Camera Captures Why Girlfriend Takes Her Time In Bathroom
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Camera Captures Why Girlfriend Takes Her Time In Bathroom

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She hadn't left the bathroom for a long time after entering it. James frowned. A slow approach to the bathroom door left him scratching his head. His eyes were glued to the door, but he couldn't see what was happening beside it.

Laughter rang out from behind the door as he pressed his ear against it. A tingle ran through his stomach as he swung the door wide open. What he was about to witness was a complete surprise to him.

He Had It All

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James Aston consistently felt lucky. He had a wonderful job, a fantastic apartment in the city, but most importantly, a lovely, devoted wife named Holly.

A dream was becoming a reality for James. A wonderful companion like that made him feel unstoppable. However, he was unaware that their relationship was laced with secrets.

His Soulmate

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After meeting five years earlier, James and Holly instantly fell in love.

Five years after their momentous encounter, James was smitten, and now they were married. James thought of himself as the luckiest man alive, but he was unaware that someone was trying to bring everything down on top of him.

A Special Occasion

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James planned a special celebration for their fifth anniversary. All those years ago, he had fallen in love with her as a hopeless romantic. He wanted to show her that he was still the same person he once was.

But even as he joyfully planned the momentous day for his wife, James could never have anticipated what would happen.

Strange Behavior

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In recent weeks, Holly's behavior changed. She was irritable and occasionally even irrational. From before, it was a dramatic difference. Did she have something she wanted to hide from him?

James soon moved on from this because, after all, she was his wife. If there was anything that bothered her, she would tell him. But then, things started to get increasingly stranger.

Longer Than Usual

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7:30 pm was Holly's usual bath time. James noticed something strange, she was spending a lot more time in there than she had previously. Is there any possible explanation for what she was doing at the time?

He couldn't figure out what she was doing, but when he did, a knot formed in his throat, and he stopped dead in his tracks.

Trying To Get Answers

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As soon as James found out the truth about his girlfriend, he knew it was too late. James knocked on the door to ask if she was okay, but she merely replied, "I'm fine." James knew he had to talk to her about it.

Still, James had the impression that she was hiding something from him. He had no idea, yet his instinct was spot on.


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Was she less happy than she used to be because James started worrying about his marriage? Have her feelings changed after five years together?

But why did she spend so much time in the restroom? And why did she suddenly behave differently from how she did in the past? James was unable to identify it.

Taking Care Of Her

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After massaging his girlfriend's back, James offered to run her a bath on a Friday night. Upon hearing James' offer, her face lit up, and he went into the bathroom.

James anticipated learning his girlfriend's whereabouts in thirty minutes as he watched the tub's water fill up. But he never anticipated the reality.

The Truth

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After running his girlfriend's bath, James watched her walk into the bathroom, slamming the door and locking it securely.

The pit of James' stomach suddenly felt uneasy for no apparent reason.A revelation was about to come about as to what his girlfriend had been doing when she spent hours and hours in the bathroom.

His Plan

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James had planned to race into the bathroom, claiming there was an emergency. From there, he’d get to see exactly what his girlfriend had been getting up to.

But after what he'd found in the bathroom, it dawned on James that his girlfriend wasn’t the woman he thought she was.

Listening Out

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James quietly crept over to the bathroom door, and he could hear the swish sounds from the water as his girlfriend, presumably, moved about in the tub.

He rested his ear on the bathroom door, and he could hear a faint giggle from inside the bathroom. With his heartbeat in his throat, James took a deep breath before barging into the bathroom, ultimately uncovering his girlfriend's secret.

Barging In

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As James barges into the bathroom, he can see his girlfriend in the tub, surrounded by bubbles. “What’s going on?” She asked, panic washing over her flustered face.

But just as James was about to respond, he saw something that stopped him cold. As soon as he saw it, he felt a shiver run up his spine.

A Surprise

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You see, James’s girlfriend's direction had been hiding something from him in the bathroom. Something he was about to find out about.

James saw something else. Something that was inside the tub with his girlfriend. And as soon as he saw it, James felt sick to his stomach.

A Gift

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You see, a small kitten was inside the bathtub with James' girlfriend. “What’s that doing here?” he asked. James’ girlfriend looked at James and smiled. “It’s for you,” she said. “Happy anniversary!”

His girlfriend had gotten James a kitten as a gift for their upcoming anniversary. He let out a happy sigh of relief. But what had the baths been about? And her bad mood? It would turn out the little kitty came with plenty of answers.