Inconsiderate Plane Passengers That Made Flying Unbearable

Inconsiderate Plane Passengers That Made Flying Unbearable

Johan Brown

On every flight, you are bound to find at least one or two annoying passengers.

Some will remove their shoes and socks, releasing disgusting smells for everyone around them to smell, while others will toss their long hair over their seats, blocking your only source of inflight entertainment. These are some of the most annoying plane passenger stories.

Pet Parrot

Pexels/Brett Sayles

A handful of people spend years learning how to fly, while most birds have the innate ability from a very young age. On one flight, passengers began freaking out when they noticed a woman hanging out with her pet parrot during a flight home.

But things took a turn for the worst when the parrot escaped the woman's clutches and flew up and down the aisle.

Watch Where You Put Your Stuff

Pexels/Dylan Bueltel

Sometimes, you have to deal with that one passenger who has no sensitivity when it comes to where they put their stuff. One woman completely ignored that the man sitting behind her had a screen on the back of her seat that he could watch tv on.

She decided to hang her jacket on the back of her seat, even though it covered more than half the man's screen. Don't be like this woman; keep your coat on your lap!

Not Enough Space

Pexels/Tuur Tisseghem

Sometimes, people feel like they don't have enough space during a flight, so they invade the space of those around them. One guy had way too much on his plate during one flight.

He decided that one laptop wasn't enough for him. He decided he needed one laptop for work purposes and an iPad to watch the western comedy classic Blazing Saddles. The biggest problem is that he didn't ask the person next to him if he could use his fold-out table; he just used it!

Let Me Take A Selfie

Pexels/Kaique Rocha

Flights are boring, so you should always ensure that you have games to play, a book to read, a film to watch, or some music to listen to. But one young woman found entertainment in one of the most unexpected places.

The man sitting next to her wasn't interested in entertaining himself, so he took a nap. She decided to take a selfie with the unknown man while he was asleep.

Too Close For Comfort

Pexels/Brett Sayles

Unfortunately, we don't get to choose who we share a flight with. Although we can choose our friends in the outside world, on flights, you are forced to encounter a wide variety of individuals you wouldn't usually associate with. But sometimes, these encounters can be too close for comfort.

This person had never seen a person with dreadlocks before, and he was absolutely fascinated upon first seeing them. The man wouldn't leave the other man's hair alone!

Match Made In Heaven

Pexels/Anastasiya Lobanovskaya

The more time you spend around another person, the more used you get to their odd habits and behaviors. One couple was the perfect example of this. They proved that no matter where they are, they are comfortable being by each other's sides, warts and all.

The husband could fall asleep in a conventional position, but his wife found it necessary to sleep with her head in his lap and her feet kicked up in the air. A match made in heaven.


Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

So imagine this: you've just gotten comfortable on your long-haul flight. You've got a movie ready to watch as soon as you can use your electric appliances. Then, someone with long hair comes along and plants their locks over the back of their seat.

For the next five-plus hours, you're forced to stare at this stranger's hair as it dangles over your mini television screen. Now that's some good entertainment, isn't it?

The Massive Cello

Pexels/Eleazar Ceballos

One man decided to bring a massive cello on the plane. Every time attendants would pass by; they would ask if it was necessary to have something so big on the flight. But the passenger had bought two tickets— one for himself and one for his cello.

Honestly, this man might be within his rights to do this. After all, there have been many stories of airlines mishandling people's musical instruments. This solves that problem.

Brushing His Teeth

Pexels/Photomix Company

Usually, we wouldn't get annoyed by others brushing their teeth. After all, we are all expected to brush at least twice daily to keep our teeth healthy!

One man boarded a plane very early in the morning and didn't have time to brush his teeth until they were mid-air. Passengers were annoyed and disgusted as he sat in his seat, brushing away in front of everyone.

Exercising His Right to Exercise

Pexels/Wellness Gallery Catalyst Foundation

While there are many kinds of leisure that one can enjoy partaking during a flight, we never thought that there would be facilities or even room on a plane to perform any serious kind of exercise. And yet, this guy managed to find space on the plane where he could do some press-ups.

The only problem with that it is at the front of the plane where the cabin crew performs a lot of their duties. Surely you could just wait until you're on land.

So Fresh, So Annoying

Pexels/Rahul Pandit

It's simply reality – many people build up bad odors in their shoes. Sweat builds up, and subsequently, bad smells will follow. This passenger is totally aware of this, and at the best of times, he can't stand the smell of his own shoes. In fact, he can smell it while he's wearing them.

As a result, he thought of an ingenious method to alleviate this problem while he was on a plane. He simply used his personal air conditioner to blow out the odors.

Caught Red-Handed

Pexels/Marcus Aurelius

There are certain things you can do on a plane when it comes to "body maintenance." However, cutting your toenails isn't one of them. Doing this in public was never acceptable, so why would one think it is OK all of a sudden to do it in a confined space – on a plane?

Not only is it annoying for the passenger sitting next to you, but it is also frustrating for the people who have to clean it up after you have left the plane.

Easy Exit

Pexels/Domenico Bandiera

Passengers have been known to display all kinds of erratic behavior when it comes to the exit doors on planes. Some desperately want to be reassured that there is no way that any doors on the vehicle can be opened during flight, which is perfectly justified.

However, there are some passengers out there who are so carefree that they couldn't care less if they opened the door by accident. Take this guy, for example, who literally has his foot on the door handle mid-sleep.

Poker Foot

Pexels/Mali Maeder

There are some airlines out there that provide passengers with the opportunity to play a variety of games for a variety of ages. Kids are more inclined to play more child-friendly games such as Tetris and Shoots and Ladders.

But for the adults out there, card games are the way to go while sitting out a five-hour-long flight. Of course, most normal people play card games, or any computer game, for that matter, with their hands – not their feet.