Sorry, but You’re Never Too Old for Adult Acne
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Sorry, but You’re Never Too Old for Adult Acne

Johan Brown

Despite popular belief, adult acne can come back in adults after turning 25. Acne has a much more complicated story than most would think.

These factors can make things a lot more complex than most give them credit for. Don't feel bad if you have acne into adulthood. It's perfectly normal, and we'll help explain the why.

Family Genes

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Adult acne is more or less identical to childhood acne. This typically causes irritating and invasive protrusions on the face and other regions.

Sixty-seven percent of people who suffer from adult acne have a family history of pre-existing acne. Look at your parents; if they have adult acne, you probably will too!

All About Hormones

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During menstruation, a woman can often get an early warning by the state of their skin. When they break out with pimples, it usually means that menstruation will soon follow. It's no surprise that hormones play a huge role in acne breakouts.

Acne often happens when there's an imbalance of hormones in the body, especially when there are too many hormones. Changes in hormones often cause inflammation in the skin that causes acne on the skin.

Acne Triggers

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Adult acne has a lot of triggers. These include menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, breastfeeding, and many other events that drastically change the hormonal balance.

During Acne outbreaks, do not rub your face after touching any pustules. They can irritate and make the problem worse. Skin products with lots of chemicals can also cause a lot of irritation on the skin and prolong the outbreak.