Identical Men With Same Name Get DNA Test Despite Warning
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Identical Men With Same Name Get DNA Test Despite Warning

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They exchanged anxious glances Brady Feigl and Brady Feigl waited for the DNA test results. Gazing at either of the two men was like looking at a reflection. They looked like twins and shared the same name, so how could they not have grown up together?

Both men felt a tightness in their chests as they waited for the truth to be announced. What exactly had their parents been hiding all this time?

The First Brady

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To avoid confusion, Brady Feigl will be known as Brady 1 because he was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He had been a huge baseball fan for as long as he could remember.

He had an athletic frame and always got good grades. His mother enjoyed bragging about him to any interested parties. Until he met the other Brady, he had always loved and trusted his parents.

The Second Brady

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Brady Fiegl (Brady 2) was a lovable character and the funny guy at any party. He was raised in Houston, Texas. was a lifelong baseball fan, much like Brady 1. He was adopted by loving parents when he was a little child, and they provided for him in every way.

Brady had always been interested in his life before being adopted. Who were his parents at birth? Had he any siblings or brothers? But as soon as he saw Brady 1, he realized they had to be related.

A Shared Interest

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Both Bradys enjoyed playing basketball in their teens, so they continued the sport after leaving high school. They were both proud when they got accepted to the University of Texas in Arlington, where Brady 1 got the opportunity to major in political science. At the same time, Brady 2 chose accountancy as his major.

They worked hard to get good grades but that wasn’t their soul focus. They loved baseball so much that they ended up playing for the Texas Rangers in Arlington. That’s when they met.

Spitting Image

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Their coach first found it amusing that he had two players that were the spitting image of each other. But it didn't take long. Having two identical redheads turned into a challenge for the coach.

Bradys would respond each time he called for just one of them. The joke was now becoming quite irritating in addition to being unclear. The Bradys' life would change due to what coach Johnson had to say next.

They Had To Be Connected

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"You guys need to figure out if you're related or not because you're both getting on my nerves," Coach Johnson exclaimed in his frustration with the peculiar pair. They now knew that they had to be connected.

The two Bradys exchanged startling glances as they contemplated whether there could be more to their similarities than simply their namesake and similar appearance. It was no mistake, was it?


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The baseball squad for the Bradys enjoyed making fun of the two redheaded men. In an effort to distinguish them, they started calling them Fred and George, referring to Ron Weasley's twin redheaded siblings in Harry Potter.

The Bradys were up to the joke, which the team found amusing because Brady 2 was the class clown. That is until the joke turned into something too serious to handle.

Increasingly Upset

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The Bradys were increasingly upset as the Fred and George joke among their colleagues persisted. Not because they couldn't take a joke but because they wondered if there was truth to the joke.

They started to really examine the possibility that they were connected. The joke crossed the line when one of the teammates made the remark that the two had the same mother. They had to learn more.

The Lost Brothers

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After their teammate's biting comments, the two Bradys decided to talk to each other and speculated about the likelihood that they may genuinely be twins or brothers. After all, they shared the same height, both needed to wear prescription glasses, and even shared comedic jokes.

The sole distinction between them was the color of their eyes: Brady 2 had blue eyes, while Brady 1 had hazel ones. However, Brady 1's mother had blue eyes, while Brady 2 was an adoptive child. They seized the chance to discover whether their parents were hiding something when it was presented to them.


YouTube - Inside Edition

Inside Edition scheduled an interview with the doppelgangers in 2018 after learning about them. They couldn't believe the story of the two men that looked just like each other.

The Bradys disclosed another astounding similarity during the interview: they both disclosed that they had both had the same surgery at the same doctor. That's when things got even crazier.

The Same Procedure

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The surgeon who performed the surgery on both Bradys, Dr. Dave Andrews, was confused by the doppelgangers. He called Brady 2, thinking he was Brady 1. "The way we found out about it actually (was through) Dr. Andrews' office,' explained Brady 2.

"He's the guy who (performed) both of our surgeries." So, Brady 2 already knew that there was someone out there who had the same name as him before the pair met.

Becoming Famous

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"I was probably six or seven months out of surgery, and their office called our trainer and said, 'Hey, when's Brady reporting for surgery? Is he getting down here tomorrow?' He was like, 'He had it six months ago. What are you talking about?'" Brady 2 explained.

And when Inside Edition aired the story of the two Bradys, people lost their minds.

Causing A Stir

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Now, everyone knew about the two Bradys and all their similarities. "The week that it hit TV, my phone blew up," Brady 2 said. The constant notifications he was getting started to become so intrusive that he had to put it on airplane mode for eight hours at a time.

Still, the buzz on social media grew and grew. Everyone insisted that "they had to be related" or were even "long-lost twins who were separated at birth."

Help From Fans

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The two matching players had become fan favorites with the Texas Rangers fans and everyone who saw their interview. Their fans were so obsessed with the possibility that the two were related that they set up a Kickstarter to pay for a DNA test.

The Kickstarter reached its target, and the players were approached about doing the test. The two men agreed to it and knew that this was the defining moment of their relationship.

The Moment Everyone Had Been Waiting For

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The two Bradys had created such a stir that Inside Edition returned to interview them for the second time in a follow-up segment.

The cameras rolled as they captured the moment the Bradys placed their saliva samples in the test tubes and put them back into the plastic seal they had arrived in. It was a tense moment.