Size Comparisons That Gave Us A New Sense Of Scale

Size Comparisons That Gave Us A New Sense Of Scale

Johan Brown

Oftentimes, photos don’t paint the whole picture. There are many things that might seem ordinary until they are compared to other things. These results often change one’s perspective.

Sit back and relax while we show you a wide variety of comparisons of objects, facts, and lots more. These are guaranteed to change your perspective!

Big Toes

Pexels/Gabriela Mendes

This man’s first toe is the perfect definition of a big toe! It already seems bigger than most other toes, but compared to his wife’s, his big toe makes hers look like a pinky toe!

The first toe is referred to as the “big toe” for a reason. Of all five toes, or six, in some unusual cases, it is the largest! We wonder what size shoe this man wears!



Have you ever compared Walmart strawberries to garden strawberries? The difference is massive! The Walmart strawberry looks more conventional, as it is the shape we’re all familiar with!

The garden strawberry is a lot wider and bigger, with an entirely different shape. But what could cause the change in shape, size, and color? Soil types and climate have a huge impact on how strawberries develop!



Sometimes, pictures are unable to show you the true size of some of the biggest animals in the world. Especially when taken from afar, photos struggle to depict their true size.

Many people don’t realize how big moose actually are. One picture taken at close range has revealed that a moose is bigger than an SUV vehicle! These animals are usually captured from a distance, which is why they appear so much smaller in pictures and on television shows.


Pexels/Lucas Meneses

Cacti commonly grow in areas with little to no water content. They thrive with small amounts of moisture, growing a lot bigger than you might think! A common cactus can usually grow up to an adult’s waist, but in some cases, it can grow even higher.

But some cacti can grow taller than humans! Oftentimes, they look more like trees than actual cactus plants.

Shaquille O’Neal’s Shoe Size

Pexels/BK Aguilar

Legendary basketball player, Shaquille O’Neal, wears a size 22 shoe, which is massive! But how big is it exactly? Well, it’s as big as a full-sized basketball. For most other people, basketballs are way bigger than their feet!

Given how tall and massive he is, it comes as no surprise that O’Neal has massive feet. With a body that big, it’s only natural for him to have a corresponding foot size.

Massive Thorns

Pexels/Hunter Harmon

Acacia Erioloba is an odd species of plant. Its thorns are so big that they could pierce the palm lengthwise!

Each thorn can grow up to four to five inches long. This is crazy, considering that the average thorn is only two to three centimeters long! This plant is rather uncommon, but remain watchful while walking through dense bushes!

Modern Day Cruise Ships

Pexels/Matthew Barra

A few decades ago, the Titanic was the biggest ship in history. At over 800 feet long, is was considered massive at the time. It looked like a city on the ocean waters.

The ship weighed 53, 000 tons, but you would be surprised to learn that modern-day cruise ships can weigh about 200,000 tons. Most of which are over 1200 feet long.

Traffic Lights

Pexels/Davis Sánchez

We see traffic lights on a daily basis. Stood on a tall pole, have you ever paid attention to how big the part is that displays the lights? Because of how high up they are, they seem a lot smaller than they really are.

The elevation is misleading. The average traffic light is often taller and bigger than a human being. You wouldn’t know this without standing right next to one.



Did you know that pennies manufactured in the 1800s are bigger than pennies manufactured today?

These old pennies looked dark, bold, and big. As time went on, the size changed to a smaller type. Recent pennies look a lot more modern, appealing, and portable. Over time, the value has changed — with the new type suffering a decline.

1946 Calculator vs. 2020 Calculator

Pexels/Karolina Grabowska

A comparison of devices from the past and present has been amazing but this particular one is especially fascinating. Imagine wanting to use a calculator, to do that, one has to drive down a place and enter a big room to do so — funny right?

However, that was the reality in 1946 — a calculator was a big room. 70 years later, things have changed. With a small device, like a mobile phone, a calculator of any capacity can be accessed. It’s an improvement worth examining, a lovely mind-blowing comparison.

The Size of a Hail Stone

Pexels/Julia Filirovska

Hailstone can seem small until one holds it. Whatever size one has in mind will change on seeing the one in the picture. It’s bigger than a pebble or a small piece of stone. With this size, one can only imagine what it can do on vehicles.

Hailstones are not common, yet when it does happen, it can be disastrous. That’s why many advise against parking vehicles in the open when hailstones are forecasted to drop in a certain region. In some parts of the world, it doesn’t or almost never occurs.

The Real Size of a Kiwi


Many people have heard or read about Kiwis. This type of bird is not common. Due to this, many just know the name of the bird but can’t place an image to it, and as such, knowing its real or average size is somewhat difficult.

As shown in the picture, a kiwi is sizeable and bigger than most birds. It has a good height and is quite big. The shape can be compared to that of a hen. An additional fascinating fact is the beak of the Kiwi — its beak can be 4-5 inches.

The Condition of the Arctic a Century Ago and Now

Pexels/Jeanchristophe André

The arctic was extremely cold and full of ice. The sky around the location is usually foggy gloomy. Needless to say, the water body is also always so cold and icy. Comparing the condition to that of today, a lot has changed.

First, there isn’t some much ice as before. A great quantity has dissolved. Additionally, the sky is brighter, and the water body is not the icy type anymore. It’s just evidence of what global warming has done. Not many people know the effect of global warming — here’s evidence.

The Real Height of the Famous Statue of David


There is a common statute that many have seen. Although, not so many people know the statute as David. Many may have spotted it in movies or popular pictures. It may have appeared to be the size of an actual human.

However, Michelangelo’s statue is a lot bigger. This work of art measures about 17 feet. At that height, it’s like 3 times taller than an average man. As seen in the picture, it would require a kind of elevation to reach the top of the sculpture before anything can be done to it.