Elevator Security Cameras Got More Than Expected
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Elevator Security Cameras Got More Than Expected

Johan Brown

What activities do you engage in when riding an elevator? Are you pacing while you wait for the doors to open? Do you hit the same button over and over in the vain hope that it will suddenly make the journey go faster?

Well, some individuals truly do engage in some odd behavior when waiting in elevators. Here are 15 uncomfortable moments captured by elevator cameras, ranging from dancing performances to passionate and sensuous kissing.

Teaching Him A Lesson

Viral / YouTube

We expect strangers to be composed and collected when we enter an elevator with them. We don't anticipate them messing with the doors and pressing every button like a full-fledged youngster.

In full karate mode, she body-slammed the childish man to the floor after being caught in an elevator with him! There is no messing with this woman!


Daily Mai

You know how being in love can drive you to do some really crazy things? However, can graffiti be considered a romantic gesture?

This girl was obviously not hesitant to express her love for the important person in her life. She wrote enormous love hearts on the walls of her boyfriend's elevator using a bright red Sharpie. She caused a stir in his apartment building, and the next day she was forced to clean up her sloppy act.

Stress Release

ABC News / YouTube

Right, life can be fairly demanding at times. Sometimes all we truly need to shake off the worries of daily life is to get up and dance. And you'd be astonished to learn that even police officers, who are among the most serious individuals, enjoy dancing when no one is looking.

As evidenced by the fact that he is performing dances a la your favorite pop star, this cop obviously didn't realize the CCTV camera was on.

No Control

Reddit - atomicdragon136

You anticipate your favorite fast-food takeout pizza to be delicious, hot, and fresh every time you order one, right? You don't anticipate cheese and component chunks to be absent.

You see, the pizza delivery man was obviously unable to control his hunger and desire for the mouthwatering pizza in front of him. Therefore, the next time you order pizza, double-check it before cutting into it. You never know whose soiled fingers may have gone over it.

Winding Down

ABC News / YouTube

What do you think a group of police officers will do when their shift is over? G o to their neighborhood tavern and have a few drinks? Relax at home with a beer? What about performing a dance that would fit in well in a big-budget Hollywood musical?

On a Friday afternoon, these New Zealand police officers were certainly relieved to conclude their shift. The gang of officers then broke into a freestyle dancing routine after entering the elevator!

Making Up

Youtube - Wissenswert

They claim that maintaining passion in a relationship is essential in order to keep the flame burning. Well, it's obvious that the passion in this couple's relationship is not a problem.

If they had recently had a heated argument or if they had recently reconnected after a long separation? In any case, it's fortunate that only they were inside. In that elevator, we'd hate to be the third wheel.

A Mysterious Note

Youtube - Wissenswert

... It appears, however, that the woman in the footage pushes the man away before things escalate. Her next move was to place a note in the hand of the man and then sidle up to him.

Who knows what was written on the paper, but the man appeared to be very satisfied with himself as the woman left him behind and exited the elevator.

Who Let The Dogs Out

Tiktok - CTV News

Nowadays, most companies and enterprises allow their employees to bring their cherished dogs to work. However, this woman would later regret it.

As you can see, the unfortunate dog was stranded since the lift door had caught its harness. Thanks to a bystander's quick thinking, the pug avoided what might have been a very unpleasant outcome.

A Scary Experience

RA Video / YouTube

Imagine that you have just entered the elevator, eager to begin another workday. After clicking the button, you see the lift ascending quickly afterward. The elevator starts to squeak when the power goes off. As your body is pumped full of adrenaline, you can feel terror and fear sweep over you. You realize you're at the top of the skyscraper as you let out a scream. Pretty spooky, huh?

Thankfully, the Coca-Cola boys' playful joke turned out to be the source of this terrifying event.

Blocking Your Exit


Imagine getting stuck in an elevator for 2 hours. It would be a long and grueling experience, right? Well, what about if, when the door finally opens, you see a concrete wall blocking your exit? That’d freak you out even more.

Well, one of the guys trapped in the elevator decided to act fast, and within minutes he punched a hole in the wall so he could climb through. This daredevil clearly had no fears as he squeezed himself into the hole. Thankfully, he managed to get out and get help.

Falling Down

Youtube - Willskiwill

Imagine setting foot in the elevator, pressing the button, and waiting to go up. Then suddenly, the floor disappears, and you plummet into a black hole. Scary, right?

Thankfully this was just a prank by a media company in Japan. With this outrageous prank, after falling through the floor, you then get covered in slime and ride a slide down to a soft landing. Not so scary after all. In fact, it sounds kind of fun!


Youtube - MAXTV

In this footage, we see a man and a woman alone in an elevator. When the elevator reaches its floor and the doors open, the woman follows the man out.

What is strange about this footage is that she reappears a few minutes later and gets back into the elevator…

Dry Your Eyes

Youtube - MAXTV

We’re not sure why the woman is upset, but she’s sure not afraid to show it. She begins to cry as she re-enters the elevator alone.

Maybe he had to go to work? Or maybe he was her boyfriend and was leaving her? Either way, this woman was crying from floors 1 - 25, and that’s a lot of tears!

Officially Trapped

Youtube - Galasia

After stepping out of the office on a Friday evening for some fresh air, this guy pressed a button in the elevator and waited to be taken downstairs. But then suddenly, he realized it was stuck; none of the buttons were working. He reached for his phone to call for help, but then he realized his phone was back in his office. He was officially trapped.

41 hours later and this guy had been trapped in the elevator and going out of his mind. He didn’t even have any food or drink, so things weren’t looking too good. Thankfully, when the following week arrived, this guy was safely rescued. That’ll teach him to leave without his phone!