Hilarious Beach Photos Gone Wrong

Hilarious Beach Photos Gone Wrong

Johan Brown

Who doesn’t love the beach? You get to laze around in the sun, swim in the beautiful ocean, surf, and even construct sandcastles! It’s no wonder the beach is such a common holiday spot!

Taking your camera along can occasionally result in some fantastic beach photos, but other times, it can capture something really embarrassing and hilarious! Let’s take a look at some of the best beach photos gone wrong.

The Chimpanzee

Pexels/Neal Smith

A few ladies were trying to take a cute beach photo together when a random chimpanzee decided to pose with them!

According to the girls, the friendly animal was playing on the beach when it noticed the girls crowding together to take a photo. At the last second, it ran up to them, and smiled wide for the camera! We bet no one else has a photo like this!

Five Friends

Pexels/Min An

A group of five friends, two girls and three boys, decided to mock one of the guys for being single!

Pouting at the camera, the boy stands between two happy couples as they embrace one another. Props to him for going along with his friends’ joke. We are keeping our fingers crossed that he will find a partner to take along on their group adventures!

Force Feeding

Pexels/Karolina Grabowska

In the photo, a girl snatches her friend, puts her down on her knees, and force feeds her what looks like a can of beer. The photo is epic and extremely funny!

Even if it is all a performance for the camera, the fact that it is so entertaining to look at makes it all worth it! These girls seem to have fun in each other’s company. Good on them!

Flotation Devices

Pexels/Nikita Belokhonov

It’s quite common to see children and even adults use swimming floats or life jackets as floatation devices at the beach. But no one expected this man to rock up with an inflatable doll.

After placing his towel and cooler on the warm sand, he took the inflatable doll into the ocean with him, and used it as a floatation device. It comes as no surprise that everyone found this decision quite odd!

Holding A Jellyfish

Pexels/Scott Webb

The image is quite blurry, so it is hard to tell what this woman is holding in her hand. It does, however, appear to be a jellyfish, or at least a part of one.

But what makes this photo so hilarious is the fact that she has a wide smile on her face, as if there is nothing wrong with this situation. Needless to say, don’t cling to jellyfish, because even the dead ones can harm you!

A Tumble


Falling is as funny as it is embarrassing. We just hope that after this girl’s fall, she was able to laugh about it.

We’re not sure what made this girl tumble over, because the beach appears to be quite smooth. Sadly for her, this was more than just a little trip. She fell face first into the sand, and someone caught it all on camera.

Kiddie Chair

Pexels/Reafon Gates

There is a reason why kiddie chairs are made for children and not grown men. One big man had trouble getting out of his seat after standing up. What makes the situation even more embarrassing is the fact that two attractive women are watching as he struggles to peel the chair from his back.

If this photo has taught us anything, it’s to always make sure your seat is big enough before sitting in it.

Bikini Parade

Pexels/Pikx By Panther

It’s pretty common to find muscular, toned men at the beach. Usually, they either wear tank tops, or no shirts at all! But this group of toned men took their swimwear to a whole new level.

We’re not sure why these men decided to wear bikini tops to the beach, but we can only imagine that they lost some kind of bet! Or maybe they just felt like being humorous that day.

Where Is Her Head?

Pexels/Jolo Diaz

Want to scare a stranger? This woman sure did!

She and her friends participated in this little prank together! After burying this woman’s head under the sand, her friend lied next to her and buried everything but her head under sand, making it look like the first woman’s head was laying a few inches from her body. Yikes!

A Warning?

Pexels/Martin Péchy

A very recent… caution sign (?) has been placed on a beach in Lithuania. The sign has confused many who have chosen to visit the spot.

It appears to indicate that if you urinate on the beach, you will be recorded, and the footage will be uploaded to YouTube. We’re not entirely sure what it means, but to avoid any inconvenience, avoid any actions that can lead to any embarrassing situations for you.

11 + 1

Pexels/Daan Stevens

This is undoubtedly one of the cutest images we have ever seen taken at the beach. It is pronounced that this bunch of young women arranged this shot. Everyone is trying hard to pose better and sexier than the others.

They are lovely in the position they are posing. On the other hand, if you look closely, you will notice that somebody in the background has also chosen to join in on the posing action.

Nice Book

Pexels/Leah Kelley

Do you prefer to bring a book or magazine to the beach so that you can spend time reading? While not everyone would answer “Yes,” a good book is undeniably wonderful to have around when you are at the beach. On the other hand, it is not very common to see individuals reading while they are at the beach.

However, suppose you plan on coming there by yourself. In that case, it is highly recommended that you bring an engaging book, just like this woman has done. The book lines up perfectly with her face!

Cue Baywatch Music Theme

Pexels/Helena Lopes

You would think that the first few notes of the Baywatch theme song should be playing, until you take a closer look and discover that these are not beautiful women.

These are just a bunch of men, enjoying themselves on the beach. The setting appears to be somewhere on the west coast, and they appear to be having a splendid time! Good on them!

The Queen of the Sand

Pexels/Scott R

How many times do you suppose she had to take a shower before she was able to have the sand and weeds out of the hair? But does she even exist at all? Who is she, or more importantly, who made her because she appears genuine?

Instead of making a sandcastle, one person decided to make a woman out of sand! You would have to look at the photograph many times to determine that it is not a real woman!