The 5 Most Basic Healthy Lifestyle Tips That You Probably Already Know

The 5 Most Basic Healthy Lifestyle Tips That You Probably Already Know

Johan Brown

There are health tips that literally everyone know. But do you know the reasons behind those tips? Do you know why and how you should execute them? If the answer is yes for the questions above repetition will not hurt. So let\’s check out the 5 most basic healthy lifestyle tips that you probably already know!

Sleep Enough

An adult needs generally 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day. To ensure the best quality of sleep keep the room temperature low. Stay away from artificial lights at least for 30 minutes before going to bed. If you feel that you slept too much or not enough, try adjusting the sleeping time to what your system needs.

Avoid excessive food and sugar intake

Try breaking down your daily food consumption into 4-5 smaller portions and make sure they are diverse and do not contain too much sugar. Eating in smaller portions will make sure that your body doesn\’t produce too much glucose, thus you stay more energetic and less hungry. Making sure that the food you consume is diverse (vegetables, etc.) will provide your system with all the nutrients it needs, and avoiding excessive sugar consumption will keep you energized.


It doesn\’t matter if you prepare your body for a marathon, or just simply walk home every day. Make sure that your body is moving at least 30 minutes a day. This will make sure that you don\’t get “rusty” and it will also boost your mood. You can even have a cheat day per week.

Stay Hydrated

Are you well hydrated? You can find it out by taking a look at your urine. If its usually colorless or light yellow, then you are doing fine. A basic goal can be 8 glasses of water per day but different systems need (bigger body -> more liquid) different amounts. The urine test is a fool proof way to make sure you are drinking enough. As 70% percent of your body is made of water you can\’t except it to be fine without hydration.


If you are smoking cigarettes, or using drugs it is the best to cut them off while you still can. A lot of people have addictive personalities, and these drugs (smoking, alcohol, weed, synthetic drugs) also contain addictive ingredients.So cut them off if you can. If not try to use them wisely.