Neighbor Won't Stop Using Yard, Woman Calls The Cops
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Neighbor Won't Stop Using Yard, Woman Calls The Cops

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Years have been spent creating it. They were ultimately able to take action against the nasty individual after multiple calls to the police and a lot of turmoil brought on by retribution. Finally they would be free from it all.

She rang the doorbell, grinned broadly, and then handed over the paper that would alter things for good.

Everything they could have hoped for

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For years, the Swansons had been saving for their ideal house in Hawaii. For as long as they could remember, it had been their dream.

Due to frugal living and a little bit of luck in the market, they ultimately rented a magnificent, 5-bedroom paradise with a sizable lawn and an oceanfront dock. Everything seemed well until she met the neighbor.

The First Occasion

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Emily and her spouse experienced the first outburst as they were busy throwing away an old playground.

They were wrong to steal her kids' toys, shouted Tanya, a powerful lady with an unhealthy affinity for terrible t-shirts and leopard print. While keeping her temper under control, Emily gently reminded her of two very important points.


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The set was initially on their land, and the landlord of both duplexes gave permission for its removal.

Secondly, she mentioned that the kids might stay and play there as long as they were respectful of other people's property because she knew where the property line was. Emily had already begun to feel intense hatred toward the woman. However, she heard loud music just a week later.

Pushing the Limits

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The "kids can play" invitation had been construed by Leopard Lady as an open invitation to have a sizable family event that took up the entire yard.

Emily raged when they were firmly advised to stay inside since it was a "friends and family only" get-together. The stunning surprise that followed made Emily even angrier.

The entire building

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Emily and her husband were hiding in their living room from the commotion when one of the drunken uninvited guests from Leopard Lady's party came in.

She told the stumbling man that her neighbor's house was on the opposite side of the land. He stated that Tanya "claimed she owned the entire property and to use any restroom." "Um... What?" Emily screamed in disbelief. But soon after, her neighbor would come in with a nasty look on her face.

Something Nasty To Say

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In a flurry of flashy leopard print and cheap perfume, Emily's neighbor came in, ranting at Emily for making her look bad in front of her visitors and how thoughtless Emily was to not let her guest use the restroom.

Tanya went on to berate Emily and her husband, saying they didn't merit having so much privacy. Emily was at her breaking point with this disrespect. It was clear what she should do next.

Taking Charge of the Situation

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It was time to punish Tanya as much as she deserved. Also, since they would be spending money anyhow, why not remodel the patio, put in a fireplace, and build an outdoor kitchen?

The thigs were of great quality, despite the exorbitant price. But her neighbor wouldn't take this lying down. She'd stomp up to the construction team and do the unthinkable.

Adding Enhancements

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Emily decided to tell her about the renovations when she asked furiously, "What's going on here?" When Tanya found out about the improvements to the yard, her eyes lit up with anger.

As that awful woman was getting ready for her planned party in the "shared" yard, Emily left with a broad smile plastered across her face.

Setting Up A Fence

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As Emily sipped her morning coffee, she watched the construction workers joyfully erect a fence. She could hear her neighbor shouting through what was otherwise a peaceful Saturday morning.

Tanya objected angrily to the new fence. She rolled her eyes at her spouse. The conflict that wasn't so passively hostile had started. Then Billy entered the scene.


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Billy was Tanya’s boyfriend. He immediately threw his cigarette butts and beer cans over the fence and into Emily’s yard for “disrespecting his woman.”

He and Tanya became true neighbors from hell, having loud arguments and parties at all hours of the night. Billy was obviously on Tanya’s side about the fence fiasco. And Billy also had a boat.

Trouble Brewing

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It was a 30-inch fishing boat, to be precise. Only Tanya’s side of the property was only allocated 15 inches of dockage. Emily’s side of the property, the larger and more expensive side of the duplex, was blessed with around 150 inches of docking space.

To make some extra money, Emily and her husband would rent the extra docking spaces that they didn’t need on a month-to-month basis, and renters would tie up their boats on their property line. So, what did Billy and Tanya decide to do?

Something Fishy

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One day, Emily was perplexed to find that someone had left a nasty review for her on the site that they used to rent out the docking spaces.

The disgruntled customer said that Emily and her husband were rude and had not honored a verbal agreement to let them use the space for three more months. After a phone call, Emily quickly put two and two together.

Calling The Cops

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Emily was furious. The couple had posed as her and her husband while they were out of town, had rudely told the renter to remove their boat, and had audaciously parked Billy’s fishing boat in the space!

Unbelievable! Emily wasted no time. Now it was her turn to call the cops. The situation was getting well out of hand.


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The cops ordered Tanya and Billy to move the boat immediately, or it would be “towed.” Tanya and Billy began to scream that the boat was on their property and that Emily was a liar.

Then, they switched tack and screamed that nobody “could own the water.” After this final incident, Emily vowed to get payback… and she didn’t care if it took years to get it.