How To Host The Perfect Appetizers-Only Dinner Party

How To Host The Perfect Appetizers-Only Dinner Party

Johan Brown

Appetizers-only dinner parties are all the hype right now. Whether it's your first time hosting or you live in a small space, this is the perfect way to entertain guests, and it requires minimal preparation! Thanks to their small sizes, delicious, hearty appetizers are great for sitting or standing.

This is the perfect opportunity to bring out your seasonal dinnerware and wooden serving boards. With a bit of décor and some music, you've got yourself a party! Today, we will give you essential tips on hosting the perfect appetizers-only dinner party.

Planning The Menu

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In order to satisfy your guests, it's important to create an array of various appetizers. Make sure to serve a variety of quick and easy dishes that use several of the following food categories: vegetable, starch, protein, snacks, dips and spreads, and delicious desserts.

If any of your guests have dietary concerns, consider preparing various appetizer recipes that can accommodate those concerns. If you are inviting vegetarians or people who have gluten sensitivities, make it a top priority to serve multiple gluten-free or vegetarian dishes.

How Many?

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Wondering how many types of dishes you should prepare? Well, it all depends on how many guests you plan to invite. The assortment of appetizers should expand along with your guest list. It always helps to have a wide variety of options.

Luckily, we have a quick guide to help you decide how many appetizers you should be serving at your dinner party: If you are hosting between ten to twelve guests, you should be serving at least five appetizer selections. For twenty-five guests, you want a minimum of nine dishes, and for fifty guests, a minimum of thirteen appetizers.

Planning A Timeline

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To ensure that you get to sit back and enjoy your party too, there are a few things you should plan. Set your appetizer menu and buy all needed groceries a few days in advance. Two days before the party, you should prepare dishes that can be frozen.

The day before your party, prepare any appetizers that can be refrigerated. Set up your decorations, gather your serving dishes and utensils, and purchase fresh flowers or other perishables. Make sure to buy ice and beverages and set your table. This will give you a lot of free time on the day of your party!