Games That Can Be Played With Just A Pen And Paper
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Games That Can Be Played With Just A Pen And Paper

Johan Brown

The good news is that many individuals now appreciate more superficial pastimes like board games and puzzles due to spending more time at home due to the epidemic. You could be ready for some new things to enjoy with friends and family if you'd instead not get into another argument about Boardwalk and Park Place or if you want to complete jigsaw puzzles on your own.

The following games can be played with just pen and paper! Whether in person or online with your friends, these games will keep everyone entertained.


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In the classic telephone game, a straightforward statement is whispered down the line, then changed according to what the listeners believe they heard. This version applies this hilarious idea to draw. Write a brief statement, such as "I rushed down the street," on paper.

The following player must design a picture of the statement. Without seeing the first statement, the third player must create a sentence describing the image. The next player then illustrates the second sentence. This cycle continues down the line until the document is returned to the author of the initial sentence.

Who's Who?

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For this game, get a pen and some sticky notes. Give each participant a notice with the name of a well-known person to place on their forehead or back. Each individual must wander about and interact with others while answering a series of yes-or-no questions to establish their "identity."

You could also ask everyone to find their partner, depending on how big the group is. For instance, once someone knows they are Meghan Markle, they need to track out Prince Harry.


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Select many inclusive general categories, such as "cartoon characters" or "blue items." Each team should record as many words or phrases that fall into the category as possible. Set a timer.

Each section reads its responses once the timer expires. All groups must cross off any things that are on more than one team's list. The aim here is to come up with rare replies whenever feasible since each unique answer earns that team a point. After multiple rounds of play, the team with the most points wins.