Gut Tells Mom Not To Approach Moving Trash Bag, Runs Back To Car After Opening It

Gut Tells Mom Not To Approach Moving Trash Bag, Runs Back To Car After Opening It

Johan Brown

The Bag Was Moving

The trash bag was inching closer and closer to the road, slowly moving along the concrete. She slowly stepped on her car’s brakes and frowned. She couldn’t tell if her illness was making her see things or if the bag was really moving.

Her car was barely moving as she stuck her head out of the window to get a better view. That’s when she was it very clearly.

She Was Sick

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When Lizzie decided to make her way home that afternoon, her intentions were to spend the remainder of the day far away from the hassle of work.

She’d been ill all week, but she decided to work through it, and now she just couldn’t wait to get home and relax. She had no idea that the drive home would change her life forever.

Single Mom


Lizzie Happy was just like any other thirty-five-year-old mom. Living in Denver, Colorado, she was a single parent that wanted the best for her little family. She lived a happy life with her two, young daughters, Nancy and Tina.

They lived quiet lives as Lizzie was a librarian and both of her daughters were under the age of five. But what was about to happen would put their lives in the spotlight.

Quiet Lives


Lizzie had been a librarian for over a decade at this point. She liked her work. She was glad that her occupation was as laid back as her personal life.

Every morning, she would clock in early and then clock back out in the evening. But one week, Lizzie, unfortunately, came down with a horrible cold that would change her daily routine.

She Kept Going

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The week started off great until Lizzie began coughing. Before long, she was struggling with a stuffy nose and a sore throat. Then her joints began aching and burning, her head pounding.

She was very sick, but she didn’t let that stop her. She refused to shun her responsibilities as a mom and provider. Every day, she got her two girls ready for school, had her sister drive them, and then headed to work. But then everything started falling apart.

Taking The Day Off

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At first, she was battling fatigue and insistent coughing, but soon after came the muscle aches. Lizzie’s boss could tell that she was under the weather and told her that it was best for her to go home and rest.

At one in the afternoon, Lizzie decided that it was a good idea to take her boss up on the offer. But she had no idea what she would see on her way home.

Driving Home

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Lizzie got herself and all of her things into her car and began the long drive home. She was excited to hop into bed and sleep for the rest of the day. She decided to take a different route home, wanting to avoid the worst traffic.

She was pleased to see that the road ahead was clear as she cruised as carefully as possible. But when she reached the open road, she saw something that made her frown.

The Trash Bag


The black trash bag on the side of the road quickly caught her attention. She leaned forward in her seat, trying to get a better look. She wondered why anyone would throw their trash out on the empty roads.

At first, she didn’t think much of it, noting that she was simply looking at a trash bag. But as she got closer to it, she noticed something odd about the bag.

It Was Moving

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The bag was moving, but it wasn’t just drifting in the wind, it was vigorously shambling all over the road. Lizzie slowly started hitting the brakes. She couldn’t tell if she was seeing things or if the bag was actually moving.

Her car was barely moving as she stuck her head out of the window to get a better view. That’s when she was it very clearly.

Something Was Stuck

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She quickly concluded that a creature must’ve been stuck in the bag. It was jumping around, making sounds she had never heard before in her life. But it continued moving across the road.

She didn’t know what to do, so she quickly pulled out her phone and started recording the incident. She was curious, wanting to step out of her car and investigate. But she was also unsure and scared of getting too close, which kept her in the car.

Stepping Up


A minute passed, and Lizzie knew she couldn't stay in the car anymore. She threw her door open with her phone recording and carefully took her steps toward the moving trash bag.

Out of the car, she could hear growls and snarls emanating from the black polythene bag. At first, she was scared, but then the snarls became whining and crying. She couldn't step away now.

Unwrapping The Bag

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Lizzie took a deep breath and stepped near the bag. She inched closer and gently poked it with her phone. Whatever was inside whined, the sound telling her that the animal was in distress.

Throwing all caution to the wind, Lizzie unwrapped the bag as fast as possible, her mouth hung open when she saw what awaited her inside.

The Worst

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She'd thought the worst when she first saw the trash bag move. Her imagination told her a giant snake was waiting for her inside. But even then, she couldn’t leave the poor animal trapped inside the bag.

She neared and opened the bag as quickly as possible and then jumped back, but what came out made her inch closer as her lips curled.

A Good Boy

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"A puppy," Lizzie whispered, beckoning the tiny fella to her. The pup ran to her and licked her hands while wagging her tail. Lizzie helped it into the car while her phone kept recording and drove away.

She sent out a notice on her social media about the dog as soon as she got home. As an animal lover, she couldn't imagine someone doing something like this.

No Tag

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The puppy had a collar on, but he didn’t have a tag. Lizzie knew he had been someone’s pet, but how had he ended up in a trash bag on the side of the road?

Had he been stolen or intentionally dumped by his owners? Her heart sank as she thought about how cruel and heartless people could be. She shared his photo on Facebook in hopes that his owner would come forward.