Husband Sends Wife Seemingly Innocent Text, Makes Her Investigate
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Husband Sends Wife Seemingly Innocent Text, Makes Her Investigate

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The only way she could convince herself that she wasn't dreaming was by pinching her arm. Seeing the man she loved in another's arms brought tears to her eyes.

The man she thought she would marry had been her dream man, and she could not believe he could do such a thing to her. It was clear, however, that she wasn't aware of anything about him after all those years. Her life was about to be turned upside down.


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Despite knowing him for more than a decade, Cheryl realized he was nothing but a facade, and she was determined to expose him.

However, after she realized what was truly happening, she was only left with anger in her heart, leaving no room for loss or sadness. She was now only thinking about getting even.

The Perfect Life

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Cheryl Connor, 40, took great pride in her achievements. She enjoyed fulfilling work as a university professor, a kind husband, and two wonderful stepdaughters. She had everything she had ever wanted.

Cheryl put a lot of effort into creating a life that appeared to be perfect, but she also felt that luck had been on her side along the road, giving her all the advantages that set her apart from other people. She was unaware of how mistaken she was.

She Worked Hard

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But everything wasn't perfect all the time. Like everyone else, Cheryl has experienced her share of difficult times. She had struggled with several obstacles during her life, including infertility and money problems.

She battled valiantly for her ideal life, and in the end, everything turned out exactly as she had hoped. She would quickly discover, though, that not everything that glitters is gold.

Trying Her Best

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During their 13-year marriage, Cheryl and Greg had been happy together. In Cheryl's life, Greg and his daughters were the most important people.

Cheryl realized she couldn't have it all, even when she married the love of her life. Her marriage could have improved in some areas. Despite her best efforts to maintain a positive attitude, they occasionally gave her a lot of frustration.

Business Trips

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The majority of Greg's time away from the family was spent working and supporting the family. Greg missed several holidays and was called away from home in the past few years because of the circumstances.

Cheryl and their daughters received a simple text to wish them a Merry Christmas. No gifts and no phone calls. Cheryl would soon learn the true reason for this.


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Her husband had no doubts about her husband's commitment to ensuring they lived a happy and fulfilling life.

Cheryl put up with his constant absence from the house because he was the ideal husband and father who gave all for them. She occasionally became conscious of having particular ideas, which caused her to feel bad and humiliated.

She Felt Distant

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Cheryl occasionally felt lonely during Greg's prolonged and excessively frequent absences, and she caught herself grumbling to herself in private.

Why couldn't he assign some of his duties to one of his coworkers so that he could spend more time with her and the kids? Did he believe that his wife and daughters' needs could be met solely through financial support? That wasn't all, though.


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Cheryl occasionally found herself daydreaming about what her life would have been like if she had married a different man.

Cheryle was terrified every time she realized she was thinking those things. She felt bad and embarrassed but persuaded herself that her husband was only trying to provide for the family's needs. Up until that point, this loop had continued endlessly.


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She merely smiled and offered to assist Greg with packing his things when he explained that he had to travel to North Carolina for training. He kissed her goodnight and left the next morning.

Cheryl wasn't angry this time. Instead, she was incredibly grateful to have such a dedicated husband. However, a single text message altered the entire situation.


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As Cheryl got the children ready for bed, her phone lit up with a notification. Her husband's message told her about a great church he discovered in North Carolina.

He went on to share the name of the singers at the church, as he thought she would like them. Cheryl’s heart warmed at her husband’s consideration. However, she was in for a nasty surprise.

It Wasn’t North Carolina

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She proceeded to look up the artist, and what she found made her brow furrowed in confusion. Cheryl and Greg had lived in North Carolina for quite some time, so they both knew the area very well.

However, the event Greg was attending was in Knoxville, Tennessee. Her blood began boiling with anger. She knew she needed to get to the bottom of his lies.

A Horrifying Discovery

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While browsing social media pages, Cheryl stumbled upon footage of the church service, and after watching it on repeat for a few minutes, she spotted him. But he wasn’t alone.

When she saw it, she felt her stomach drop to her knees. Her husband was wearing the sweater she had gifted him on his birthday, holding another woman's hand.

Living A Lie

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Cheryl felt as if her whole world had collapsed. This discovery was the first event of many that sent Cheryl spiraling into a deep, dark depression.

However, as she would soon learn, all the signs were there if only she had paid closer attention. When she saw it, she felt like she had been living a lie. How could she have been such a fool?

Quiet Rampage

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Cheryl wanted nothing more than for it all to be a mistake. She had loved and supported Greg for over a decade; how could he do something like this to her? After contemplation, she decided not to confront Greg just yet.

Instead, she decided to take matters into her own hands and act as a private investigator. What she discovered made her sick to her stomach…