Photographer Won't Stop Following Bridesmaids, Bride Learns Why
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Photographer Won't Stop Following Bridesmaids, Bride Learns Why

Johan Brown

They Were Excited

As soon as Steph and Paul Unwin got married, they were determined to start their lives together on the right foot.

They were on cloud nine ever since the day they got married, and now, they were excitedly waiting for their wedding photographs. They couldn’t wait to relive the happiest day of their lives. But when they received the photos, they felt the opposite of what they were expecting. Their hearts shattered when they realized that they would have to take legal action.

Wedding Photos

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Photographs are a crucial part of every wedding ceremony. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, after all!

But preparing and arranging a wedding can be extremely demanding. A lot of physical and mental strength is put into planning this big day, but usually, it’s all worth it. But of course, there’s something else to consider too.


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Human memory is a fragile and fallible thing, which is why people insist on keeping photographs of the ceremony. It’s natural to want to preserve the big day forever.

It’s become a tradition all around the world to bring out old photo albums every now and again and to reminisce about the big day. This is the best way to remember all of the stories, anecdotes, the groom and bride’s nerves, and comments. But unfortunately, the Unwins wouldn’t have this privilege.

Instant Regret

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The Unwins never expected that hiring a photographer to immortalize their wedding would change their lives forever. They would regret this decision for years to come.

As Steph slowly went through every photo that the photographer took, her heart rate began to increase, and eventually, her heart was pounding in her chest. Her face went red, and she was officially more furious and disappointed than she had ever been before. How could he do this to them?

Planning The Big Day

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Steph and Paul lived in Bollington, Cheshire for their entire lives. After getting engaged, they worked together to carefully plan their perfect wedding, and set the date for June 2015.

They found a photographer on Facebook named David Kilcourse, and requested to see a sample of his work. They wanted their wedding photos to be absolutely perfect. After reviewing his work, they decided that David would be the perfect photographer for their big day.

Not What She Expected

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Based on the photos he sent them, it was obvious that he’d done many weddings before. While recalling the events leading up to their decision to hire him, Steph revealed in an interview, “The pictures he showed us before we booked him were really nice, well-done photos.”

She had no idea that the photos she would get from their wedding day would be very, very different.

He Seemed Professional

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They agreed on a package that meant he would be there to take pictures for the entire day, from when they were getting ready, to the ceremony, and into the evening event. When they met up with him, he seemed very professional, and they were happy with the choice they made.

Once all was said and done, they were pleased that they wouldn’t have to worry about that department anymore. But it all went south on the day of their wedding.

No Word From Him

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On the day of their wedding, they hadn’t heard from him until it was almost too late. Just minutes before everything started, they tried calling him from their phones.

But he wasn’t answering their calls. To make things even worse, their calls went straight to voicemail. But what on earth was going on? Where could Kilcourse be? Surely he knew that he was supposed to be at their wedding.

He Was Late

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He only showed up after the ceremony had already started. Steph remembers the moment clearly, recalling, “He didn’t turn up until after the groom’s arrival, by which point we were all ready.”

When they asked why he was late, he responded with a short, “Uh, something came up. Sorry.” He wouldn’t give them any more information. That’s when the couple began suspecting that something was seriously wrong.

Let It Go

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Although they were disappointed, they decided to let it go. This was their big day and they didn’t want to let minor things distract from their wedding.

The wedding continued as planned, and the couple didn’t pay much attention to what the photographer was doing. But at one point, Steph noticed something that caught her attention for all the wrong reasons.

Talking To One Of The Bridesmaids

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At one point, Steph noticed the photographer was nowhere to be seen. She looked around the venue, trying to find him. After a few seconds, she found him where she least expected.

He was just slacking around, talking to one of the bridesmaids. Steph couldn’t believe her eyes. But right then, she noticed something that was even more disconcerting.

What Was He Doing?

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The way Kilcourse was talking to the bridesmaid, it almost looked like he already knew her. Now, what was that about? As far as Steph was concerned, the photographer had no business spending the time he was getting paid for making conversation with one of the bridesmaids.

Immediately, she knew she had to do something. Little did she know that this was just a sign of the unnerving truth she would eventually find out.

Caught Red Handed

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Instantly, Steph called the bridesmaid’s name and motioned her to come closer as if she had something to tell her. The bridesmaid came running to her, while the photographer, noticing he had been caught slacking, went back to taking pictures of his surroundings.

Steph asked the bridesmaid if she knew the guy and what he was telling her. The bridesmaid’s response left her speechless.

What A Sleazeball!

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“I have never seen him before in my life. I think he was hitting on me,” she said. Steph couldn’t believe it. What kind of sleazeball had they hired as a photographer? Still, she got a chuckle out of it. Little did she know that things would get a lot worse.

Besides that, everything else ran smoothly. The weather got a little bad, but that was okay. It wasn’t until days later that they got a nasty surprise.

All Said And Done

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The package they signed said that they would be receiving a photo album, a CD, and two prints, with all of the images edited and color-corrected. They were so excited to see all of it.

After the wedding, both Steph and Paul went back to their jobs. There were still a few months until the honeymoon. They hoped that they would get the pictures from the wedding before they left. Little did they know, they were in for a shock.