Nurse Calls Transgender Man 'Mom,' So He Gets Back At Her
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Nurse Calls Transgender Man 'Mom,' So He Gets Back At Her

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Los Angeles resident Bennet Kaspar-Williams first came to the realization that he was trans in his early twenties, which was ten years ago.

After his realization, he began the transitioning process three years later. This change was inspired by a remarkable event that reminded him of the importance of being truthful to himself. He realized it was time to break free from all the stereotypes that held him back in life.

His Inspiration

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Love is a great way to induce change, which is exactly what happened to Bennett. His husband, Malik, inspired him to start his transition.

Malik taught him that it was possible to be exactly who he wanted to be without any guilt or regrets. He deserved to live a life filled with love and happiness.

He Was Ready

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There was not a doubt in Bennett’s mind - he wanted nothing more than to start a family with Malik. Due to this, he was prepared to begin his transition, no matter what.

At least, that is what he believed. He had no idea that what was ahead would not be down a path lined with roses.

A Liberating Experience

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Bennett had his breasts surgically removed in the summer of 2015, two years after starting hormone therapy, at a cost of $5000. Nevertheless, it was all worthwhile.

He claims that it was only after the procedure that he realized how dissatisfied he was with having female breasts, and the entire experience was incredibly freeing.

Finding Himself

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Bennett said he felt compelled to take action because of this. After starting the transition, Bennett felt liberated. He had discovered love, and now he had, at last, discovered himself.

Having hidden his true self for a lifetime out of fear of what others might say, he now had the assurance that there would always be someone who loved him for who he was.


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Bennett adamantly denies ever harboring the kind of self-hatred that occasionally affects transgender people who have female breasts. He never experienced and still doesn't experience body dysphoria.

However, the overarching theme of the entire experience is how he could never have imagined the relief he would feel upon discovering they were gone.

Concluding The Process

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He experienced it as the removal of a tremendous burden. Additionally, he stated that his lower half was off the table and that his breast removal marked the conclusion of his medical journey toward transitioning.

He felt free, and the operation served as a kind of affirmation that he could go on living his life as the person he had always known he was.

The Natural Path

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Before deciding to go the natural path, the couple started thinking about their possibilities and wanted to raise a family. Bennett was forced to stop taking his treatment for testosterone.

This allowed the ovaries in Bennett's body to work. While Bennett had some reservations about it, it was an essential step. In all honesty, he wasn't entirely certain.

Trusting The Process

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It was not easy for Bennet to decide whether to become pregnant and give birth. Although he was aware that there was a chance his body could become pregnant, he struggled with the idea for some time.

But that changed when he eventually realized that gender stereotypes had nothing to do with how his body worked.

Confident In Himself

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Bennett asserts that the act of wanting to get pregnant, succeeding, and ultimately becoming pregnant did not present any difficulties for him in terms of his gender identity.

There was one thing, though, that bothered him: the way that medical personnel had consistently presumed his gender. This would quickly become a huge problem for him.

Destroying Stereotypes

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Bennett says once he learned to think of his body as a tool and not a collection of gendered stereotypes, he realized that he could be both the person he wanted to be and be able to bring a child into the world.

However, unfortunately, not many people understood that properly. And more than once, Bennett came across some people who kept proving their own ignorance.

Pregnancy Blues

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Since Bennett decided to take that leap to conceive naturally, the rest was up to his body to do what needed to be done.

He says that no one could ever really know whether having children is possible until you try. However, it was his dream to have a baby, and he was willing to go all the way with it.

By Any Means


Being born with a uterus does not give you the certainty that you will be able to conceive or carry a baby full-term. He continued by saying that none of these things are universally true.

However, he wasn’t willing to give up. He wanted to give it a shot and try to conceive by any means necessary.


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Bennett found out he was pregnant in March 2020 after falling pregnant naturally without any medical intervention other than coming off hormones.

He says they expected the process to take longer than it did; however, everything happened quicker than planned. He was absolutely ecstatic when he heard the news. Still, there was a long and potentially difficult process ahead of him.

Over The Moon

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The couple was over the moon about the soon-to-be new addition to the family. However, 2020 was when the world was also overwhelmed by not only a pandemic but also by lockdown and isolation.

Due to this, his high spirits were sometimes replaced by anxiety and anguish about how he would keep himself and the baby safe.