Locals Refuse To Go Near Abandoned House, Then Cops Open Door And See Why
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Locals Refuse To Go Near Abandoned House, Then Cops Open Door And See Why

Johan Brown

Her house was so close, so Kevin couldn’t help but wonder why she would rather sleep in her car. He didn’t know much about Ruth, but she appeared nice enough. However, this didn’t answer the question of why she never went inside her house.

All of his questions eventually got answered the moment he stepped inside her house. What he saw made his stomach turn. How could she live like this?


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Ruth had been his neighbor for so many years, yet he still knew nothing about her. He rarely spoke to her, but he saw her quite often.

The only thing Kevin knew for a fact was that she was a retired woman who lived alone. Though he would soon get to know her better, he was unaware of the kind of friendship they would develop at first.

Why Would She Do This?

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In recent times, he would see Ruth climb into her car every evening to sleep. He couldn’t understand why she would sleep in a car when she had a warm and comfortable home.

Kevin decided to watch over Ruth for the time being as he began feeling concerned for her wellbeing. He had this menacing feeling that something was amiss.

Getting To Know Her

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Kevin would check in with her whenever he walked past Ruth's car. They would occasionally have a chat which gave Kevin more insight into her life.

It broke Kevin’s heart to see Ruth sleeping in a cold car. However, she was doing so for a reason, and he was determined to find out.

An Embarrassing Situation

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Kevin understood that Ruth might be feeling ashamed of her circumstances. She appeared to be self-conscious because he was aware of where she spent most of her time.

What made Kevin confused was the fact that she appeared to be wealthy, given the fact that she owned her own car and property. This was indicative of a good financial situation, so why did she choose to live in this way?


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It was clear to him that something was not right with her house. It appeared to be neglected and in desperate need of repairs. The windows were even blocked by the blinds.

This house was obviously very old, and it was covered with dust from top to bottom. The grass had been left to grow wildly, and the paint was chipped. Perhaps she just needed help to spruce up the house?

Nowhere To Go

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The house had been neglected for some time, as evidenced by the window at the top. There had been a break in the window for some time.

Was there a possibility that some animals managed to get inside and refused to leave? As a result, Kevin speculated that they had scared Ruth away. The truth about the broken window would soon come to light, however.

The Truth

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One afternoon Kevin was jogging past Ruth’s car when he heard silent sobbing voices. He immediately stopped what he was doing to check on her. Her car's backseat was full of plastic bags she was desperately trying to sort through.

Kevin asked Ruth what was going on with her. While she spoke, she made eye contact with him, allowing him to uncover the mystery that surrounded the house.

Her Daily Routine

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To get ready and to take a shower, Ruth usually went to the gym nearby. She would have a quick meal at a fast food joint afterward. It was customary for her to spend the day in her car, making sure her belongings were protected, and later fall asleep in it.

In addition, Ruth's car didn't appear to be in great shape. Having a broken-down, non-starting vehicle reminded Kevin of her house.

Left Behind

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While cleaning out her car, Ruth counted her belongings and counted what she had.

Despite her decision to live in her car, she wanted to retain sentimental items from her home. It was only upon realizing that she had left one of her most valuable possessions inside the house that caused her great despair.

Ruth Searched Frantically

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When Burns saw Ruth searching through her belongings, he wondered if an item had gone missing. Ruth soon made this apparent.

She stopped fumbling long enough to point a finger toward her home. “In the house,” Ruth said, with tears in her eyes. “I left it in the house!”

The House Was Daunting

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Ruth seemed afraid to even step foot into her home and away from the safety of her car, which wasn’t even mobile anymore. She then questioned Burns, “Maybe you can go inside and get it!”

Burns was up for the challenge and to finally find out what he had wanted to know for months: what was in that house that Ruth had to escape from?

The Roof Was In Need Of Repair

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Kevin took the task upon himself and told Ruth that he would venture into the home to find Ruth’s precious belonging.

Kevin found out that she was looking for a photo of her parents that was left inside the house. As Kevin started walking towards the house, the sight of broken roof tiles on the front lawn made him look up in terror. How long had the roof had a hole in it?

A Glimpse Inside Was Scary

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The closer Kevin walked towards the house, the more apparent it became why Ruth decided to turn her back on the home she had lived in for so many years.

Just a glimpse into the window showed piles and piles of clothes, garbage, and papers. And the closer Kevin got to the house, the stronger a displeasing smell became…

The Doorway Was Blocked

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Kevin opened the front door and had to move immediately as piles of trash fell at his feet. It was as if the door was the only thing keeping all of the garbage in the house from spilling onto the front lawn.

Had he made a huge mistake agreeing to search this home?