Funny Subway Moments Captured On Camera

Funny Subway Moments Captured On Camera

Britney Cleveland

For those of you who don’t know, this is Sophie Turner. Not the actress Sophie Turner who starred as Sansa Stark in the hit television series, Game of Thrones. This is a different Sophie Turner. Sophie is a well-respected supermodel, and you can tell that she was made for a career in modeling because no matter where she goes, she is always dressed to impress.

Unlike ordinary people who go to the airport in the comfiest clothes they own, Sophie can be seen rocking a stunning dress with bags to match it. She sure is committed!

It’s Just A Pillow

Twitter / Lone Sveistrup

Anybody who regularly travels by plane knows that a neck pillow is essential to prevent your neck from cramping every time you try to take a nap in your seat. They offer a cheap way to make your flights more comfortable.

After seeing this photo, however, you might want to rethink what color you buy and how you should carry it around. Don't be afraid to take a second glance at this photo to understand what is really happening.

The Autofrisk Machine

YouTube / Sebastian Sharples

People who commute are facing real challenges, and with the speed at which technology is developing and replacing manual labor, it’s no surprise humans are getting less useful. Take this situation as an example. A commuter was shocked when she discovered that it was not a guard that would be frisking her this time, but rather a robot!

This device is called an “autofrisk machine” and is steadily making its way into airports around the globe. All you have to do is place your hands on the panels; apparently, the machine will do the rest!

Perfect Timing

YouTube / NAKS Storys

The funniest pictures are often caught in the moment with no planning going into it. People often capture the most humorous moments with their cellphone cameras.

This person wasn’t going out of his way to be funny. He just happened to be seated in the right place a the right time. It led to the perfect opportunity to capture a photo of what looks like them wearing a tiny hat. But the hat was actually painted on the subway wall above their head.

No Seat? No Problem

YouTube / Wilder368

While you’re getting ready to start your morning commute, you always prepare yourself for the uncomfortable seat you’re about to take. That is if you get a seat at all.

This person had a brilliant idea to make their commute a little more comfortable. Instead of praying that he gets an uncomfortable subway seat or a place to stand in the cramped cart, he puts up a hammock to rest in. We’re not sure how the other passengers felt about his idea.

I want home!

What else can be said about finally finding a sit in a crowded subway but then turn right and realize this? Just based on the way this woman is sitting through, you can tell that she’s extremely frustrated by the entire situation.

All she wants to do is get to another side of the subway, arrive at work, and do her things to make her day better.

What a Hat

There are times when you see something, and you have to wonder if you really should point it out. This person definitely posed this question to the commuters around them.

While they technically aren’t doing anything wrong, they are confusing a lot of people. They’re sitting quietly, which is more than most people can ask of fellow commuters, but we have to wonder why they’ve chosen a piece of lettuce as their headwear for the day.

Matching Your Seat

Reddit - r/pics

Most of us aim to dress in a way that reflects our personality and interests, whether we follow high fashion trends or not.

Apparently, this person wanted their style to reflect their love of riding on the subway. They probably didn’t notice it until it was too late but probably found humor in the fact that their shirt perfectly matched the subway seats.

In case you are late..

If you are commuting to and from work every day, you might as well do it in style, and what better way than to do it riding one of these bad boys? A scooter oozes style. Have you ever been to Italy? Practically everyone there rides a school all over the place there.

This woman is certainly rocking the look, and it appears that her commute to and from work is her favorite part of the day. It helps when the sun is shining.

Even Heroes Need to Commute

Facebook / Feedy

Once in a while, when you step on public transport, you’ll notice someone dressed in a very eye-catching manner, whether that’s a costume or just odd for the setting.

Still, it isn’t often that you see a group of people coordinated to look alike when you’re on your commute. Even further, you probably haven’t seen the Power Rangers together in a few years, at least. These commuters were just trying to save some time on their way to save the world.

A Knight in Shining Subway

YouTube / Matt.

We’ve looked a lot already at how you might see something on the subway you won’t expect – especially an outfit that doesn’t seem to fit the mold of the average commute.

This person probably donned this outfit partially for the comedic effect, but it definitely worked. We can even see in the picture other commuters reacting in various ways to the sight before them. To be fair, it’s not often that you see someone in full armor anywhere anymore.

Just Some Books

Facebook / Chicken Daddies.

If you’re bringing something on public transport that you aren’t supposed to, you have to make sure it’s properly disguised so that you don’t get caught.

This person probably had the right idea at first. You can’t bring a chicken on the subway, but no one will bat an eye if you have a case of books with you. That is, they wouldn’t unless there was a live chicken peeking out of the handles of that case.

Stop, I’m Ticklish!

YouTube / Tim Unroe Flat-Bat Mat

Body searches, or frisking, as it is often called, can be pretty annoying. It is invasive and can make people feel victimized. However, one look at this commuter tells us she doesn’t share any of these feelings!

They couldn’t help but laugh every time the guard put a hand on them and tried to do their job. It seems this person is one of the few people who are more ticklish than others.

OK, Do it Again

YouTube / NAKS Storys

For some reason, we can’t help but feel like this commuter designed to pull out some Yoga moves in the middle of customs. The cynic in us says that this guard is just making this commuter pass through the metal detector for ulterior motives.

Or maybe she is actually wearing something made from metal, and she forgot to take it off. Who knows. Just let the poor girl pass through and let her catch her flight!

Cap the Pen Next Time


When you’re on public transit commuting in a space with standing room only, things slip your mind. It’s to be expected when there’s so much going on.

This poor person had all their things in order except one big one: they forgot to put the cap on their pen. Since it was keeping its place in their hair, the tip ran over their back every time they turned their head. It makes for an interesting design, but we’re pretty sure it’s not what they were trying to do.

Easy Tyga!

YouTube / X17onlineVideo

Even rappers don’t get an easy ride at the airport. They might be flying all over the country to try and get to big corporate meetings with their record companies. Or maybe they are flying to a studio to collaborate with an award-winning producer.

Who knows? At any rate, customs at the airport can make or break a commute, depending on how long it takes. Even Tyga gets stopped at customs from time to time.

He’ll Need Extra Space

Facebook Feedy

Finally, we’ve talked a lot about costumed riders you might see on your commute but this one takes the cake. We have to say, it’s elaborate and probably took a lot of time.

Still, we have to wonder what brought this person to dress as a centaur and try to make it through the subway system. We also have to wonder how they’re going to get through the turnstiles in that costume to get on the subway at all.

The Cutest Stowaway


At first glance, this picture might just look like another annoyed subway passenger, but if you look closer, there’s a secret. This commuter has a stowaway on board.

If you aren’t sure what we’re talking about yet, look inside her jacket at the cute little face peeking out. This little kitty might not be technically allowed on the subway, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have places to be. Plus, who could give away the secrets of a small kitten?

A Nightmarish Disguise

Reddit - r/Cursed_Images

We’ve all seen a random person in a costume, whether on the subway or just walking down the street. This one is a little creepier than the standard fare, though.

While wearing a costume on the subway is a fairly common sight, there’s something about this one that makes us laugh and draw back a bit. This Pikachu costume would be cute all on its own but what really elevates this picture is the hand coming out of the mouth to hold the handrail.

A Dinner Tray and All

Reddit - r/pics

The hard fact of the matter is that while useful, public transport is more catered to efficiency rather than making sure you have everything you need to be comfortable and enjoy the ride.

As a solution, you could always take the route that this person did, although your fellow passengers may not love you for it. When they didn’t have time to catch dinner before getting on the subway, they opted to pack a table of their own to enjoy their meal en route.

Committed to the Aesthetic


When you fall into a certain aesthetic, there’s something admirable about taking things all the way. This person had their look down to the last extravagant detail.

There are plenty of people in the world who are drawn in by the goth subculture. Yet, not many of them reach the same level as this person who not only had the clothing and makeup on lock but even had a raven riding on their leg during their commute.

A Surprise Grocery Store


As you walk into a subway train, you can’t really predict what weird thing you might see. That being said, you can always be caught off guard by something you’ve never seen before.

While this person was in Seoul, South Korea, they had an experience like one they had never seen before. When the subway train pulled up, and the doors opened, they found not just seats and commuters inside but a grocery store so they could literally shop on the go.

Lost Lunch


As the subway doors start to close right as you run up to them, there’s a level of desperation that can’t be matched. Tardiness can often cause a whole host of problems for people.

If you can get even a little bit in the door, you can sometimes slip inside. On the other hand, using something you need to stop the closing doors can end badly. For this person, that meant their lunch went on a journey while they watched from the platform.

Crabs Everywhere

Pexels / Kindel Media

When you’re a commuter in New York, there isn’t much you haven’t seen. That means that when you see something new, it’s probably going to shock you.

Take this commuter’s word for it. When they went to get on the train one morning, they saw a sight they surely weren’t expecting: crabs. This wasn’t a single rogue crab in the subway, either. The cluster included an alarming number of live crabs that we really aren’t sure how they got there.

Too Fast, Too Elegant

Pexels / Ronin

When you imagine a person riding a bike, you would typically picture a man with a helmet who loves heavy metal, is covered in tattoos, and doesn’t take nonsense from anybody. Vin Diesel might even come to your mind.

The truth is, however, that all kinds of people use a motorcycle to travel to work, even women. Most women don’t let their form of transportation stand in their way of looking like a professional individual who works a corporate job.

Now That’s A Big Racket

YouTube / Side Hustle Network

People often carry luggage with them on public transportation. Most people don’t have other options available to them and need to get their supplies to their destination.

Some things, however, are bound to catch the attention of fellow commuters. For example, one man had to bring a massive tennis racket with him on the bus! We can only wonder what they needed it for.

Danny Could Never

Pexels / murat soyluoglu

Danny Zuko and the T-Birds aren’t the only people who know how to spice up a ride. Never judge a book by its cover. Many people from all backgrounds are interested in taking old cars and giving them a makeover.

For example, this woman fitted stunning rims on this old Volkswagen Beetle. She didn’t stop there, though. Before you knew it, she had pimped up the ride and taken it for a nice drive down the road.