Neighbor Spots Woman Exiting Delivery Man's Car
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Neighbor Spots Woman Exiting Delivery Man's Car

Johan Brown

Recording It

She grabbed her phone and quickly hit record. But she never expected that the video she was taking would take such a drastic turn.

She couldn’t believe her eyes as she watched a woman hop out of the back of the delivery truck. What could she possibly be doing in there? And why was she wearing a black mini-dress? This had to be against the company’s policy!

Self-Care Day

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Jenny Jackson was enjoying a quiet morning at home. She was sitting by her bedroom window, tightly wrapped in a blanket as she scrolled through social media applications.

She had taken the day off work to have a self-care day. You see, Jenny worked for a tech company and she was busy managing a huge project. She needed the day to rest and destress.

Her Neighborhood

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Jenny loved the neighborhood she lived in, in Miami, Florida. Her neighbors were constantly changing, so she didn’t really know many of them. To be honest, no one in the neighborhood really knew their neighbors all that well. Everyone tended to stay out of each other’s business.

But this all changed one day after Jenny caught a neighbor doing the unthinkable.

Social Media Following

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Although she had a career in tech, Jenny also spent her time building a social media following. She was an avid TikTokker, and she loved nothing more than watching and creating fun and interesting videos.

Her wildest dream was to become an influencer, but she would never admit that to anyone. She wanted to promote brands and create affiliations with comedy so that she could pay her way through life on her own terms. She just needed one of her videos to go viral.

Another Delivery

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When she sat down by her window, she looked outside and spotted another Amazon delivery van driving into the neighborhood.

As usual, the van stopped at the house just opposite her. Amazon vans would who up there so often, Jenny wondered if this particular neighbor had an intense shopping addiction. Jenny simply decided to do what she did best.

Her Intentions

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She grabbed her phone and started recording. Her plan was to make a funny video about her neighbor receiving yet another delivery.

She thought she might record something mildly entertaining, but little did she know that nothing would go according to plan. Her video was about to take a drastic turn.

Taking Long


She kept filming, but then she realized that something was very wrong. The driver was sitting still, not getting out of the van to deliver the package. She wondered aloud why he was taking so long to drop off the goods.

Her commentary was hilarious, and it made the video so much more entertaining. But just as she planned to stop filming, she saw something that would surprise the entire world.

The Woman

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She watched as the back of the Amazon van opened, just then, a woman wearing a black mini-dress came sneaking out from behind the door.

The Amazon driver was holding the door open for her. Now, in any other circumstances, you’d think he was being a perfect gentleman for doing so, but in this case, it was quite strange and a little eyebrow-raising.

Posting The Video

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Jenny was so surprised. She couldn’t believe what she getting on camera. She squealed in the background, joking, “Oh my god. What in the world am I bearing witness to? I’m pretty sure this has to be against company policy, right?”

She decided to post the video to her social media, and it quickly blew up, but for all the wrong reasons.



She filmed as the woman got out of the Amazon delivery van and walked back into her house nearby. Her feet were bare as she looked down at her phone, texting away.

As soon as people on the internet saw her attire, as well as her suspicious mode of transport and the unusual behavior of her and the driver, racy speculation sparked.  But the truth was far from these theories.

Going Viral


Needless to say, Jenny’s video spread like wildfire. Her video hit social media platforms and news channels all around America. It put Amazon under intense scrutiny on the code of conduct at their services.

And it wasn’t long before the driver was fired. But what actually happened? Suddenly, there was a knock at Jenny’s door.

Unexpected Visit

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Jenny opened the door to find the woman she filmed getting out of the Amazon van. She figured out that it was Jenny who secretly filmed her and published it online without her knowledge or permission.

She was visibly upset. Suddenly, Jenny felt awful. She never meant for anyone to get hurt but what the woman said next surprised her.


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The woman told Jenny that she wished she handled the situation better and kept her privacy intact. She also wanted to explain to her what really happened that morning.

She was walking home in the early hours of the morning from a night out in the town and had lost her wallet. The driver saw her walking alone in the cold weather and took pity on her.

Lift Offered

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He offered her a lift to which she at first refused. However, she was desperate and soon accepted his offer. That was all there was to it.

The driver was also adamant that nothing more happened. However, he did violate company policy by taking her in. But were the two really telling the truth? Did nothing happen?

Public Statement


A rep for Amazon publicly stated that "This does not reflect the high standards we have for our Delivery Service Partners and their drivers.

Allowing unauthorized passengers to enter delivery vehicles is a violation of Amazon policy, and the driver is no longer delivering packages to Amazon customers.” But social media had been whipped up into a frenzy.