Fun Napkin Folding Techniques To Impress Your Guests
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Fun Napkin Folding Techniques To Impress Your Guests

Johan Brown

There are so many various napkin folding patterns, which is fantastic since all you need is a set of napkins and some ribbon or rings to keep some of them in place. You can always learn new strategies to improve your hosting, regardless of whether you've just moved into your first apartment or have lived in the same house for 25 years.

Creating a lovely place setting with colorful napkins folded in fancy patterns is one of the finest ways to elevate a party. Here are some napkin folding techniques to have in your toolbox for anything from busy holiday meals to intimate nights with the one you love most.

Folding Fan

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Every host with the most guests should have the traditional napkin folding trick known as the folding fan in their repertoire. After a bit of practice you'll be able to show off how to get this chic look in no time!

Make sure you have enough napkin rings, ribbon, or other holding material to keep your fan in position. Then your dinner table will be unmatched!

French Fold

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French lovers would particularly appreciate this inventive napkin folding method inspired from French restaurants in Paris. Pick up your favorite bistro-inspired napkins, and your table will look adorable in a flash!

Additionally, this article includes many outstanding napkin-folding techniques that you should also learn.  You'll leave an impression with a method like this.

Simple But Posh

Pexels / Tim Douglas

How priceless is this impressive and beautiful napkin-folding technique? Don't be fooled. It may look complex, but this is one of the simplest to do on the list, and you might purchase a posh set of embroidered linens similar to her own after following them.

We like this method for a luncheon or Valentine's Day night in that it will further accentuate the event. But no matter which of these techniques you choose, they'll all bring something special to a dinner party.