People Who Woke Up The Next Morning Regretting The Tattoos They Got
Josh Charland

People Who Woke Up The Next Morning Regretting The Tattoos They Got

Johan Brown

It’s important that you choose your tattoos wisely because, after all, they are permanent. Make sure that what you are getting is something you want to look at every day for the rest of your life. Otherwise, you might find yourself on one of these hilarious lists of people with awful tattoos.

These tattoos feature everything from horrible spelling mistakes to terrible portraits, and they’re bound to make you laugh out loud. Take a peek at some tattoos that will make you reconsider getting one in the future!

Marilyn, Is That You?

SNAP Viral

Thankfully, this hideous representation of Marilyn Monroe is on a part of the body that is usually covered by clothes!

But if this person decided to flaunt this disaster on a hot beach day, we doubt anybody would recognize this 1950s icon. Her face looks like it is melting off as she cries out in pain!

Legendary Lead Singer

Bored Panda

How could one tattoo make someone so great look so silly? When you look at the set of teeth, it’s pretty obvious that it is Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen. However, this tattoo does him no justice and looks downright horrendous.

Although many Queen supporters have Freddie Mercury tattoos on their bodies, we doubt any of them are as awful as this one!

Taking The Duck Face Literally

We have no idea who the woman in this tattoo is, but at least it’s accurate. The tattoo artist actually did an amazing job recreating the client’s source material.

The artist chose a literalist approach after he was shown the picture of what the woman looked like. This tattoo of a woman’s duck face selfie is forever stuck on this person’s body. Sheesh!

It’s A Snake!

Instagram / kryzjewell

We have to hand it to them, the artist’s skill impressed us! We are a little disappointed in the pattern that the client chose.

Imagine sitting at dinner and enjoying the conversation and lovely food. You drop your napkin, and as you bend down to retrieve it, you spot a snake under the table. Oh wait, it’s just someone’s leg. This tattoo is bound to have some people running for the hills.

Gym No More

Reddit / Floodbucket

Gym memberships are expensive these days and depending on how fancy your gym is, you can pay thousands of dollars a year. Why should you spend all that money and effort exercising when you could have those muscles permanently inked onto your skin?

This guy might have stumbled upon a valuable life hack! He doesn't need to lift weights anymore, so we bet he hasn't bothered to do so since getting this done.

An Optimistic Reminder

The Funny Times

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it was probably supposed to say, “It gets better.” This person most likely decided to get this message tattooed on their skin to remind them that life does get better.

Unfortunately, we doubt things are looking up for the person who got this mistake tattooed on their arm. It can’t get worse than this, right?

Never Lose Your Hula Hoop

SNAP Viral

When you get words tattooed on your skin, it can either be really beautiful or really dumb! This tattoo carries a great message, but it’s too bad the execution is so poor.

At least they remembered the I came before the E and spelled “believe” correctly! If only they could have figured out how to spell “yourself.” Not to mention the elephant in the room. We hope this person is a hula hooper who keeps losing their hoop.

Two Faces

Reddit / ATBGE

At least this tattoo has one benefit. This person can grow out their hair and hide the fact that they tattooed a green-eye man on their scalp.

What made him choose this tattoo on this spot? We hope this guy doesn’t end up going bald. Imagine having this displayed on your scalp for the rest of your life.

So Many “Regerts”

Twitter / Devin Townsend

Never forget to live your life to the fullest and seize every great opportunity that comes your way. If this person had no regrets before this tattoo, we bet he has some “regerts” now. The one permanently tattooed on his skin might be one of the biggest.

How is it possible that neither he nor the tattoo artist noticed the spelling mistake? Don’t be shy to do spellcheck before considering a tattoo like this!



In the movie Memento, a man decides to tattoo important information on his skin since he suffers from a memory condition. This includes things such as his name. We’re sure Dave will never forget the day he foolishly tattooed his own name on his skin.

Dave had apparently lost a bet and had to get this tattoo as payback. Hopefully, he didn’t have to pay for the tattoo himself.

North, South, West, East

Bored Panda

We learned about the four cardinal directions in middle school, so you shouldn’t even need a map to figure it out as an adult! This tattoo artist must have been absent the day they taught this because he only got one of the four correct.

The tattoo artist shouldn’t get all of the blame, though! To make things worse, the lines are pretty shaky. This is very embarrassing.

“Jon Bovi” Fan


Bon Jovi released the hit song “It’s My Life” in 2000. The meaning behind the song is that you should make your own life decisions and forget about those whole try to influence them.

We wish someone would have stepped in and checked the spelling before this person got this quote tattooed. This person even managed to spell Bon Jovi’s name wrong, even though he is the person the quote is attributed to.

A Cute Tortoise

Jam Press

Yet another person on this list decided to tattoo his scalp. We’ll say it again - at least he can hide it by growing out his hair.

But male-pattern baldness is pretty common in men, so we hope he’s one of the lucky ones. Getting a tattoo on your face or head might not be the best idea since it’s hard to cover up. We must admit that the tortoise does look cute!

Refund Worthy

Bored Panda

There are many different reasons why this tattoo is terrible. To start, the lightsaber looks like a baseball bat. This tattoo just looks like a baseball player who is wearing a cape. And is that a mullet spilling out of his helmet?

Some lines are so faint that they look like the person had varicose veins, and the artist decided to work it into their drawing. We hope this client gets a refund.

Always Give Up

Epic Fail

Shakespeare’s work proves that double negatives were highly accepted in the English language at some point. This point was a couple of hundred years ago, though. Since then, double negatives have been eradicated from standard English.

If you think about it, “Never don’t give up” means “always give up.” We bet this guy wishes he had given up on this tattoo idea.


Daily Mail

This tattoo isn’t very difficult to get done. All the artist needs to do is put a capital N over a capital Y, but they must have been severely underqualified to mess this up.

This tattoo is supposed to show a famous logo of an athletics organization, The New York Yankees. Still, it just looks like a contemporary interpretation of the heptapod extra-terrestrial beings in the movie Arrival. Can those lines be any less straight?

Who Is Les?

Daily Mail

One theory behind this tattoo is that the person’s name is Les and they’re telling people the be afraid of them. It’s sweet that they put a heart after such an ominous threat.

This is likely not the case. The client probably misspelled the word “fearless,” and the tattoo artist didn’t catch the mistake in time. They most likely thought the word only had one “s” and needed the heart to make up for one finger not having anything on it.

Why Bother Buying Suspenders?

Reddit / r/pics

We found our winner out of all these terrible tattoos on this list. The guy must have thought he was a genius coming up with the idea to tattoo rainbow-patterned suspenders on his upper body.

He even went as far as to get his fingers tattooed, so it looks like he is snapping his suspenders. Hopefully, he still thinks this joke is funny when he’s old.

Horror Movie

This might be this tattoo artist’s biggest mistake. When the woman came in looking to tattoo a lovely shrine on her body, she left with a botched tattoo that made her look like a monster out of a horror movie.

We wouldn’t blame children for running away in fear when they see this person walking toward them. This poor lady deserved so much better.

Baby And The Beast

Daily Mail

Here’s one major tattoo tip: if you want a photograph of someone’s face tattooed, make sure the tattoo artist puts the stencil on accurately before he tattoos it onto your skin for all of eternity.

This baby was obviously very special to this person, and they wanted the infant’s image on their skin forever. Unfortunately, the artist didn’t quite reach the expectations.

A Not-So-Scary Tiger

The Irish Sun

We took the liberty of putting a picture of an actual tiger on the right for you to compare since we couldn’t find the client’s source material. It took us a while to figure out what we were looking at. Only when we saw the eyes did we realize what it was meant to be.

This tattoo looks like a parody of nature’s most fearsome and dangerous predator. It seems like the client asked his 10-year-old kid to draw it. I’m pretty sure there are 10-year-old who can draw better than that.

Foreign Languages

Reddit / r/pics

Having a tattoo done in a foreign language that no one understands is pretty cool. Because calligraphy has evolved independently in so many languages, there is a wide diversity of aesthetic styles to choose from.

Make sure that if you come across someone who understands the words you chose to have tattooed on your body for the rest of your life, they think it's cool and not moronic.

Prescription Glasses

L.A. Taco

Tattoos can either make you look cool or make you look like a moron. Tattoos that seem so absurdly ridiculous that they vary between genius and humiliation fall somewhere in between. Generally speaking, getting a face tattoo is a horrible decision.

But did that guy just manage to pull it off? You might have to look twice to see that he isn't wearing glasses.  It may take a second look to notice he isn't wearing glasses. Perhaps no one told him that getting glasses tattooed on his face would not permanently improve his vision.

Eminem On A M&M

This tattoo is the only one on the list that could pass as truly good. First of all, it genuinely resembles Eminem, who is arguably the best rapper ever to live.

Second, the artist had sufficient skill to successfully combine the rapper's head with a cartoon M&M body. This is not only humorous, but it also shows how skillfully the artist put a client's idea into practice. Excellent work!

What Is It Even?

The most important tattoo rule is to make sure the person tattooing you is skilled in what they do. There are some minimum requirements, even though one's sense of beauty is subjective.

However, whatever animal or creature this creature is supposed to be, it falls short of these standards. Is that a Tyrannosaurus Rex? A dragon? People can not even tell what they are looking at because of how awful it is. At least the tattoo can always be covered up.

A Love For Search Engines

Public Domain

We'd be the first to admit that technology, particularly the development of some powerful search engines, has dramatically enhanced our quality of life.

One man took it to a whole new level when he decided to display his love for Google on his arm publicly.  Let's hope that this tattoo won't come to pass in a few years when technology has completely taken over every part of our lives, including our bodies.

Meat Lover

YouTube / AnswersVideo

For those of us who eat meat, it is a great and delicious dish. There is a lot to enjoy about meat in all its forms, from hot dogs and hamburgers to barbecue pig ribs and ribeye steaks.

Obsession is one thing, but getting a tattoo with a ham hock fairy and other references to pork is another. We genuinely wonder what will happen if this girl decides to become a vegan one day.

McLovin’ It

We can all agree that most of us associate fast food with comfort and convenience. The fact that McDonald's is undoubtedly the most popular fast-food chain in the world is not a coincidence.

But this man felt the need to get a McDonald's receipt from a meal permanently inked onto his forearm for some reason. We don't know if this tribute has any hidden significance. But we're fairly sure whoever this guy is, he is already kicking himself.

Hello Kitty


To put it mildly, this guy has a knack for defying convention. This guy can be spotted with blue braids decorated with what appears to be plastic baby dolls, bold black eyeliner, and neck tattoos that seem to feature Pac-Man screams. One thing’s for sure: this person is not afraid to make a statement - even if we can't figure out what that statement is.

So it's no surprise he got Hello Kitty tattooed on his forehead.