Wife Takes A Closer Look At Husband’s Clothes And Discovers His Secret
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Wife Takes A Closer Look At Husband’s Clothes And Discovers His Secret

Johan Brown

He let her know that he wasn’t going to be home for dinner again. She sighed deeply as she cleaned up the dining room table. She couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong.

There was a reason why she was feeling so paranoid, she just needed to find out why. The situation became more clear while she was busy doing laundry. Upon closer inspection of his clothes, she found her answer. It was astounding.

The Beginning Of Something New

Facebook - Real Blunt Blonde

After years of searching for the perfect man, Jonna Miller finally found David. They had their first date in 2012, and as soon as it ended, she told her best friend that she had finally met her future husband.

She was instantly attracted to him, and he felt the same way. It was the beginning of an epic love story. However, as time passed, she took off the rose-colored glasses and realized all was not as it seemed.

A Happy Family

Facebook - Real Blunt Blonde

After dating for a few months, David proposed to Jonna. After the proposal, Jonna gave birth to their first child, Delanie. Life was perfect.

Her love for the man she loved led her down the aisle a year later and into marriage. Unfortunately, things did not turn out the way she expected.

A Lucky Woman

Facebook - Real Blunt Blonde

Jonna remembered David’s romantic proposal like it was yesterday. He did it in front of all of their friends and family during a Thanksgiving dinner.

It was one of her favorite memories, and she knew she was a lucky woman. Every night she counted her blessings, but things took a turn for the worst.

Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Facebook - Real Blunt Blonde

After being married for a while, Jonna realized that marriage was much more difficult than she anticipated. Things started off well enough, but it almost changed overnight.

Growing up, she always read fairy tales like Snow White and Cinderella, but not once did she read about the beautiful princesses doing the Prince’s dirty laundry. But this was not the only thing on her mind.

Standing Up For Herself

Facebook - Real Blunt Blonde

Jonna was born and raised in a very small town, but despite having a conservative upbringing, she always had a big mouth. She was not the type of girl who would shy away from sharing how she truly felt.

She had a good sense of humor and enjoyed laughing with her friends. However, this was not her only outlet.

Sharing Her Thoughts

Facebook - Real Blunt Blonde

Jonna had some trouble dealing with all the negatives that came from being married, which led to the creation of “The Blunt Blonde,” a blog she created.

She shared her honest feelings about being married. Such as, ”I don’t ever recall the Prince in the fairytale having rough, cracked hands and crow's feet before he turns 30.” In addition to these warning signs, there were others as well.

Not Doing What’s Needed

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Once a wife harbors resentment for her husband, it’s a clear indication that things aren't going well. However, Jonna couldn’t help it. It felt as if she was solely responsible for taking care of her daughter.

Being a parent is a full-time job, and he was not doing the work. She was on the verge of losing her mind. The situation had to change.

Not Taking Care Of Her

Facebook - Real Blunt Blonde

She knew being a wife, and a mother was no easy job, but she didn’t think it would be this difficult. Her husband was rarely home, leaving her stuck.

He was too busy focusing on his career and who knows what else. To add insult to injury, he provided her with little to no comfort.


Facebook - Real Blunt Blonde

“I don’t recall the Prince missing dinners because he was working overtime or going to bed shortly after he came home to his Palace because he was so exhausted,” she shared online.

There was something off about the situation. There was no doubt in her mind. Her suspicions only surfaced after she went digging through his laundry.

Laundry Clues

Facebook - Real Blunt Blonde

She looked at the clothes on the bed and grabbed one of his shirts to study it closely. She needed to find out why she felt so paranoid.

That’s when the truth hit her like a speeding truck. Now she knew why her husband always came home late, and it left her shaking.

Growing Insecurities

Facebook - Real Blunt Blonde

Miller and her husband lived in Leesburg, Indiana. They hadn’t been married very long, but everything was going great so far. She didn’t understand why he started coming home later than usual as time went on.

Was it possible that he was getting bored of them? That he wasn’t happy with his family anymore? Then, out of the blue, she found the answers she desperately needed.

Awkward Situations

Facebook - Real Blunt Blonde

Miller looked at the clothes and wondered if she was to blame for not seeing the clues earlier. She was raised in Indiana and often joked that she spent a lot of time telling bad jokes and creating awkward situations.

But it was her sarcastic nature that made her such a great blogger. And it was her followers she turned to when the going got tough.

Mind-Blowing Bluntness

Facebook - Real Blunt Blonde

Social media knows her as The Blunt Blonde, and her profile section on Twitter speaks volumes. “People think I’m always joking, but I’m not. I’m genuinely an unpleasant person and hate everyone equally,” she wrote in her “About Me” section.

And her blog is just as snarky and sassy. She never came across as someone who was going through heartache in her relationship.

Sarcasm Native

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In the About section of her blog, she even mentions that English isn’t her only language. “If you haven’t caught on, I am fluent in English and Sarcasm.”

But that’s not the only eye-opening revelation her followers have read. Some of her posts had a lot of people raising their eyebrows, and with good reason!