Surrogate's Belly Won't Stop Growing, Doctor Reveals The Reason
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Surrogate's Belly Won't Stop Growing, Doctor Reveals The Reason

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21-year-old Shaniece Sturdy knew that becoming a surrogate was not going to be easy, however, she did not expect it to be this difficult.                                       Shaniece looked intently at the monitor. She couldn’t shake the feeling that something was terribly wrong. It was unheard of to be this large in the second trimester. On top of all this, she had constant cravings and terrible back pain, and she just generally felt horrible.

No Time To Waste

The nurse applied a cool gel to her stomach to prepare her for what was to come. “These symptoms are absolutely normal for a first pregnancy,” she said confidently.

She looked at the monitor, her hands sweaty as she anxiously waited for the news. “Does everything look normal?” The nurse did not even have time to answer her; she immediately needed to contact a doctor.

The Perfect Example


Ever since Shaniece was a little girl, she dreamed of becoming a mother. Her parents were the perfect example of true love, and even her sister tied the knot with her high school sweetheart. She wanted nothing more than to be like them.

She had no clue, however, that their marriage would be so soon beset by misery.


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Shaniece’s sister, Linda, moved in with her husband when she was still in high school. It was an exciting time for Shaniece because now she finally had the bathroom to herself!

She thought that having more privacy would simplify her life.

Surprise Visit


However, Shaniece soon felt very lonely. She even missed arguing with her sister! Her sister frequently came to visit her, but it was clear that the two of them were growing apart.

She boarded the first bus to see her older sister because she didn't want to lose her relationship with her sister. She didn't, however, expect to find her in this state.

A Scary Look


As the bus arrived at her stop, Shaniece gathered her items and made her way toward her sister’s house. As she was walking down the road, her brother-in-law sped past her in his big red truck. She attempted to grab his attention, but he did not give her the time of day.

She knew him as a kind man, but he had a terrifying expression on his face. It sent a shiver down her spine to see him like this. What was happening?

Letting It Go


Josh was completely unaware of her presence. He might have had problems at work, which would explain his erratic behavior.

She made the decision to disregard his odd conduct and traveled to her sister's home. When she finally arrived, she was overcome with emotion upon seeing her sister.

Emotions Running High

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Linda's cheeks were swollen, and her eyes were red. She appeared to have been crying. As she gripped her sister's hand, she asked, “Did he hurt you? ”

In the meantime, she rushed to the kitchen to wipe her sister's face. “Don’t be silly,” her sister whispered. "He left because I asked him to."

What Was Going On?

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In order to look at her sister, Shaniece took a step back. Because she knew her sister exceptionally well, she was able to identify whether she was lying or not. In spite of this, she was telling the truth.

Marriage at such a young age may have been a mistake. “What was your reasoning for asking him to leave, Linda?” she asked. Her response was unexpected, however.

Their Struggles

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She told her sister, her voice shaking, "We've been trying for a year now. He wants to take out another loan for IVF, but we don't have the money. The first treatment was too expensive.".

There was a sense of hopelessness in her sister's eyes. As Linda wiped her face clean, she let out a deep sigh. “We can’t keep doing this.”


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Shaniece’s heart ached. She had never seen her sister so upset before. And she knew she would never be happy if she didn’t have a child. So, she put on the kettle, grabbed a blanket, and stayed with her for the weekend. And during that time, she convinced her to try again.

But she never expected her encouragement to have such an impact.


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It took nearly two years of treatment, but Linda eventually got pregnant. She wanted to keep it a secret until she reached her second trimester but unfortunately, she never made it.

After her miscarriage, she didn’t want to try again. But then, she changed her mind.



She became reclusive. And despite Shaniece’s best attempts, Linda didn’t leave the house for a month.

But her husband had one last idea to give her what she had always dreamed of.

Josh's Plan

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Josh's idea was an unorthodox one, but it was Linda's last chance at happiness.

The blow of the miscarriage was still fresh in her mind, and she wasn't sure of anything anymore. But Josh's idea gave her hope.

A Sacrifice


Linda and Josh were about to try to convince Josh's sister to make an enormous sacrifice. But would she agree? Only time will tell.

So Josh invited her around to ask the big question.