. She hugged the horse's neck with her tiny arms and cried, "Shadow, Shadow."

Suzy grew quiet after seeing how much this other young girl loved her horse. As Madeline approached, her heart broke, but she knew what she needed to do.

Similar Eyes

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James quietly explained to Madeline that he had purchased Shadow for Grace two years ago, just a few short months after his wife had tragically passed away.

Grace had picked the horse because it had dazzling, bright blue eyes like her mother. She had cried uncontrollably when she had been stolen because she couldn't imagine how life could also take her away.

Doing What’s Right

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Approximately 40,000 horses are reported stolen each year in the United States. They are snatched from their owners by strangers trying to make easy cash or by adversaries in legal and civil proceedings.

Madeline was ready to do whatever she could to keep their horse, but after meeting Grace, she understood that they had to do the right thing.

Comforting Suzy

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As she pulled Suzy into a hug, Madeline gently explained how the other young girl cared for the horse.  She asked," How upset would you be if someone stole your horse?"

"Can you imagine not knowing if Starlight was safe or if she'd ever return?  That is why we should give her back to her family. She is not ours to keep." Suzy nodded despite her tears. But there was one silver lining.

Very Grateful

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James started to write Madeline and Suzy a check for $5,000 as a "finder's fee" since he was so thankful that his daughter's horse had been returned.

Madeline didn't even pay that much for the horse! James valued his daughter's happiness above all else. However, the happy father gave more than that.

Welcome To Visit

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James got on his knees and told Suzy she was welcome to visit Shadow (the horse's actual name) whenever she wanted to.

Suzy's heart was still broken, though, as he could tell. How could he make things right with her? She kind of reminded him of his daughter. So he made an extraordinary promise to Suzy.

Making Everyone Happy

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James knew that Suzy adored this horse just as much as his daughter did, so he had a fantastic idea to leave everyone happy.

They could have bought a new horse with the money he provided Madeline and her daughter, but he chose to do something much better. He touched Shadow's flank before saying something that caused everyone's jaw to drop.

Kind Offer

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James promised that Suzy could have one of Shadow's babies since she was pregnant. Madeline and Suzy's eyes grew wide- they simply couldn't believe the man's kind offer.

James reassured them that the foal would have all the traits they had come to love in Shadow because its father was an Arabian horse.

A Happy Ending

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A few months later, Starlight gave birth to a healthy foal. Suzy and Madeline were ecstatic. They gave the little horse the name Crystal since his eyes were lighter than his mother's.

Madeline saw Suzy's move to the country as a chance for Suzy to grow up in the same meaningful setting she did. Everything that followed was a welcome surprise.