Places Where $150 A Month Is Enough To Retire

Places Where $150 A Month Is Enough To Retire

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You won't be let down if moving to the Maldives sounds like the perfect retirement destination. With Maldives obviously being on the more costly side, retirees may live comfortably practically anywhere in the country, and there are many options available for any lifestyle you'd like to pursue.

In just three months, retirees can migrate to the Maldives and have access to universal healthcare at unbelievable prices. Additionally, the picturesque surroundings and creative culture are the icing on the cake.


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On numerous rankings for good retirement life, Ecuador keeps coming in at the top. Particularly in comparison to the United States, real estate costs are comparatively modest, and the locals are warm and hospitable.

Not to mention the vast landscape and pleasant weather. Even retirees with limited savings can live comfortably, and there are many social and involvement opportunities available, such as clubs, nature excursions, art classes, and more.


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With its clear blue waters and welcoming islands, Greece's natural beauty may be yours for more than just a short trip. Greek retirees frequently move there for the country's environment, but they also benefit from the country's cheaper cost of living.

You could be able to live more opulently in Greece than you might in the US, depending on the city you pick. Just keep in mind to account for healthcare costs.


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Vietnam is a country that provides both the pleasures of contemporary city life and a rich historical environment, in addition to broad beaches. For retirees wishing to maximize their money, this place is a fantastic option due to its robust economy and extremely low cost of living.

Daily expenses should be less than half of what they are in the United States, and a monthly budget of just $1,000 is plenty for two people, and even more so for singles. Additionally, since English is commonly spoken here, moving is a breeze.


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Japan is renowned for its advanced technology, extraordinarily clean cities, fine cuisine, and many other things. It makes sense that it would be a desirable place for retirees to contemplate moving to. Housing expenses in Japan are about 30% lower than those in the U.S., despite the fact that consumer prices there are often higher.

In essence, this means that a Japanese apartment, which would normally cost about $800 in the United States, is a terrific deal for seniors.

New Zealand

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New Zealand is known for its warm people, laid-back way of life, and abundance of natural beauty that can be explored and enjoyed through a variety of outdoor activities. If you want to, you can surf, kayak, and walk all on the same day because of its diverse environment.

The benefit for retirees coming to New Zealand is that the cost of living is typically lower than in most major U.S. cities, including New York City. There, the average rent is around 21% less than in the US.


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Finland is popular as a place to live because of its stunning northern landscape. It ranks highly for safety, health, and cultural sensitivity on a global scale.

The cost of rent is 32% cheaper in Finland than it is in the U.S., and food generally cost 9% less, even though consumer prices are slightly higher in Finland than they are in the U.S. There is no doubt that retirees might live well here.


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Germany is not recognized for its mild weather, but given all the other benefits of retiring here, enduring a rather chilly winter may be worthwhile. Living expenses are low, the country's infrastructure is reliable and well-maintained, and the healthcare system is both affordable and of high quality.

The average rent in Germany is 31% less than it is in the US, despite large variations in price between cities. The savings are still noticeable, with a one-bedroom apartment costing between $600 and $1,300.


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People in Nepal are frequently seen as very pleasant and eager to engage in conversation. It makes sense why this is a popular destination for retirees to relocate, given all of these factors, as well as the gorgeously mild temperature with brief winters.

Depending on the type of care you need, and the kind of lifestyle you're attempting to lead, healthcare and living expenses in Nepal are frequently lower than those in the United States. Consider Nepal as your next home, though, if your money will stretch that far.


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The capital city of Hungary has been rated the world’s eighth-best place to retire. It’s also generally regarded as one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. But wherever you choose to retire in Hungary, rest assured that your living costs will be dramatically reduced.

Hungary typically costs more than other cities in the country but still only requires a budget of about $1,500 to live comfortably. With that in mind, retirees have plenty of options throughout the country for maximizing their retirement savings.


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For retirees who dream of living on the water, Croatia may be the perfect destination for retirement. There are beautiful coastal cities with plenty of nature to enjoy as well as more urban areas with markets for those who love to shop and explore.

And no matter where in Croatia you’d like to live, the housing costs will assuredly be less expensive than in the United States. For example, the average one-bedroom apartment costs anywhere from $400 to $600 a month — a steal compared to the U.S.


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Chile is known for having one of the highest standards of living in Latin America. Add this to its overall affordable living costs, and it makes a great place for retirees to relocate.

There is also great geographical diversity, meaning you can visit lakes, beaches, mountains, and urban city life — whatever fits your mood. There are also low levels of public corruption and high safety rankings, and modern services like public transportation are fast and reliable.


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Austria ranks third on the Global Peace Index and has been touted as one of the most livable cities in the world. The museums, architecture, and strong artistic culture provide a rich environment for retirees living out their best years.

On average, an apartment in Austria will run about $900 a month. Even with modest retirement savings, you’re sure to find something that’s comfortable for you.


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Many retirees choose to relocate to Indonesia, an attractive country, for many reasons, including its culture, climate, and cuisine. Plus, the lower cost of living means humble retirement savings can go much further than they might otherwise in the United States.

A two-bedroom home with modern amenities can be acquired in Indonesian cities for an average of $700 a month. Retirees can maximize their savings and still live a quality life here in Indonesia.


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Poland is an easily affordable city to retire to with modest savings or pensions. For example, a one-bedroom apartment in the city would cost you about $700, and a fancy meal would run around $35.

Additionally, the country is ranked as one of the safest in Eastern Europe. Poland’s climate is on the colder side but still fairly temperate — mild enough to bike for much of the year, an activity strongly encouraged throughout the cities.


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Portugal has been ranked as one of the best places to live in 2020, according to the Annual Global Retirement Index. Not only is it beautiful, but the extremely affordable lifestyle makes this a great choice for retirees.

Portugal is praised for its inexpensive yet high-quality healthcare, cheaper living costs, and general friendliness of the culture and people. Don’t forget the added bonuses of great food, gorgeous beaches, and breathtaking sunsets.


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Malaysia is high on the list of best places to retire on a budget. The extremely low cost of living here, especially compared to the United States, will help make your retirement savings stretch even further.

Additionally, Malaysia is a beautiful country with plentiful beaches, jungles, and tropical nature getaways. And if city living is your thing, don’t worry — George Town was ranked as one of the top ten cities in the world to retire in, according to CBS.


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If your dream retirement consists of peaceful cities, plenty of historical sightseeing ventures and an abundance of art, Spain might be the country for you.

The rich history of the country, coupled with its low cost of living, makes it a fulfilling yet inexpensive retirement spot. Even Madrid, Spain’s most expensive city, pales in comparison to many of the high-cost cities in the United States.

Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is known for the low-cost lifestyle it offers, making it a great option for those on a fixed income. Its tropical nature feels like a vacation, and with the multitude of outdoor activities to choose from, there will always be something to fill the days.

Not only is it a beautiful locale, but Costa Rica has one of Latin America’s top-rated healthcare systems — a huge perk for retirees.


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Depending on the type of life you’d like to live without work, Panama could be the perfect location for retiring with modest savings. This country’s cost of living ranges from roughly $500 to $2,000 per month.

There are additional benefits to retiring in Panama, such as the Pensionado Visa, which is similar to a rewards program for those who receive a monthly pension of at least $1,000. And don’t forget the wealth of outdoor activities like zip-lining, biking, and Tai Chi.

Czech Republic

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Retiring in the Czech Republic is a great option if you hope to enjoy safe cities, low living costs, and rich local history. History buffs will love touring the multitude of castles and cultural sites.

Housing is cheaper here than in other parts of Eastern Europe, and it ranks seventh on the Global Peace Index. Retirees will have plenty of activities to stay busy and enjoy the day-to-day lifestyle without breaking the bank.


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Peru is one of the most scenic countries in Latin America. With beautiful mountains, quaint farming villages, and bustling cities like Lima, there’s something for everyone. And if you’re looking to retire on a budget, you can find quality living for roughly $800 to $1,500 per month.

While in retirement, you can enjoy everything the rich culture that Peru has to offer, from tasty cuisine to peaceful seascapes to the beautiful people.


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Slovenia ranks 11th on the Global Peace Index, with a Cost of Living Index of 52.51. For retirees who long for beautiful mountains in their backyard, this country will surely deliver.

Whether you’re looking to relax or hit the slopes, you can take advantage of the national parks while living comfortably. Couples can typically retire together in the cities of Slovenia for roughly $1,500 a month, which is a modest sum considering all the country has to offer.


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Australia is a beautiful country with a lot to offer for retirees. It’s not the cheapest on our list, but it does rank 13th on the Global Peace Index. It’s known for its peaceful and friendly culture, as well as its captivating nature and wildlife.

To get an Investor Retirement Visa, retirees must be of a certain age and work at least part-time in Australia for a specified length of time. If this sounds like a deal to you, consider Australia when it’s time to retire on a budget.


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Whatever sort of environment you thrive in, you’ll be sure to find it in Mexico. Retiring in this country with modest savings is more than doable, and the rewards are plenty. From the quality healthcare to the countless beaches, this country can seemingly provide it all.

In comparison to living costs in the United States, Mexico fares well. For example, a fancy dinner for two and an Uber ride home would cost roughly $25 — and the real estate is inexpensive as well.



Moving for retirement is a wise choice in many respects, especially if you want to optimize your pension or savings. Canada also facilitates this adjustment by ensuring that Americans who relocate there won't experience a severe culture shock.

Additionally, they will still find it pretty simple to visit friends and family. Further, the cost of living is significantly lower, universal healthcare is accessible as soon as permanent resident status is obtained, and pharma-care schemes guarantee that the cost of prescription drugs does not increase.


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If you’re nervous about relocating for your retirement, rest assured that Colombia is a welcoming country with tons of perks. This country is perfect for retirees with smaller savings or pension since the average cost for two to live in Colombia is about $2,000 a month.

This country is also located perfectly just above the equator, so the diverse climates — cool in the mountains, tropical on the coasts, and more — are consistent all year long for whatever lifestyle you desire.


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Romania is an extremely affordable option for retirees who desire relocation. In comparison to the United States and even Canada and Australia, Romania wins for low living costs.

A studio apartment can be found for as low as $200 per month, meaning anything over is still more than affordable for most retirees — even with modest savings. The country also ranks well for general safety, and because English is widely spoken, there is just a small language barrier for American citizens wishing to transition into the culture.


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Bulgaria is an attractive home for many reasons, but the scenic mountains and beaches are hard to beat anywhere else. Plus, the cost of living here is extremely low, making it a great location for settling down during retirement.

Taxes are also low – the lowest in the European Union, in fact. Low-income tax and affordable health insurance make Bulgaria a no-brainer for many retirees.

Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka has a lot to offer for retirees who are looking to relocate. Not only is it a beautiful country with a consistent climate, but the plethora of diverse cultures makes it a welcoming arena for new citizens and provides many opportunities to learn.

Additionally, the lower cost of living is more than helpful in maximizing retirement savings over time.