Man Dumps Bag In McDonald's Trash, Manager Finds This Inside
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Man Dumps Bag In McDonald's Trash, Manager Finds This Inside

Johan Brown

There was nothing extraordinary about that fateful day. Delonda Walker managed a Mcdonald’s in Ybor City. She woke up early that morning and made her way to work. The job was fine for the time being,  as she knew it was only temporary. It was redundant, but it put food on the table.

Even though it was an uneventful day, Delonda was about to encounter one of the largest criminals in the state.

The Same Thing Every Day

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Routine is sometimes taken for granted. The work we do is always the same, and we always meet and talk to the same people; once we've become accustomed to something, we expect it to last. There are, however, exceptions to this rule.

The routine can be interrupted by the wildest, eeriest, and most brutal forces of life, forces most people are blissfully unaware of. In this story, that's exactly what happened.

Doing What’s Needed

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Things started out normally enough. Delonda didn’t mind her job, but it wasn’t something she could see herself doing long-term. She obtained a degree in French Literature, and even though she ultimately wanted a career in research, this job would do for now.

She got to her place of work, got in her uniform, and prepared herself for the day’s work. However, she couldn’t help but feel that something was off about that day.

She Knew Everyone

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She clocked in for the morning shift. As her store was located in a busy area, the majority of customers were people who worked nearby.

Her familiarity with most of the faces she saw on a daily basis had grown within just a few months. Each day blurred into the next with so many regular clients. In contrast, this would be a very different experience.

Out Of Place

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That day she spotted a customer that had never been in the store before. This was not strange on its own, but there was much more than meets the eye.

There was a strange aura surrounding the new customer. Perhaps he was simply one of the homeless individuals that used to congregate in that region, one might speculate. But there was something so different about him. Not only did he appear to be out of place, but there was something threatening about him. Delonda seemed uneasy just from seeing him enter the door.

Something Strange

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However, she pushed her concerns to the back of her mind. What could possibly go wrong? He was most likely just some odd man from the street.

Yes, he was strange, but that was most likely the extent of it. She, however, remained convinced that there was a problem with this man.

Staying Calm

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Instinctively, Delonda shivered when the man stared at the menu above her head.

However, she managed to remain composed and ask what the man wanted. Her unease continued to grow as she waited for him to answer.

So Close

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After sitting there for ages, the man ordered some food. Relief washed over Delonda. Soon the man would leave the establishment, and then she could relax. Giving him his order, collecting the payment, and watching him leave the building was all that was required of her.

A cash payment was made by the man after receiving his order. Later, he surprised Delonda by doing something else.

Was It A Prank?

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The creepy man quickly tossed the plastic bag into the trash and walked out of the restaurant with a rapid gesture.

Delonda was confused. Could this have been a prank? Already, that shift had been one of the strangest of all time. As she approached the trashcan, she decided to take a closer look at the bag. A shiver ran down her spine when she saw what was in the bag.

A Terrible Finding

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Inside the bag was a gun! A feeling of dread filled Delonda, as her stomach dropped and her heart raced. That man looked like a criminal, didn't he? He seemed creepy or prankish, but what was he?

Upon checking if it was loaded, she found that it was. A sense of fear overcame her, and she immediately informed the police about the incident.

The Police Steps In

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Soon enough, a police car pulled up to Delonda's McDonald's, picked up the weapon, asked Delonda some questions about how the man who gave it to her looked, and went back to the station.

For the next few days, Delonda felt anxious, wondering who that creepy man with the gun was. Not long after, she received a fateful call.

It Was The Police

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It was the Tampa Police Department. They had been conducting an investigation into the man with the gun, and they thought they had caught him. He was detained at the station at this moment.

They just needed Delonda to come to the station and confirm that he was the same man she had seen at McDonald's. She went over, and sure enough, it was him.

A Tense Moment?

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Delonda felt a bit shaken just seeing his face again. Even though she pointed him out from behind a one-way mirror, his creepy aura was still palpable.

Without hesitation, Delonda pointed him out. Even though she knew he could not see her, Delonda could not help but feel like he was watching her somehow. His eyes were filled with rage, and he was staring in her direction.

The Long Wait

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After the line-up, Delonda faced an agonizing wait. Left sitting in the station’s waiting area, Delonda still had no idea who the man was or what she had gotten herself mixed up in.

The time ticked by, and Delonda became more nervous by the minute. After what like an eternity, the lead officer on the case, Detective Sergeant Jeremy Williams, came to get her.

The News Was Chilling

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Officer Williams had a very serious look on his face when he approached Delonda. He escorted her into his office and asked her to take a seat.

Facing her, his expression had turned to stone and was now unreadable. When he spoke, his words were chilling as he said, “Delonda, the man you identified is a dangerous criminal.”