40 People Are Sharing Their Unusual Body Parts That’ll Pique Your Curiosity
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40 People Are Sharing Their Unusual Body Parts That’ll Pique Your Curiosity

Johan Brown

Because of our personalities or physical characteristics, we are all distinctive. Having said that, some people have extra unique physical characteristics that can attract some attention. Even famous people enjoy posting pictures of their distinctive bodily features.

This has become very easy thanks to the internet, and we have gathered some excellent instances of strange body parts. We anticipated that you would share our enthusiasm. These peculiar bodily features, such as an off-center pupil and elastic neck skin, will spark your interest.

Skeletal Disorder

Reddit - u/Gawdfree

Skeletal disorders can affect the skeletal system in many ways. A medical condition called Holt-Oram causes you to have certain bones missing in your extremities. In this case, the person hoped to demonstrate how this syndrome affected them.

Because the rest of their bones weren't formed during birth, they only have three fingers. Doesn't this seem challenging to you?

An Extended Finger

Reddit - u/Surgeox

The triphalangeal thumb is characterized by three phalanges on your thumb. Despite differences in size, the thumb will appear similar to the rest of the hand's fingers.

Having an extended finger is not a pleasant experience for this person. They seem to be getting along pretty well, though holding things or maneuvering might not be easy.

Unique Scar

Reddit - u/Spikenws

It's actually very easy to damage our eyes since they're very sensitive. Our safety concerns when it comes to them prevent us from thinking about it. The scar on this guy, however, is pretty unique.

It's kind of weird, and I'm sure they're pretty tired of showing it whenever the topic arises. The scar just makes us wonder if it affects their vision in any way.

An Unusual Birthmark

Reddit - u/naevus_flammeus

It is not uncommon for children to be born with birthmarks. A small, hard-to-see one might be hard to spot, while a large, obvious one might be easier to see. In this case, this person ended up with port-wine stains. The color of this birthmark darkens with age.

One is on her hands in this case. The most common perception of it is that it is unusual. In addition, it seems like finding matching clothing would be difficult.

Funny Feet

Reddit - u/flag_flag-fla

Our feet's structure was substantially different from what it is today throughout the prehistoric period. However, occasionally humans develop foot structures that give them a recognizable caveman appearance.

Except for the pinky, all of this guy's toes are the same size. Since it provides him with a square foot, it must be challenging to get comfortable shoes. They generally have an odd appearance, too.

More Than One

Reddit - u/Miaaaou

Everyone is aware that there should only be one pupil visible when looking at an eye. On the other hand, some individuals are born with mutations that result in numerous pupils. It is relatively uncommon and is known as polycoria.

We wonder if they can see separately with each pupil. Most people, though, find more than one pupil useless, which seems like a waste of unusual body parts to us.

Different Colors

Reddit - u/JustAnOod

Rarely does someone have this bizarre syndrome, which gives them two sets of oddly colored eyes. It is believed that it results from a simple genetic misalignment during the development of your eyes. Even so, it undoubtedly provides the wearer with a distinctive appearance.

This can be passed on; thus, it's possible that this young woman will give birth to a child who also has the same syndrome. They will at least be able to identify their mother!

Extra Limbs

eddit - u/MrsGrover10816

Polydactyly syndrome is characterized by extra fingers and toes (sometimes both). When it comes to things like writing and walking, having extra fingers and toes can make life quite difficult for the child.

It's not uncommon to see kids with this condition, as you can see in the picture. Whether some parents decide to remove the extra digits is unclear. That must be painful.

Fused Together

Reddit - u/TangledWebbed

In reality, webbed toes are quite typical. This ailment is present in some celebrities, including Ashton Kutcher. When two of your toes are fused together, this occurs. This usually occurs between the second and third toes.

Although it makes for an odd body part, this one seems to be a little less odd than many of the numerous other ailments that people are reporting online. Do you not agree?

Miss Universe

Facebook - Evita Delmundo

Beauty is so much more than your outward appearance, and this young woman from Malaysia proves it. Evita Delmundo has Giant Melanocytic Nevus. This condition causes the person to have moles of varying sizes all over their body.

This young woman stood up to her bullies and eventually became Miss Malaysia. She even competed for the Miss Universe title. That is amazing and such a great example for other young women who are a little different!


Reddit - u/Sorranne

There are tons of people who purchase contact lenses to change their eye color. But, for those who deal with albinism, there is no need to worry about such trifles. These individuals have a genetic syndrome that leaves them with light skin, hair, and eyes.

This person has an unusual look, but they are also able to stand out. They might have to deal with eyesight problems, but that’s just one thing.

Waardenburg Syndrome

Reddit - u/Cohacq

This is not just one issue but multiple. The syndrome can lead to hearing loss and loss of pigmentation as well. For this person, they seem to have the loss of pigment in their hair and eyes. This definitely is pretty unique!

Even though we are sure it may have caused some issues when they were young, we are also sure that as they grew up, they became way cooler than before.


Reddit - u/justicehelicopters

Vitiligo is a condition that causes the person to develop white patches all over their body. In essence, they lack melanin, and this begins to show as they grow.

This is reportedly what Michael Jackson had, and several other famous fashion models as well. This is one of those models, for example. She has been sharing her unusual look for years now. She’s stunning and so unique!

No Pinky Finger

Reddit - u/Scaulbylausis

Sometimes, while still being in the womb, some don’t form properly. That means that when they’re born, they come out with unusual body parts. Things like missing fingers and toes are just some of the unique situations that can occur.

This person was born without a pinky. There were probably a lot of hurdles they had to overcome to be able to make their way through the world.

All Those Toes And Fingers

Reddit - u/[deleted]

We are not sure what it would feel like for a parent to have a child that is born with too many digits. It is probably pretty scary at first. It seems these parents are trying to show it off instead of being embarrassed.

Although there will be a lot of challenges, this type of attitude will definitely make it a lot easier for the kid to overcome them.


Reddit - u/ZeroFuxGiven

There are some people who, when born, have a white patch of hair mixed in with their natural hair color. This syndrome is called poliosis and it leaves the person with a very unique look. One that, if treated right, might make them look pretty cool actually.

We are sure that some people will try to hide this condition, but we think they should embrace this amazing and rare look.

Nail Birthmark

Reddit - u/RandomAsianGuy

Birthmarks can be anywhere and come in a wide variety of styles. Sometimes it is mispigmentation on the skin or a malformation of some aspect of the person’s body. In this person’s case, it’s discoloration under their fingernails.

We hope this person can handle this small irregularity with ease. The only way we can see this being a problem is when they have to put nail polish on.

Off-Center Pupil

Reddit - u/DoomMagnet

There are some things that we just take for granted when it comes to how human bodies look. For example, the location of the pupil is definitely one of them. This guy has a bit of an off-center pupil, which sets him apart.

We are sure that this abnormality makes its impact known when it comes to their vision, and we are curious if it can be corrected in some way!

Unique Hairdo

Reddit - u/RetroButterfly13

You may think that having two different hair colors is impossible, but you would be surprised. It’s wholly possible for someone to have different levels of melanin in different follicles. The kid in the picture has just that.

This boy’s hair is mostly blonde. However, due to his heterochromia, a small patch has a different color — black. That’s kinda cool, isn’t it?

Extra Skin

Reddit - u/Zen100_

There are many reasons why someone might have extra skin. It could be because they have lost a significant amount of weight, or it could just be a genetic condition. This guy has a unique body, though.

Even though we are not sure what the cause of this extra skin is, we can tell that it has led to him showing some cool party tricks. We are not certain as to why we are so infatuated with him, but it is eye-catching for sure.

No Fingerprints

Reddit - u/adamwhenderson

Adermatoglyphia causes people to be born with smooth skin, which means they have no fingerprints or footprints. This could be good for some if they are looking to lead a life of crime — we’re just joking!

That being said, this person is going to be hard to identify in any situation. In the future, we are sure that it will not be such a problem. On the other hand, it means no fingerprints on glasses as well!

No Thumb Joint

Reddit - u/Jousan_

There are many variables when it comes to dealing with this form of aplasia, a condition in which a body part just doesn’t develop. The level of the joint’s underdevelopment can be widely different, and for this person, they are missing the thumb joint altogether.

This is a rare occurrence, so this guy definitely has a unique and unusual condition. Not having the joint can make it difficult to learn how to hold things, but we are sure that, like with anything else in life, they managed to overcome it!

Missing Middle Joint

Reddit - u/JayFayad

The joints in your hand enable you to grab and hold things. Thus, when you are lacking those knuckles it is going to be challenging to make your way through life. Despite it being a problem, it is not impossible.

It might be strange to us, but the issue is very rare, so this person is truly a unique individual. We wonder how this person handles being the center of attention when people find out about this.

Speaking In Vein

Reddit - u/skupelshanks

In order for blood to get from one place to another, we have a very intricate system of veins running throughout our bodies. This person has some unique formations when it comes to their vascular system. They are pretty prominent on the back of their hands.

On top of that, you can also clearly see words written on them. It looks like they have a pretty cool way to talk without talking, at least if they want to say “Yo” and “Hi."

Different Colored Eyelashes

Reddit - u/rasta_banana

There are some people out there that are dealing with a form of heterochromia, called heterochromia iridum. This is a condition in which the melanin in your eyelashes causes your eyelashes to have two different colors.

This might be pretty cool, but it also means that you will have to spend more money on mascara. Regardless, this could be pretty awesome, even with that extra expenditure.


Reddit - u/Najam99

No one likes to sweat, unless they are working out or playing some sort of sport. That’s why when you have to deal with excessively sweaty hands and feet all the time, we are sure that it gets pretty annoying.

This person suffers from a condition known as hyperhidrosis and that is exactly what they are dealing with on a daily basis! That has got to be challenging to handle and explain, especially when shaking someone’s hand.

Not Following The Path

Reddit - u/ShitGuzzler

Human body hair follows certain patterns. Take for instance the hair around the belly button. This tends to follow a path straight into the belly button. This is because that is the starting point for a lot of things.

However, this guy has a bit of an abnormality. Their hairline is off-center. We wonder why this happened to the gentleman! Maybe he should try shaving and see if that corrects the problem.

Growing Hair

Reddit - u/everyone_always

Some things happen in life that may cause you to need skin grafts. From burns to skin conditions, many people have this procedure done so that they can have nice, healthy-looking skin. However, sometimes, depending on where the graft comes from, people might experience hair growth.

This person experienced this strange phenomenon. This has to be pretty awkward, and may lead to them having to shave a bit more than usual.

Still Have A Baby Tooth

Reddit - u/DrewQuinz

As you grow, your teeth naturally fall out, making way for adult teeth. This is a big change in your life and is often celebrated by kids as a sign that they are growing up. However, occasionally someone will end up never getting rid of their baby teeth.

This man has a baby tooth sticking out, which plays a bit with his smile, but it also makes it very unique!