Man Sends His Mom A Photo Of His New Girlfriend, But She Stops Cold After Spotting One Detail
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Man Sends His Mom A Photo Of His New Girlfriend, But She Stops Cold After Spotting One Detail

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Maison had to re-read the message multiple times to ensure he didn’t imagine it. He and his mom had always had a good relationship, so he couldn’t understand how she could do this to him.

He knew things hadn’t gone as well as they should have, but did she have to act this way? He didn’t know what to do and felt trapped between his mother and the woman he loved. He never thought it would come to this.

A Good Boy


Maison Vallance was raised by his strict mother and her rules in Alma, Michigan. She wanted her son to be well-behaved and did her best to instill good values in him.

Maison often kept up to the “good boy” standard, but that wasn’t always the best. He slipped up as a kid even though he didn’t want to break the rules for fear of making his mom unhappy.

An Opportunity

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Maison had grown up with plans for his life, but he ended up in a career he never expected to be in. He had just finished college when a major company approached him with a job offer.

It was too good an offer to pass up, so he excitedly accepted the job. But he felt torn knowing that it was a great opportunity, but it also meant him moving to Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Telling His Mom

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Maison was the apple of his mother’s eye, so she couldn’t hold back the tears once he shared the news with her. She dreaded the thought of him leaving home.

She wanted her son to succeed and knew she had to support him in his career, but that didn’t mean she didn’t worry. She cried again when it was time to say her goodbyes. "Please keep a promise for me," she sniffled.

A Worried Mother

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Maison would always be her baby, no matter how old he got. She was nervous thinking about how far away he would be from her and how she wouldn’t be there to protect him from the outside world. Mrs. Vallance wondered how he would be influenced.

She reminded him of his roots and told him to promise he would never forget to be a “good boy.” The image of his mother’s worried face and her words flashed in his mind as Maison traveled to his new future.



It took a while for Maison to adjust to his new life in Tennessee after spending his whole life in Michigan. His new state had stark differences, and he often missed home.

Maison eventually got into the swing of things and enjoyed what his new life had to offer. Then he met a girl, and he felt like he was soaring.

Meeting Maison

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Meghan Green had always lived in Tennessee and met Maison one night while out with her friends. The conversation between them was easy, which was the beginning of their romance.

They decided to take things slowly, but that didn’t mean Maison wasn’t happy. The relationship had been going steady for some time when Maison realized that his family had to know about Meghan eventually.

What Would His Mom Say?

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Maison was nervous about telling his mother about his new girlfriend. She was an overprotective mother with 1st place in her son’s life. She read people well, and he worried about what she would say about Meaghan.

He would know if Meghan was the right fit for him if his mom accepted the relationship. He was head over heels for her and didn’t give any thought that his mom wouldn’t be happy with his new girlfriend.

She Seemed Happy

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His mom seemed delighted when he shared the news and asked him many questions about his new girlfriend. He thought she sounded genuinely interested and discarded his worry about her approving the relationship.

Maison was pleased and excited to show Mrs. Vallance his pictures of Meghan. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, but he had no idea the impact sending the photos to his mother would have.

No Reply

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Mrs. Vallance bought a shirt for her son a few years ago and saw that one of the photos showed Meghan wearing it in bed.

It worried him that his mother didn’t reply, so he looked through the photos he had sent her. He felt blood rush to his face when he realized what private information he had just sent to his mother in a picture.

Worst-Case Scenario

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A red rope could be seen tied to the headboard of their bed. Maison wasn’t ashamed of how adventurous he and Meghan were as a couple, but he didn’t like that his mom now knew about it.

Maison ran through the worst-case scenario in his mind and figured his mom would be slightly judgemental and nothing more. But he never expected his mom to ignore him for days on end. It could only mean that she didn’t accept their relationship. Little did he know that things would worsen…



Maison had spoken to Meghan about which photos to send to his mom, never intending to send the one he did.

It seemed to have happened by accident, and he was flooded with embarrassment when he noticed the red rope. As much as he was waiting for his mom’s reply, Meghan was waiting in anticipation, too.

How She Was Raised


Meghan had learned from her parents that it was important to be authentic, so she was open about what she liked and didn’t like. She was able to tell them everything because of it.

She had learned to love every part of herself, even the parts others didn’t like. Eventually, she learned to love the most intimate parts of herself and felt free doing it. But perhaps she should have kept some of them hidden.

Expecting The Same


Meghan learned that her likes and dislikes were normal, even regarding what she did in the bedroom. She was grateful that Maison loved how adventurous she was.

The people closest to her knew she was outgoing, but that didn’t mean she paraded it around. She had grown accustomed to being able to tell her parents everything, so it was no surprise when she expected it to be the same with her boyfriend’s mom.

Looking Up To Her


Meaghan had heard a lot about Mrs. Vallance from Maison. She heard how much he looked up to her and learned that despite how strict she was, she loved her son dearly.

They hadn’t been together for very long, but Meghan loved the idea of having a mother-in-law. She was looking forward to meeting Maison’s mother, never thinking she wouldn't be received the same enthusiasm.