Man Installs Cameras On Housekeeper, Catches Despicable Act
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Man Installs Cameras On Housekeeper, Catches Despicable Act

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Every morning, she would make sure to get there in time to see Daniel off before he left for work. For the maid, it evolved into a warm morning tradition, but it was so much more for her.

The alarm bells became too obvious for Daniel to ignore. He put up cameras and watched in terror in the shadows as she utilized his house for her own private matters.

A Succesful Businessman

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32-year-old entrepreneur Daniel Evanson had high aspirations. He was a perfectionist who stayed in his office all day long, perfecting business concepts for his organization.

When he was only 25 years old, he founded his own coaching business. It was now an expanding company with over 100 people.

He Had No Time

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He was obviously very busy. His personal life, however, suffered while his career was flourishing.

Daniel worked in an office all of his life. He was still working on finding a work-life balance. He struggled to keep up with his household as a bachelor, so he ended up hiring help—or so he thought!

Getting Some Help

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His jaw was hanging open as he watched the screen. Daniel found her actions to be unbelievable. His anger swept through him, sending his heart racing.

Daniel had no idea Sarah had other goals when he recruited her to be his housekeeper. Although she appeared innocent and young, and attractive, this was not the case.

She Did A Good Job

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At first, her housekeeping was perfect, and he enjoyed returning home to a tidy home. She also left him some flowers in the house. He immediately became accustomed to and enjoyed seeing it because it was a polished touch.

He had no idea that the flowers were much more than just a fancy touch. And they were a clear sign of what was to come, serving as a warning.

Their Routine

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Sarah would arrive at Daniel's house shortly before he left for work every morning, greeting him as he left for work. She was scheduled to leave by noon after cleaning while he was away.

Weeks went by without any issues. However, Daniel quickly started to notice an abnormality.

Not Doing Her Job

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The house appeared to have gotten less clean as time went on. The floor frequently appeared to have not even been vacuumed.

But the peculiar odor that started to linger was what truly started to annoy Daniel. He also observed a significant rise in his electricity cost since she began working for him. He had an idea.

Getting Some Answers

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Daniel believed that placing covert cameras all about his home would be the best method to learn what she was up to. After all, he paid her extremely lavishly and anticipated that her work would be completed.

Daniel, however, was not at all ready for what his camera would record.

It Was Okay First

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In the morning, Daniel greeted Sarah as usual before leaving for work. He entered his security camera system after arriving at his office. It appeared like everything was okay so far.

He put his phone away and focused on his tasks. He checked back into the security cameras after the workday was over and was startled to find her merely starting to depart the house now.

He Was Puzzled

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She ought to have completed her tasks long ago. He stood up from his chair, pressed play, and went back to the beginning of the day. He sped up the video and watched as Sarah went about the home gathering things and wiping down the counters.

She suddenly started acting in a wholly strange manner. As Daniel took in the strange scene, his heart sank. The whole thing was absurd!


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Daniel was fuming as he drove home. He couldn’t believe he had let someone like that into his house for that long. As soon as he got home, he emailed her.

He sent her the video along with two simple words; ‘You’re fired.’ He decided not to pursue legal action, but anybody else might have. What did he see?

Bizarre Behavior

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Daniel caught his housekeeper taking off her clothes and throwing them into the washing machine. She walked around the house in her underwear and made her way to his bedroom.

Daniel watched in shock as she began to try on his clothes, dancing around his room. Then she sat on his bed and sprayed his cologne on herself. But that wasn’t all.


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After she washed her clothes, she put his clothes in the washer. Daniel watched as she snuck one of his t-shirts into his bag.

Suddenly, he remembered that he thought he had misplaced two other items. There was no doubt in his mind that she took them. Daniel fired her, but he was still worried about one thing.


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It became clear that this woman had an obsession with him. He wondered if she’d be back or end up stalking him. He kept his security cameras installed and added more outside.

After a few weeks of radio silence, he concluded that she understood not to push her limit. She was lucky he didn’t press legal charges, to begin with. But not everybody agreed with his decision.

Divided Opinions

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Daniel shared his story online. He shared parts of the footage and warned people to vet their housekeepers properly. People were in disbelief at the recording and urged him to press charges.

“If you don’t pursue legal action, she could do this to someone else,” one user commented. But what do you think?