Hiker Finds Fake Log Pile In The Woods

Hiker Finds Fake Log Pile In The Woods

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Dermot stopped dead when he heard crying, but what was the source of it? He looked at a neatly stacked pile of logs but had no idea there was so much more that he wasn’t seeing.

He thought about running to call for help but dismissed it when he thought about how unpopulated these hills were. He was cautious as he approached the pile of logs. But he would never have guessed what he was about to uncover.

Sunday Morning Hike

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Dermot Smith loved hiking up the hills in his small town and breathing the fresh air. It was thrilling to him to be surrounded by nature walking up the hills.

One Sunday morning, he decided to embark on a hiking adventure despite the cold. He had no way of knowing what he was going to discover.


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Riverwood has been Dermot’s home ever since he could remember. Everyone knew everyone and their stories in this small town, but you could count on anyone to give you a helping hand.

But it wasn’t long before everything changed. Something tragic had happened seven months ago, and the town wasn’t the same.

Their Daughter, Alice

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Alice was an 11-year-old girl who had gone missing in the summer. She had left the house and her parents to meet her friend at the bottom of the road, but she didn’t return home. Her pink bike was the only trace she had left behind.

Her parents were devastated knowing their daughter usually informed them of her movements. Where had she gone? Was she safe? The family worried and thought this was the worst thing that could happen to them. But they had no idea what was to come.

Her Disappearance

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Everyone had heard about Alice’s disappearance and was distraught. They all wanted to help reunite her with her parents, so they huddled together to make a plan.

But things weren’t as easy as they had hoped. They had found no trace of Alice, and it seemed like she hadn’t been there at all.

Months Of Searching

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They spent seven months searching for her, but they came back empty-handed. Dermot was overwhelmed by the news of the missing girl and decided to take a hike to clear his mind.

Before he made his way to the hills, he ensured that he had his walking gear and bottled water. It wasn’t long before he walked into something he could never have imagined.


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Dermot started sweating after walking for just short of an hour. His muscles were burning with exertion.

He ignored it to take in the breathtaking scenery. It felt like a reward after all the effort he had put in, and he started smiling. The fresh air was rejuvenating, but his smile faltered when he spotted something strange.


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Dermot thought it strange that there was a pile of logs at the bottom of the hill. He wanted to investigate the neatly stacked logs and went down the hill.

As soon as he was at the bottom of the hill, he approached the logs but stopped short when he heard a noise. It made his blood run cold.


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Dermot heard crying but couldn’t place the source. The sound sent shivers down his spine. There was no response after he had shouted out into the hills watching over him.

It was silent now, and he no longer heard the crying noise. His mind started to fill with questions, and he wondered what was happening.

Change In The Weather

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Dermot decided to look at the logs again, not understanding why they were there. Dermot knew he had to go home soon because the weather had begun to turn, and he didn’t want to be caught in the storm.

He had just turned to head back up the hill when he spotted something that sent his stomach churning.


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Dermot couldn’t believe his eyes and felt frozen. He thought about running to call for help but dismissed it when he thought about how unpopulated these hills were.

It was a race against time as he reached for his phone. He dialed 911 with trembling hands and hoped they hadn’t run out of time.

The Police


Dermont had been frantic on the phone to the police. “You need to hurry down now! Please be quick!” His voice broke as he spoke, but the police soon rushed down the hill.

It had taken them half an hour to arrive and see what Dermot had found. As they rushed down the hill, they had no idea what they would see.

Pointing To The Logs

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Dermot wore a distraught expression as Officer Jones approached him and the logs. He was a stern authority figure and asked, “What is going on here exactly?”

Dermot had tears in his eyes as he spoke to the officer. He pointed to the neat pile of logs and told the officer to look over there.

Officer Jones

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Officer Jones felt more uneasy with every step he took toward the pile of logs, doing his best to prepare himself for what he was about to see.

He couldn’t shake the feeling that he was about to see something terrible. He realized something the closer he got to the logs, making him feel queasy.

Just A Pile Of Logs?


The pile of logs looked ordinarily so from a distance, but everything changed when they got closer. Officer Jones looked at the perfect rectangular shape and black lines with suspicion.

There was more to the pile of logs, and it made his stomach sink. It was then that he made a terrible realization.