Old Woman Gets Thrown Out Of Restaurant, Then She Leaves A Note Behind
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Old Woman Gets Thrown Out Of Restaurant, Then She Leaves A Note Behind

Johan Brown

88-year-old Mary Johnson loved nothing more than eating at her favorite local restaurant. She always sat by a table next to the window, admiring the view.

Just like every other day, Mary ordered their specials and sat by herself while she ate. This was the highlight of her day. But one night, the restaurant manager decided to kick her out. Little did he know that he would regret his decision after he discovered who she was and why she acted so strange.

An Active Woman

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Mary was a rather active 88-year-old woman. Whenever she could, she would go out and visit her friends, and she always stayed in touch with her entire family.

But there was nothing she enjoyed more than going to one of the local restaurants. She had been frequenting it for nearly three decades with her loving husband. But one day, she received some news that made her realize that she could no longer keep her usual routine.

Her Husband

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She didn’t always go on her own. When the restaurant first opened, she and her husband decided to visit it, and soon, they became regulars. It was the venue they chose for their 30th wedding anniversary, and that night, they danced until late into the night.

But just a year later, her husband sadly passed away from an illness, and she was left all on her own. This was the worst time of Mary’s life, and soon, she became a shadow of her once, happy self. She barely left her house, she refused visitors, and she ate very little. Her friends and family were worried.

Something Was Wrong

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As a regular at the restaurant, the staff absolutely adored her. They were always charmed by her and her big smile. She was a bright ray of sunshine, and she always had something nice to say to her server.

But one day, she showed up at the restaurant, visibly nervous. She ate in complete silence, and when she was done, she quietly got up and left without paying the bill. Her server couldn’t help but wonder what was going on. He noticed she had left once it was too late to run after her and ask her to pay, but he wasn’t worried. He knew she would return soon. But he had no idea that he was about to make a shocking discovery.

A Letter From The Restaurant

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Mary was doing terribly until one day when she received a letter. It was from her favorite restaurant. It said that they noticed her absence and that they were offering her a free meal. They had no idea, but this was exactly what she needed to get past her grief.

With some hesitation, Mary took a bold step and went to the restaurant on her own. In the span of three months, a lot had changed for Mary, but she was happy to see that the restaurant was still the same. She loved its friendly atmosphere and the inviting aroma from the kitchen. But something was wrong, and the staff would soon realize what it was.

The Restaurant Owner

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She sat at her usual window seat when the restaurant owner came to check on her, assuring her that he was there for her. He was also old and had his fair share of experience when it came to loss. Mary had known him for three decades by now, she considered him a friend.

That evening was wonderful and it started a new chapter in Mary’s life. She slowly but surely returned to her old, bubbly self and began frequenting the restaurant on a daily basis.

The Call

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A week before, she had gone for some routine medical tests, and she had been waiting for the results. But one day, she finally received a call from the hospital with the test results. She was beyond nervous, she had no idea what to expect.

That day, the doctor told Mary that she had blood cancer, and it felt like a knife had pierced her heart. She couldn’t believe this. She asked how long she had left, and the doctor told her that the cancer was in its final stages. She had six months to one year left. The news completely crushed her.

One Thing Changed

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That was when Mary had a three-month period where everything changed and she stopped going to the restaurant. But everything seemed the same in the restaurant that once helped her in her time of great sorrow.

However, the restaurant did experience one change. A new manager began working there. He was strict with the staff and had no idea about Mary's history with the establishment. This would cause an unexpected turn of events.

Everything Changed

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The new manager always seemed to be harsh to staff, and he relentlessly criticized them. It was like he refused to see them happy and relaxed. He made it a harsh environment for everyone involved.

Soon, the atmosphere in the restaurant became somber and regular customers stopped coming as much as they used to. The staff used to be so happy, but now they always seemed to frown.

Doctor’s Visit

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Mary decided to visit her doctor, she wanted to discuss her options in more detail. As soon as her appointment was over, she headed for the restaurant, desperate to chase her bad thoughts away. She took her usual seat and the staff quickly brought in the day's specials.

She tried to make small talk with the waiter, but the manager was keeping a close eye on the staff, so the waiter quickly left her table. The new manager had heard the team speak of Mary before, they always had nice things to say about her, and he wanted to meet her finally. But it wasn't because he thought she was a wonderful person.

The Real Reason

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The manager wanted to see Mary because her unpaid bill was still on the bulletin board, surrounded by hearts and kind words. The staff never asked the old woman to pay it in the end.

The manager approached the old woman and said the restaurant only accepted paying customers. He told her, "it doesn't matter how nice everyone thinks you are. We are not a charity." And he asked her to leave, not knowing what he actually did.

A Note

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At that moment, Mary took out a pen and a piece of paper and wrote on it, then placed the note on the table and left without saying a word.

While the server cleared the table, he saw the note the 88-year-old woman had left behind in the black folder. Curious, the waiter opened the note. He screamed when he saw what Mary had written. What did he just read? Mary's words would change everything for the restaurant.

A Final Message

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The note Mary left behind was addressed to the restaurant staff, saying, "I've loved coming to this restaurant for over 30 years. I've seen your establishment change everything. Staff left, and new ones came in."

"Even the menu changed a dozen times, but I've always been here. I had such a great time here. Even in bad times, you always supported me." It was a final message from the old lady to the staff of her favorite restaurant.

A Legacy

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Mary continued, "now that I am old and I'll pass away soon, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you by leaving a sufficient sum of money for you."

Written at the bottom with a pen was the request that the manager won't get a penny from her money and that she would report him to the owner. Turning the note, the waiter saw the ridiculous amount of 462.1 million bequeathed to the restaurant from the old woman.

An Old Client's Request

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The waiter couldn't believe his eyes and handed the note to the owner. He burst into tears as Mary and her dear husband had been like family to him for over 30 years, and he knew he wouldn't see her again.

Then after a brief phone call with Mary, the manager was immediately fired. But that wasn't the only instance where a restaurant worker collided with a long-time customer. A similar case took place a few miles from the restaurant.