Neighbor Won’t Turn Down Music, Woman Bakes Him A Special Cake
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Neighbor Won’t Turn Down Music, Woman Bakes Him A Special Cake

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The man's hungry eyes brightened at the sight of the note, and he didn't even seem to notice the note she had left. He took the letter and cake from her but not before telling her that if she didn't like his loud music, she should move away.

Jennifer bristled with anger, but she knew she would have the last laugh after he finished her "special" cake.

A Calm Environment

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When Jennifer Garvey grew tired of the hassle of the big city, she decided to settle in a charming and safe neighborhood. In the city, it had been a challenge to put her son, James, to bed every night. She was hoping the quieter area would help with that.

Jennifer was a single mother and did her best to raise her son with her limited income. Her new neighbor would do nothing to make her situation easier.

A Tough Divorce

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She was excited to move to the suburbs, but she knew she didn't have the means to buy her own house. So, she rented a small house for her and her son. Her divorce had been hard on her; she couldn't even imagine how James must be feeling.

She tried to be strong for her son no matter how hard life got. He was the only thing she cared for in this world.

New Neighbors

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Jennifer was thrilled by the idea of meeting new people and introducing herself to her neighbors. However, her job and unpacking boxes kept her busy after moving in. She didn't even get time to bake a cake for her neighbors like she usually would!

She made a note to bake a cake as soon as possible, but little did she know the next time she made a cake, it would go differently than she expected.

Who Is He?

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One day, Jennifer spotted her neighbor coming home. A few minutes later, he started blaring loud music, and Jennifer instantly regretted not introducing herself sooner. Now she had no idea who this man was. Was he a quiet bachelor? Or a party animal?

She would find out soon enough. Her answers, however, would leave her frustrated.

Late Night Tunes

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She listened to the music flowing from her neighbor's house as she made dinner and packed her stuff for the next day. She didn't mind it until it came time to put her son to bed at 8:00 pm, and the music was still blasting.

But eventually, it died down, and she and her son were able to get some sleep. She hoped that this would be a rare incident.

Not Again

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Jennifer completely forgot about the incident after two days of peace. But that very afternoon, the music started up again. She prayed it would stop before the time came to sleep.

Then she noticed the throng of people making their way into his house. Was he throwing a party in the middle of the week?

Party All Night

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The man's total disregard for his neighbors left Jennifer dumbfounded. She didn't mind when people got together and celebrated, just as long as it didn't include loud music or crowds.

To Jennifer's dismay, the party only grew more out of control as the night went on. They continued their rave until almost 4 am. Jennifer sat up the whole night, listening to the music seeping through her walls and planning her revenge.

Getting Revenge

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The following day Jennifer decided to bake her neighbor a cake despite her lack of sleep.

She had made it special just for him and attached the note she had typed earlier that morning. She couldn't wait for her neighbor to take a bite so she could finally win the game.

Composing Herself

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She grabbed the cake and note before stomping right up to her neighbor's door. As she rang the bell, she imagined smashing the cake into the face of the person who opened the door. She pushed the thought away and composed herself.

She gave the man a sweet smile as he opened the door. On the inside, her sweetness was replaced with the bitter satisfaction of what was hiding in the cake.

Trying To Talk

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The man's ravenous eyes flashed at the sight of the delicious cake. He didn't seem to care much about the letter, though. He snatched the cake and note from her hands and then told her that she should find another place to live if she didn't like the loud music he was playing.

Jennifer's blood boiled, but she forced herself to stay calm. She knew she would come out on top after he ate some of her "special" cake.

How She Made It

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Jennifer smiled as she stepped back into her house. She knew she could expect silence from him for the rest of the night. She had made the cake from a cake mix she found in the cupboard upon moving there. It was way past its expiration date, and she even found some moths while making it.

The cake wouldn't cause him serious damage, but it would leave him stuck to the toilet for the rest of the night.

A Back-Up Plan

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She feared this wouldn't stop his inconsiderate behavior, so she formulated another plan for the next time her neighbor decided to be loud.

If her neighbor ever kept her up with his late-night parties again, she would make a phone call that would end it once and for all. He would never see it coming.

He Was Spiteful

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Jennifer enjoyed two days of silence before the loud music started again. She knew he was doing it to make her angry, but she had a backup plan, and he would never know what hit him.

She smiled smugly as she dialed a number on her phone, and minutes later, she heard the police sirens outside his house.

Police Came Knocking

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Jennifer had called the police and reported a classic noise complaint. She knew there was no way the man could beat that. She peered out her window and watched as the man tried to explain himself. He stammered out lousy excuses and explanations.

After the police visited him that night, he didn't dare play music past 7:00 pm again. Jennifer wasn't bothered by the man ever again. Her revenge would go down in the neighborhood's history.