Outdated Styles Women Still Wear
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Outdated Styles Women Still Wear

Johan Brown

Trends come and go. Fashion magazines everywhere steer the industry into retro phases all the time.

But, even if they do, that doesn’t mean that these retro phases won’t make some look a little older than they are.

A Thin Line

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You want a hairstyle that looks good and has a lot of volume. However, like everything else in life, having too much of a good thing, like volume, may be detrimental.

There is a line, and once you pass it, you not only gain height but also give the impression that you are older than you actually are.

Be Careful With Lipstick

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Let's discuss lipstick now. Your lipstick should match the color scheme and clothing you are wearing. When it comes to putting together a unified appearance, that is merely a rule. However, that does not imply that it must perfectly match the hues.

For instance, when the lipstick's color is too similar to the color of the top, turning an otherwise stylish and enjoyable ensemble into what can only be described as a "mom-look." This style should not return; it has long since passed. Try something a few shades lighter or perhaps neutral to blend with the outfit instead.

Keep It At A Reasonable Length

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Remember the era (maybe the 1960s) when having extremely long hair was fashionable? Some women still adhere to the belief that they can conceal any imperfections with their hair. However, there is such a thing as too long, and as your hair grows, you could start to seem older.

Most stylists advise older women to refrain from having hair longer than their waist. Because of the weight, your hair has less volume the longer it is.

Not A Good Substitute

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Jeggings! I assume we all adore them. They go well with a variety of items and are comfortable. They are, after all, leggings that resemble jeans. All of that is accurate, yet many individuals overlook the fact that they are not jeans.

A properly fitting pair of jeans should always be worn instead of jeggings. Since they are frequently skinny, they exhibit far more bumps and cellulite than the majority of us would like. In other words, they always make one look and occasionally feel older.

Too Big Is Never Good

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There is a distinction to be made between statement jewelry, costume jewelry, and what we would refer to as flashy jewelry. Statement pieces are sometimes mistaken for the final option, which can make the ensemble look haphazardly put together, making the wearer appear a little older.

If you make them a little more understated, you can still add a striking piece or even costume jewelry. Better is simpler, and it will draw less attention away from that killer dress!

Keep It Natural

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We all desire the sun-kissed shine that a healthy tan provides. Some of us have problems obtaining one due to personal factors or where we live. Because of this, I assume, fake tans were created. Well, both yes and no!

After prolonged use, they could permanently stain your skin. Additionally, the color isn't entirely natural, so if you want a great skin tone, you might want to use the tanner a little less.

Get With The Times

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It was fashionable to have thin, precisely shaped eyebrows in the early 2000s. We should all be grateful that overplucked brows are a thing of the past because they actually don't improve anyone's appearance.

Therefore, people who continue to hang onto the trend are prematurely aging themselves and revealing their age. Rock thicker or perhaps a broader brow instead. Choose a look that complements your face and stick with it.

Just Wear A Normal Dress

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Everyone wants to feel cozy and cool while the summer heat is on. What could be more ideal than a dress that is as airy and light as a t-shirt? Although it makes sense, the concept of a jersey dress is a touch stale.

Due to the fabric's small weight, it has a tendency to seem a touch cheap and to be somewhat clinging. The cloth clings, which causes it to bunch and wrinkle around any flaws you might have.

Be Smarter With Color

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People are enjoying the monochrome style in pastels, which is in trend. However, because elderly women's complexion starts to lose tone, this style might not be appropriate for them. Therefore, wearing lighter hues can frequently make you look older and wash you out.

A monochromatic outfit is, therefore, out for you, although wearing pastels is still acceptable. Simply wear it with a pair of darker jeans or another item of apparel to contrast the lightness.

Touching the Ground

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Maxi skirts are also a piece of clothing women who are maturing need to be careful wearing. These skirts tend to be loose fitting and where that might be nice to hide your legs, they don’t always flatter the waistline.

If you want to sport a maxi skirt, make sure you pair it with the right top. This means if it is one that’s more tailored, try a looser top or vice versa.

Cakin’ it On

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Our skin is beaten up a lot through our years. The sun damages it, and then there are the environmental impacts added to that. These all create wrinkles and imperfections that may cause some ladies to want to cover them up. This often means caking on the makeup, which only makes matters worse.

The more layers of makeup you slap on, the older you will look. Instead, try to use lighter formulas that are designed to do multiple jobs like tinted moisturizers. Then light powder, and you will have a fresher faced look.

Show Some Neck!

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Women are very self-conscious about what they deem is imperfect. That may mean they feel the urge to pile on the makeup or even raise the hemline of clothing they choose. One of the areas a lot of women get self-conscious about as they age is the neck.

The loss of elasticity in the skin may have you looking at that rack of turtlenecks. Don’t do it! Sometimes trying to hide something will draw more attention to that area.

If It’s Not Broke

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Another thing that could cause you to look older than you are is getting stuck in a rut. We all have done this and found a hairstyle that flatters our face and makes us feel good, but that could be a problem.

Like everything else, a hairstyle comes and goes into fashion, so you may be dating yourself by sticking to your do. One way to determine if you are doing this is to look at a picture from more than five years ago. If you still have the same cut, you should switch it up.

Goth Lips

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As fall and winter come around, there will definitely be more dark lips being worn out and about. That’s perfectly on-trend, but it may not be advisable for certain older women. Age effects not only or skin but also our lips. They tend to get paler like the skin and become thinner.

The dark shades that come with autumn and winter will accentuate these aspects more. Dark colors also tend to dry the lips out — and even may highlight the lips’ wrinkles and crevices.

It Needs to Go Together

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Just because it comes in a set doesn’t mean you have to wear it as one. This is true in everything having to do with fashion, especially jewelry. The best rule of thumb and one many fashionistas live by is if you wear the necklace, then don’t wear the earrings and vice versa.

Too much matching jewelry can create a heavy look and add years to your appearance. Plus, by breaking up the band — so to speak — you get more options, and it won’t look like you are trying too hard.

Is That My Grandma’s Couch?

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Floral prints have their place. In the spring season, they are a nice light way to show that spring has sprung. Not for an everyday errand kind of day, as an all-over floral print can send the message to people that you are older than you want them to think you are.

If you do want to wear a floral print anything, you will have to be very selective. Try to stay away from large floral prints. Instead, go for smaller prints.


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Wearing your underwear so people can see it or even poorly fitted underwear should never be a thing. Nowadays, there are plenty of brands and styles that can help you make sure neither of those two things occurs.

Of the two, the ill-fitting underwear may be the biggest culprit of premature fashion aging. If your underwear doesn’t fit right, they can cause unwanted lines to show through. This can ruin your ensemble so quickly.

Right to Bare Arms

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Just like the neck, a woman’s arm becomes a place of self-consciousness as they age. Your skin loses elasticity and begins to sag, and that may make you reach for that long sleeve to hide them.

This is natural, but like covering your neck, opting for a long sleeve may draw more attention to the area than you actually wanted. Plus, this often leads to sweating, and that can attract even more attention.

Sheer Panic

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We know that to have some of those classic nylon stockings on, it was the right thing to do when you left the house with a skirt on. But those days are gone, and it’s perfectly acceptable to leave the house with your legs uncovered.

Since the style is now super outdated, you may be aging yourself if you still do this. So — make sure you shave, lotion the legs, and try to go out without those stockings.

Rockstars Do It

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We can’t all rock eyeliner like Johnny Depp, nor should we try. Plastering on the dark makeup can make one look older. Why? The biggest reason is that it’s heavy and can weigh your look down. This, in turn, adds years onto your face.

Plus, this makeup has a tendency to smudge as you go through your day (even if it says it doesn’t). This smudging could add more to any bags or dark circles under your eyes, and also years.

Let’s Brooch the Subject

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Okay, so there’s a difference between classic and antiquated. For example, a brooch — this is antiquated and not classic. Pearls are classic (with the right outfit). Yes, it used to be all the rage to draw attention with a stylish and attention-grabbing brooch but not anymore.

This fad is long gone, although at one point, it was actually hip to add a brooch to your ensemble. Today, though, it’ll easily show your age and even add some years onto it. So, save those brooches. Who knows, maybe they will make a comeback…

No, Capri Is an Island

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It seems that as we age, we get less comfortable letting our legs be out and about. That means shorts become something we like to stay away from. But, we still want shorter pants that are lightweight especially during the summer months — enter capri pants.

The problem with capris is where the hem lands. They often stop mid-calf and that can be very unflattering no matter what age you are. This can make the legs look thicker. So, if you are looking for shorter pants, try ankle pants or even culottes.

Jeans Are for the Kids

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Sometimes we get crazy ideas in our head as we begin to mature. One of these is that jeans are a young person’s game. A good fitting pair of jeans is maybe one of the greatest pleasures in the world, and it’s not just for the youngsters.

In fact, there should be at least one pair of perfectly fitting jeans in everyone’s wardrobe. So — find your silhouette, get out there, and buy a pair of those jeans you’ve been dying for. A wardrobe without them will make you seem old.

Color Pallets Matter

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There are more color options every year. With that, there are some really beautiful colors that catch our eye. However, just because we like them doesn’t mean that they will play nice with our skin tone or coloring.

Wearing the wrong tone can actually give you a sickly pallor or wash you out. If you have a warm skin tone, you will have an easier time pulling off warmer tones. For people with cooler complexions, cooler tones are the way to go!

Tweed it Away

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Tweed goes through its phases of being in trend. Even when it is, it’s not a fabric that people who are seeking to look younger should wear. This is simply because it is a fabric that’s known for being worn by older individuals.

If you are trying to adopt the menswear look, you should instead look at more flattering options. A nice windowpane or pinstripe suit is a good option to play with. It’ll look better and probably feel better, too.

Is it Hot in Here?

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When you are finishing out your makeup look, you might want to go for a little touch of rosy hue on your cheeks. This is perfectly fine, but it results in a poorly put-together look and may add some years to your look when you overdo it.

When applying blush, be sure to make it look subtle. You should just be able to see a little color, and that’s it. Too much blush can not only make you look older but it can also make it look like you have some sort of skin condition.

I See!

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One accessory that many people overlook that can add some years to an individual is their eyewear. Not so much sunglasses, although they can be a telltale sign of when you grew up if you’re not careful — but definitely your everyday eyewear.

When we find a pair of glasses that look good on our faces, we tend to hold on for dear life. However, wearing a set that’s out of date can be detrimental to our look. So, update your eyewear as often as you can.

Let Me Wear Your Sweater

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So, this one may seem a little controversial and it could depend on how you put the outfit together, but cardigans do seem to be associated with older individuals. There are a lot of reasons that this is true.

The fabrics and silhouettes used in the design of most cardigans are not so flattering. They tend to be boxy, and that makes them a no-no for a tailored look. Instead of using these, try a jacket or even a blazer.

Tying Up Loose Ends

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When the colder months come around, it’s inevitable that some people will reach for the decorative scarf to tie an outfit together. Though this is not necessarily untrendy, it may be a wrong choice for some.

This is because some of us are trying to hide our necks, but doing so can draw attention straight to that area — not to mention that when you look more conservative in your dress, you tend to look a little older, too.