Stranger Slips Woman Note After Date Leaves
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Stranger Slips Woman Note After Date Leaves

Johan Brown

Though her phone recorded their conversation, she could not capture the feelings that were going through her mind.

As if the situation couldn’t get any more bizarre, a piece of paper abruptly materialized in her hand. It was a note from a total stranger, and its contents made her blood run cold. She was now faced with a difficult decision.

Dating Troubles

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The difficulties of dating were no secret to Hadia.

She had been stood up by dates countless times, and men had a tendency to lie to her. However, she remained optimistic. As with a job interview, you just have to keep searching until you find the right person.

A Good Feeling

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She had a good feeling about this date. She put on her favorite perfume as she danced to an upbeat playlist.

It was a beautiful summer’s day, and the weather was good for her curly hair that day. It was as if the stars were aligning for the date, but if Hadia had known what was going to happen, she would have rather stayed in bed.

A Good Start

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She found a quiet corner to wait for her date in the coffee shop. It had the perfect view of the door, so all she had to do was wait.

Her date was only a few minutes late, which was already better than most guys she’s met with. Things started out well, and they made general small talk about what they do for a living. Eventually, the conversation moved to hobbies. It seemed innocent, but it was enough to make Haida’s stomach turn.

Different Opinions

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Hadia loved music. She knew a lot about the subject, so the moment her date spoke about enjoying one specific rapper’s music, she knew exactly who he was talking about - and it made her sick to her stomach.

It was possible to enjoy someone’s music even though they had a terrible reputation, so she just shrugged it off. Only a few minutes later, the second problem appeared.

The Note

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She had never heard of this person before, but her date spoke about them as if they were some sort of internet sensation.

She listened patiently to what he had to say and even asked a few questions. However, each time he answered, a chill ran down her spine. When he excused himself to go to the bathroom, a total stranger slipped her a note.

Doing Her Own Research

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Hadia’s eyes were wide as she read the 8 words scribbled on the piece of paper.

She could feel her heart pounding in her chest. She appeared to have received confirmation from a complete stranger. She immediately grabbed her phone to search for this “life guru” that her date went on and on about. What she found was appalling.

What To Do?

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The clock was ticking, and she knew she needed to make her decision.

She had the option to pack up her stuff and leave, but some part of her wanted to stay. When her date first walked in, she fell for his charms and good looks, but what she learned changed everything. After some time, she made her decision. She then grabbed her phone and pressed the record button.

Waiting For The Right Moment

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Hadia tried her best to remain composed once her date returned from the bathroom.

They picked up the conversation where they had left off, but this time, Hadia felt more prepared. She continued asking him more questions, and she still felt sick to her stomach every time he responded. Her face was turning a dark red with all of the anger she felt.

What Was In It?

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What was written in the note? The stranger behind her went as far as to poke his nose into someone else's date. What had he seen or felt to justify doing so?

A pharmacy receipt had a note scrawled on the back. It read, “Too many red flags. Run. Be safe, girl.” They both realized the same thing.

So Many Flags

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It didn’t take long for her entire body to scream that this guy was bad news.

However, it was the “life coach” that sealed the deal and made him a slime bag. The man in question was a life coach who encouraged men to say rude things to women. Such as “You’re only a 6. I only date 10s.”

“Only Average”

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That was just the tip of the iceberg.

“You’re Average At Best” was one title that lit a huge fire under Hadia. It was toxic thinking at its worst. There was no way she was going to change this guy, but at least she got the debate out of her system and made it clear what she thought about the guy.

Angry Departure

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The failed date left in a huff – offended that she didn’t swoon over his demeaning charms.

She leaned back with a satisfied smile and sipped the last of her coffee. But that wasn’t the only thing she was going to do. The stranger behind her had already left. However, she could still find a way to thank him.”

Going To Social Media

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Hadia pulled out her phone again and headed to Twitter.

She posted the story and the note. Although she was already aware of so many red flags, she was so appreciative that someone was trying to look out for her when he didn’t have to. He was like a guardian angel.

Saying Thank You

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The post spread like wildfire.

It was no surprise that it sparked a huge debate and an even larger argument, but she didn’t care. That wasn’t the point. She just wanted to say thank you. It was yet another failed date. But she was still hopeful that a great one was just around the corner.