Teen Smiles At Officer, He Realizes What She's Done
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Teen Smiles At Officer, He Realizes What She's Done

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No one else seemed to pay any mind to what was going on. But he had years of experience under his belt, and he could instantly tell that something bad was about to happen. He made his way through the crowd, his eyes never leaving his target.

Once he reached the girl, he grabbed ahold of her. One student noticed and watched closely, “What are you doing?!” He quickly motioned for everyone to stay away as they watched with wide eyes.


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When news broke that Roger Caron was offered a job at Pascack Hills High School in New York, controversy followed. He was hired as a security guard and he was eager to start his time at the high school.

But it wasn’t the position itself that sturred controversy, it was the job he had before.

He Was An Ex-Cop

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You see, before this, Caron was an ex-cop serving the Woodcliff Lake Police Department. He held this position for 34 years and he had a solid reputation for being a tough but fair guy. Those who knew him either loved or hated him.

He knew that reactions were mixed, but that didn’t stop him. He was determined to show everyone that he was the best person for the job.

Walking Through The Halls

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Caron made his way through the school halls, his presence intimidating as he made sure everything was running smoothly. Wherever he went, students immediately straightened themselves up and behaved, shying away from him. But one girl didn’t have the same reaction as everyone else.

She had spoken to Caron a few times before, and she quite liked his company. Their encounters were usually uninteresting, until one day.

Ready For Action

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The day started like any other. Caron stood against one of his walls, his hands on his belt as his eyes scanned the action. From the outside, he appeared calm, but on the inside, he was fully alert and ready for action.

Caron knew that wherever there was a crowd, there was a chance of danger. Anything could happen, and he had to be ready to deal with it. The second half of the school day was about to begin and he was ready for the unexpected.

The Bell Rang

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As the bell rang, he watched students swarm from the cafeteria. Some were still stuffing food into their mouths as they walked, in too much of a rush to chew properly. One girl flashed Caron a smile as she walked past him.

Her name was Sarah Buzzini and she was the only student that seemed completely unphased by Caron. He grinned back as she walked by.

He Loved Kids

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Caron always thought his relationship with Sarah was like a teacher and student. He loved kids and he was happy that he was able to protect them. His love for children was what made him apply for the job.

He was determined to positively impact their lives in whatever way he could. But he never knew what problems Sarah Buzzini had in store for him.

A Smart Girl

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Sarah was a smart girl who loved socializing with those around her. She was known for having a tremendous interest in other people's lives, and Caron was no exception.

Caron remembered the time she mentioned wanting to be a cop. It was clear that she looked up to him, and she would often ask for guidance. As she walked by, his eyes never left her. But then he noticed something strange about her.

He Noticed Something

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As the 18-year-old girl walked passed Caron, he noticed that she was moving rather strangely. It seemed that each step was with purpose but without direction.

It was second nature for Caron to scan for anything irregular or unusual, from deformed clothes that could be hiding something to darting eyes and suspicious behavior. He was always hyper-vigilant, and he was always right.

Watching Closely

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He kept his eyes on her, watching closely. He wondered if she was perhaps looking down at her phone and not paying attention. But then he witnessed another hesitant stumble. He quickly pushed himself up from the wall and began approaching her.

He knew that she was acting abnormally. He was praying that she hadn’t ingested anything illegal or that she was intoxicated. But he would soon learn that the truth was far more terrifying.

Moving Hands

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He walked his way through the busy flow of students, keeping an eye on her bright yellow shirt. Something felt very off. He had to check it out - even if he was wrong.

Sarah took a few more strides forward. It was like she wanted to go somewhere, but couldn’t move. Then, her hands started to flap.

Something’s Wrong

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He walked faster, keeping a very close eye. Maybe she was motioning to a friend? The classmates around her weren’t reacting. She started to sway.

“Not good,” he thought. Now, he was sure. Something was definitely wrong with her. His heartbeat picked up as he pushed through the crowd and planted himself in front of the girl. What he saw next was frightening.

Couldn’t Speak

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Caron grabbed her arms and took a good look at her. She couldn’t speak. He tried asking what was wrong but he got no answer.

Her face was pale and her eyes were wide and terrified. Was she having a seizure? Did she take something? Just then, the girl hand-gestured something.

See It Before

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The two rosy lips that usually smiled at him now had a blue tinge. Her eyes fluttered and her frantic limbs started to slow down and drop at her side.

Caron had seen this before. If he understood her hand gestures correctly, he had to act now. But first, he was required to ask something.

No Air

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“Sarah, I’m going to touch you okay?” She looked up at him, fading away, and gave a clear nod. With all the school regulations about physical contact and horror stories about adults being penalized for the craziest things, he needed to ask.

He hoped there was no need to ask but he knew how situations could be twisted and distorted. He acted quickly.