Good Alternatives To Drinking Alcohol
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Good Alternatives To Drinking Alcohol

Johan Brown

Alcohol may drastically alter your life, which may not surprise you. According to a senior neuropsychologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, "Alcohol and other drugs might make us feel wonderful at the moment, but then the long-term repercussions and even short-term impacts can run opposite to what they were intended to achieve."

"It's crucial that we pick some excellent coping mechanisms. Here are a few sensible, nutritious, and alcohol-free options.


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Since the start of the epidemic, jigsaw puzzle sales have increased along with alcohol sales. Some puzzle manufacturers were already sold out as early as April, with one business claiming a staggering 370 percent spike in sales from the previous year.

Why? Experts at the University of Toronto believe there may be a variety of causes. One is that solving puzzles provides us with a sense of control by bringing order to the chaos. And let's face it. Things currently are out of hand. Puzzles help the mind and body work together while serving as a diversion from the untidy outside world. The doubt and confusion vanish as your hands and mind put the puzzle together.


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Think again if you believed meditation required hours of sitting on the floor while your legs are cramped. A 2019 research in the journal Behavioural Brain Research indicated that just 13 minutes of meditation a day for eight weeks might improve mood and reduce anxiety.

LeMonda advises choosing ten or even 5 minutes if 13 minutes is too lengthy. You don't have to tackle it alone, either. To learn how to meditate while you relax, try a guided meditation.


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There are other alleged "quick fixes" for the pandemic blues besides alcohol. Many of us are also grabbing food. And only some things are healthful. In the first quarter of the year, there was an increase in Oreo and cracker sales. Of course, healthy snacks are available. For instance, two teaspoons of peanut butter taste and look great on apples. Consider what you're consuming for a moment.

Try focusing on your meal, Beaver advises. "Pay attention to the texture when you taste. Is it creamy or nutty? Consider the taste. Is it savory, sour, or sweet? This is one way to practice mindfulness and disconnect from stressful thoughts."