Farmer Tired Of People Parking Cars On His Land, Gets On Tractor And Blocks Them In
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Farmer Tired Of People Parking Cars On His Land, Gets On Tractor And Blocks Them In

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It was the sheer audacity of these people that shocked him. Not to worry, he had a plan, and he was determined to get the last laugh. He couldn't believe they had done it yet again.

He fought back his anger as he stepped out of his house and surveyed the situation. It was absurd that he had to go through it all over again, especially considering that he had tried to solve the problem peacefully many times. It was obvious that being polite wasn't the way to go. He had to think outside the box, and his solution would make him an internet hero.

Small Town Life

It didn't have to be this way, though. One of the benefits of living in a rural area is that neighbors can live together peacefully. At least, this is what Davao Bedekovic used to believe.

Davao enjoys living in Jakusevec, a Croatian town next to Zagreb with a small population. But lately, he's been having some trouble with the locals. He tried his best to get over it, but it soon became insufferable.

Welcoming The Change

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Davao is a farmer with a small plot of land near the village center. The town has a population of about 2,000, but it is steadily growing and modernizing. A market recently opened near his farmhouse.

He welcomed the new addition because it meant he could walk to get groceries in less than five minutes. But he had no idea what effect the new shopping center would have on his life, and it wasn't good.

No Parking Lot

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Because it was located in the village center, the new market did not have a dedicated parking area. So, customers parked on nearby streets and walked to the market. But it quickly became clear that this would not be enough.

The market was attracting a significant amount of people, and there simply wasn't enough street parking for everyone. Some of them got inventive, not knowing who they were messing with.

Word Was Getting Out

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Davao started noticing that people were parking on his field to shop at the new market. He ignored it since a few cars didn't bother him. But as the weeks passed, the word was clearly spreading.

On weekends, ever more cars were parked on Davao's field. It got so crowded that he couldn't do fieldwork on some days. He had to put an end to it.


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As they were pulling in, Davao went outside and asked them not to park in his field. Those who saw him pulled out, but it was a free-for-all if he wasn't on the field. He had things to do and couldn't spend the entire day blocking cars outside.

He got more and more desperate. He struggled to come up with ideas to stop the flow of unwanted vehicles onto his property. But none of the options seemed practical.

Not Much To Do

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In a moment of anger, Davao even considered slashing their tires. But he realized that was a bad idea. He also considered building a fence around the field.

But that would cost him a great deal of money, and he wouldn't be able to bring his cars into the field as easily. He needed to think of something that would discourage people without disrupting his way of life or his routine. So he began to devise a plan.

The Last Time

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One day,  Davao stepped outside and discovered his field covered in rows of parked cars. He took a deep breath and laughed slightly at the thought of the chaos he was about to unleash.

He slowly made his way to the opposite side of the property. He climbed inside a huge red tractor and fired it up.

No More Playing Nice

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With a plow in tow, he headed directly for the parked cars, stirring up the dirt in his way. He'd reached his breaking point, but vengeance would be sweet. Passers-by began to notice the tractor.

People on the street stood and watched the frustrated farmer exact his revenge on those irresponsible drivers.

Amusing To Some

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He plowed deep trenches over the entire field as he drove around the rows of cars. They would have a tough time navigating their small vehicles through the turned-up mud and rocky terrain. There was no way to get out.

The people who didn't have cars on the field laughed, and one person even began filming the entire thing. However, one woman was not impressed.

A Difficult Situation

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The car owners were in a nasty situation when they left the market with their shopping bags. Those who had parked next to the street could get out safely without getting their cars trapped in the mud. However, the cars left over were stranded.

Despite this, one particularly infuriated driver tried to leave.


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A woman who drove a silver Peugeot wasn't too pleased with what Davao had done. Huffing and puffing, she tried to drive her car out of the muddy field.

She didn't get very far since the wheels quickly sunk into the mud. But her determination was unmatched.

No Use

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The enraged woman swerved her small car from left to right, even driving in reverse to attempt to free herself. It was no use. She furiously got out of the car and marched over to Davao.

He braced himself for a heated argument. But then she took out her phone and did something unexpected.

The Cops Arrive

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The furious woman called the cops, who were taken aback by what they found. They'd clearly never dealt with anything like this before.

They were quickly confronted by a group of outraged car owners who demanded that the farmer's transgression be addressed.

Clearly Their Fault

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Some of them demanded his arrest. The police decided to speak to Davao. He explained to them why so many cars parked on his property and how the owners were too lazy to cross the road.

He had repeatedly warned them not to park on his land. After hearing Davao's side of the story, the police agreed that the drivers were definitely at fault.

His Property

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After ensuring that he had not intentionally caused any damage to the vehicles, the cops turned to the drivers and broke the bad news: there wasn't anything they could do.

After all, this was Davao's legal property, and he had the authority to do whatever he pleased with it. On the contrary, they were the ones breaking the law.

Look Who’s Laughing Now

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Davao could have filed a trespassing claim against the car owners. But leaving their cars trapped in muddy trenches was enough justice for him.

He had made sure that no one would park on his land ever again. In the meantime, the video of Davao's revenge went viral on social media and in the news.

Internet Hero

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People worldwide praised the farmer's actions after seeing the video of him getting sweet revenge on the inconsiderate drivers. Everyone admired how he took charge of the situation and found a clever solution to his dilemma.

One person commented: "The farmer wasn't grumpy. He was smart. Parking is not permitted on private land. Well done, sir!"

More Praise

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Another person added: "Perfect. That cost him absolutely nothing.  He avoided involving the police AND made his point, I'm sure of it! People in my neighborhood are as willing to talk as they always have been. Sadly, not everyone is brought up in that manner."

However, the video goes to show how illegal parking is becoming a more significant issue, and people are no longer willing to put up with it.

Handicapped Parking

Instagram / priscilatma

A video of some Brazilian pranksters swiftly punishing a driver for illegally parking in a handicapped space was released online. They came to enact their revenge after the car was left unattended.

The pranksters got their point across, even though the driver wasn't happy. He learned from his mistake and would never do it again.

Sisters From Brazil

Pexels / Pixabay

Ana and Maria Telles, sisters from Brazil, had been watching for weeks as people came and parked in a handicapped spot outside their apartment building.

They were in their mid-teens and living with their grandmother, who had raised them since they were children. Their grandma meant everything to them. That's why they took it to heart when the man parked in that specific spot.

Over Protective

Pexels / Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas

The sisters have always been excessively protective of their grandmother. This protection was heightened in recent years when their grandmother underwent surgery that rendered her wheelchair-bound.

As a result, she adjusted her lifestyle to compensate for her changing health. When she wasn't conducting business at the neighborhood market, she parked her compact sedan in the space designated for handicapped people.

A Kind Community

Pexels / Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz

The majority of the community was aware of her condition and had designated the only accessible parking space in the complex for her and anyone else facing a similar situation. The sisters were grateful for this kindness.

They visited each house with their friends to thank everyone and express their delight that their grandma was so well-liked. However, when that man began parking there, everything changed.

Not From There

Pexels / Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz

The man was unfamiliar with local customs and traditions, so he must have been from out of town. This didn't bother Ana or Maria at all. Even they didn't know a lot about other parts of the world.

They were also fascinated with the man and found his ways of living interesting. When the man parked his car in the handicapped area, things began to rub them the wrong way.

He Did It Again

Pexels / Jakub Pabis

Ana and Maria overlooked it the first time he did it, hoping he was just in a rush and wouldn't leave his car there for too long. But the car remained in that spot for over two days, burdening their grandma.

They started studying him more closely the second time he did it. Maybe he had a medical condition that required him to park there. But the sisters were unable to deduce anything.

A Lesson To Be Taught

Pexels / Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz

Together with their friends, the sisters went up to the man and tried to explain the situation. The man had been parking his car in a spot their grandmother needed for the past two weeks.

He didn't seem to care and even made fun of their grandmother's condition and called her names. The girls remained silent. But their blood was beginning to boil under their skin. They were going to teach him a lesson.


Pexels / Cottonbro Studio

Ana and Maria returned to their apartment to plan their attack. After an hour of brainstorming, they decided to go to the local market for war supplies.

Their lesson would be brief and straightforward. They would show him that some people in their town should not be crossed.

Taking Action

Pexels / Brett Sayles

Ana and Maria waited until dark before putting their plan into action. The entire neighborhood was sleeping when they slipped out of their apartment to join their team downstairs.

They had purchased many bags of Post-It notes from the store and were about to give the man's car a brand-new paint job. Everything would be free of charge.

Sweet Revenge

Pexels / Min An

The sisters pasted the notes to the car's exterior, even its tires. They had some that were blue and white and organized them in the shape of a handicap sign.

They retired to bed, having carried out their vengeance. They were woken in the morning by a scream. As they peered out of their bedroom window, they watched as the man yelled and cursed while pulling on his hair. He didn't leave his car there again after that.

Show No Tolerance

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As Davao has shown, people are finding humorous and inventive ways to solve the problem of illegal parking. Most of us will go about our daily business in silence, but certain people will no longer tolerate these offenses.

Beware inconsiderate and lazy parkers!