Teacher Fired Over Photo Of Fiancé Gets Payback
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Teacher Fired Over Photo Of Fiancé Gets Payback

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Taking a closer look at her parent's statement, she took a deep breath. It was impossible for her to comprehend the reasoning behind the complaint. Due to a silly photo of her with her fiancée, the principal said she could not avoid suspending her.

Diana saw that this was improper. Despite how her stomach felt, she had to maintain her composure. She had to stand up for what she thought was right.

An Ordinary Woman

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A regular woman who had a passion for teaching, Diana Atkinson was an exceptional teacher. Her school district considered her one of the best teachers in the area. Nothing gave her greater joy than molding the minds of tomorrow.

In spite of her job, Diana remained a normal human being. The moment her parent took issue with her personal life, she knew hell was about to break loose.

No Problems

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Despite having a passion for teaching above all else, her fiancée was the thing she valued most in the world. Beautiful Lisa was the woman she was engaged to. No one had ever before expressed concern about her sexual orientation.

She considered herself fortunate because most people didn't have it so well. She didn't, however, anticipate any problems from her dualistic lifestyle. She would discover her error shortly.

They Loved Her

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Diana didn't simply assume that she was the best teacher. She maintained a high quality in her instruction and received praise for it.

The consideration and sensitivity she put into every class were adored by both parents and pupils. However, all would abruptly change one fateful day when Diana made some enemies.

Petty Actions

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She would not have received only positive attention. She had no idea that somebody would take an interest in her and do everything in their power to make her life a living hell.

One of the individuals she least expected was going to do something harsh and petty that would turn her life upside down. It occurred as follows:

Opening Up

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Diana had prepared a presentation for her class at the start of the new school year. A comfortable environment was important to her during orientation.

They would be more willing to share their own stories if she shared a little bit about her life. That's what she thought, anyway. Despite what she thought, she was completely wrong.

The Best Way

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Rather than introducing herself with a speech, she decided to show a slideshow. Some of her favorite things were listed, along with her name and what she had taught for many years.

One of her slides, she believed, would amuse the kids, but one of their parents wouldn't be impressed. It would actually end up being the worst error of her professional life.

The Photo

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She brought a photo of her and her fiancée dressed as Nemo and Dory from Finding Nemo to her children. She thought it would be a good way to entertain the kids.

Unaware that her response to the children's question about Lisa would be the catalyst for her employment in that school to be in jeopardy, she responded as it came naturally to her.

The Natural Response

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"That's Lisa, my future wife," she merely replied. It seemed to be fine at first since it was the obvious thing to say.

The kids appeared eager to meet Diana. Diana looked forward to getting to know each child personally since she felt the same way. But she had no idea what she had started because of a simple photo.

An Odd Request

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Approximately a week after Diana began teaching, she was contacted by the principal to meet with her. As the school year had only just begun, it seemed odd.

After her last class of the day, she went to the principal's office. She anticipated it might include some usual paperwork, something involving the school program, or something else. She was sorely mistaken.

Not Happy

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She got to the door and stepped in. The principal waited there but clearly wasn’t happy about something.

Diana asked her what was going on, but she wasn’t ready for what the principal was about to tell her. After she heard her words, she became paralyzed for a few seconds. What was all that about?

A Complaint

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The principal informed Diana that there was a complaint about her. It was from one of the parents. She informed her that she would have to be more careful with what she showed her children when teaching.

But she didn’t understand what had happened. She didn’t show them anything that could have been misinterpreted. But she didn’t understand the gravity of the situation.

Worse Than She Thought

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Diana thought that she would get a verbal warning or a written one at most. She hated having something in writing against her, but it would be the end of the world. She asked the principal if she could go.

But the principal shook her head and frowned. She explained that it wasn’t that simple. Further actions had to be taken.


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The principal told her that after consideration and what the allegations were against her that they’d have no choice but to suspend her pending an investigation. Diana couldn’t believe what the principal was saying.

She had done nothing wrong. But then the principal showed her the official statement that the parent had left. It struck her like a punch to the gut.

Real Reason

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She looked down at the statement the parent had said. She couldn’t believe the reasoning behind the complaint. The principal said she had no choice but to suspend her for it over a silly photo of her with her fiance.

This wasn’t right, and Diana knew it. She felt her stomach twist into a knot, but she had to be brave. She had to fight for what she believed in.