She Signed Up To Be A Surrogate Mother, Unwittingly Gave Her Own Child Away

She Signed Up To Be A Surrogate Mother, Unwittingly Gave Her Own Child Away

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One woman who had been connected with a surrogate ended up getting more than she anticipated when she discovered she was carrying twins. The next event was a medical marvel. Fall 2015 saw Jessica make the decision to become a surrogate.

Her second son had just been born six months earlier. "This is your chance to give a family the blessing of a child," her husband told her.



Jessica was therefore prepared for the transfer in April 2016 after taking a number of drugs. She placed Liu's frozen male embryo into her uterus while she was lying on a table at an IVF facility.

Fast forward six weeks and Jessica was scheduled for a scan at her doctor's office. "I see there is another baby," the doctor noted during the visit. Jessica was informed by him that the embryo had split into identical twins. She couldn't even speak after learning that she was pregnant with twins.


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Jessica believed Liu would be ecstatic about this information. She would have two children rather than just one. Liu and her husband, as anticipated, were overjoyed, and the sum of money they were paying Jessica rose.

Jessica was paid $30,000 in total, including expenditures, and the second child's $5,000 payout was added on top of that.

The Big Day

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At 38 weeks gestation, the twins were finally delivered on December 12, 2016, at Riverside Community Hospital in California. While in the operating room, Liu witnessed the birth of her twins.

The most nervous part of Jessica's delivery was reassuring Liu that she would be fine after having a C-section.

Recovery Process

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After her C-section, she returned home to recover.

A few days after Jessica and Wardell had moved into their new home, on January 10, 2017, Liu sent them a message on the Chinese messaging app WeChat.

Something Was Not Right

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"They are not the same, right?" Liu wrote a message with a picture of the infants. "Have you considered why they are different?" she then asked. This was the first time Jessica had a close look at the babies since she hardly had time to view them following their birth. One of the kids was clearly Asian, and the other was a mix of black and white at first glance.

The boys, who were still in California, underwent DNA testing a week later, and the agency informed Jessica of the results. Max possessed Liu's genes, whereas Mike was a biological match for her. She had been carrying both her own son and someone else's boy at the same time. However, how was that possible?

A Medical Marvel

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Superfetation occurs when an already-pregnant woman is able to become pregnant again after a completely different sperm and egg unite. In essence, it indicates that it's possible to conceive when already carrying a child.

Even while there is a very minimal chance that an embryo will divide, it does happen, which is how Jessica ended up being pregnant with twins. One was significantly lighter than the other, Jessica noticed.


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The agency informed Jessica a few days later that Max was being cared for because Liu didn't want anything to do with him. Liu was also seeking payment for the inconvenience caused between $18,000 and $22,000.

Jessica believed she would need to pay to have her biological kid back, even though she had already spent the majority of the money she received from the surrogacy arrangement. Nevertheless, she requested her son from the agency because acquiring Max was her top objective, no matter the price.

Back Home

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The agency finally decreased the "cost" Jessica owed Liu to zero after investing money in legal representation and fighting a difficult battle.

When Jessica and Wardell were reunited with their son on February 5, they gave him the new name Malachi.

An Emotional Moment

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The family has been smitten with Malachi since he was born, and it was a very emotional moment. “He’s beautiful,” she said. “He’s healthy, and his personality is hilarious. He loves his big brothers, and he is learning to walk and speak.”

When Jessica finally held her baby boy, all of her struggles were finally worthwhile.

A Twisted Turn Of Events

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Susan Ring had also had a few attempts at being a surrogate. But things took a strange turn when she agreed to carry a child for one couple.

At first, everything seemed to be going smoothly, but that quickly changed when Susan gave birth to the baby. That was when things took a drastic turn.

First Attempt

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Susan met the couple, and they came to an agreement. During the pregnancy, all was well, but as soon as the baby was born, Susan could sense that something wasn’t right.

The couple didn’t seem happy, and they told Susan that they wanted to try again. Susan didn’t feel like she should do it again, but she put those feelings aside and proceeded.

Second Attempt


In May of 2001, she had an ultrasound was done that revealed she was carrying triplets. Susan instantly knew that the mother wouldn’t be happy about it, but she had no idea how far the couple would be willing to go.

When she told them, it took them some time to digest the news, and then they asked her to do something completely unexpected.

Unsatisfied With Triplets

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As Susan suspected, the couple was not happy with having triplets, and they asked her to reduce the pregnancy to twins.

Susan was reluctant to proceed with their request. But there was nothing she could do about it. When she tried to speak her mind, they even went as far as to threaten her.

No Choice But To Reduce

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The couple told Susan that if she didn’t reduce the pregnancy, she would be breaching the contract.

Because of that, she was forced to go through with it. But things didn’t end there. That was just the start of the madness. The situation was about to get a whole lot worse.