Vet Encounters That Were Too Cute To Ignore
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Vet Encounters That Were Too Cute To Ignore

Johan Brown

Pets can be an excellent relief and source of much-needed comfort in both good and bad times. They become a part of your family, so you want to be there for them when they need it, just like they are for you.

Occasionally, this entails taking them to the vet. Here are a few instances where vets ran into the cutest animals while at work and simply had to snap a picture. We hope these pictures bring you as much joy as they did to us!

A Quick Power-Nap

Pixabay / Nina

There are not many things cuter than a tiny pony. It's unusual but pretty cool to keep a miniature horse as a pet. They most likely require regular checkups with the vet.

When this person decided to do just that, the vet got the opportunity to snap this adorable and beautiful photo of the four-legged equine taking a quick nap while he waited his turn.

Saying Thank You

Pixabay / Myriams-Fotos

We are confident that if you are a veterinarian or are considering becoming one, you have a unique affinity for animals. This means you enjoy helping them and receiving their love in return.

Consider this adorable dog giving a small thank you to the vet technician after his checkup. This can brighten anybody's day!

Keeping Them Entertained

Reddit - r/aww

A single kitten is adorable, but an entire litter is cuteness overload. With those adorable eyes staring at the vet, we wonder how they managed to get work done. We can certainly understand their decision to take a break and snap a photo.

All six of these Maine Coon Kittens seem pretty entertained by the vet's antics.

Who’s A Good Boy?


It must be quite challenging for vets to manage all these pets every day. Vets see countless animals injured daily, but the worst part is that they have to send these adorable animals home.

This dog is so well-behaved that it even posed for the vet to take this cute photo. We wonder how the vet could ever say goodbye to such a sweet puppy!

You’re Coming Home With Me

Pexels / Sam Lion

Every day, thousands of animals are abandoned and become strays. Some humans step up and try to help tame the population and spend their money to ensure these strays receive the care they deserve.

However, they don't always keep them, so it's a good thing that this vet was searching for a new pet when this woman brought in this incredibly cute cat.

Lending A Paw

Reddit - r/cats

As children, many of us were told that we had to work to pay our way through life. That involved carrying out house chores and lending a hand. Apparently, this cat got the same talk. But this is much cuter!

The vet's new assistant follows all the regulations just like its boss. The only difference is that it wears the attire much better!

Cuddly Balls Of Joy

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We're sure science has proven that having access to cuddly kittens will improve your mood. Having access to one is good enough, but the happiness you feel must increase exponentially when there are five of them.

Many vets undoubtedly enjoy being able to interact with these adorable and lovable kittens, especially when they've had a bad day.

A Special Brownie

Pixabay / Thomas

Herbal medicine has its advantages. Most of the time, however, that is specifically meant for human ingestion. When an animal consumes some, it may cause some anxiety. This is why this person took their adorable Chihuahua to the vet.

Judging from the puppy's smile, it doesn't look like it's in danger, but it's still a good idea to get an expert's opinion. It also allowed this vet to capture a cute pict

Smiling Like They Are Friends

YouTube / Happy Land

Most people do not leave the doctor's office with a big smile. Even if they receive good news, it is still time spent at a doctor's office. This is not always the case for pets. Take a look at this picture.

This cat seems pretty happy, and his vet tech is smiling as well. In fact, these two grins are almost identical, which makes it even funnier!

I’m Listening

Reddit - r/Eyebleach

It’s hard to get a puppy to pay attention. Much like kids, they have a lot of energy, and they like to bounce all over the place, so when you find a pup that’s willing to sit still — especially at a vet — you have a winner.

It’s even better when that pup has these adorable cute big ears, and those big brown eyes stare at you. Don’t you just want to take him home?!

Wild Animal, Where?

YouTube / Audubon Nature Institute

Occasionally as a vet, you get some pretty unique animals coming through your office. Sometimes it’s simple things like squirrels and hedgehogs, but sometimes you get really unusual ones like this lion cub.

How adorable is this cute little lion cub playing with its rope toy? This vet was so lucky to have access to this animal and to be able to take this adorable picture. Better that they got the cub than the full-grown lion, though!

Real or Fake?

Pexels / Janice Carriger

Sometimes when people are out in nature, they find baby animals that have either been lost or left by their parents. When this happens, especially if they’re injured, it’s often a good idea to take them to your local vet.

That must be what happened with this baby fox, which is pretty cool, considering that this vet now has this amazing picture. Though it does look a little like a fake fox, we’re sure it’s real!

Do Not Disturb!

YouTube / Amazed Animal

It’s hard work working all day at a vet's office. We are sure many of those vet techs like to find places to curl up and take a few minutes to get some shuteye. Though it’s demanding work for the vet, we’re sure that pets find a visit to the vet also pretty tiring.

At least this Pomeranian did, and it found a pretty comfy spot to wait until its owners returned to pick it up.

What Are You Wearing?

YouTube / Amazed Animal

There are a lot of people out there that love to dress their pets up and have fun outfits. Sometimes this is super cute, and other times, it’s ridiculous. In this case, though, it’s downright adorable! Just look at that baby goat!

How lucky is this vet that their coworker owned a beautiful little baby goat that they brought in? Now, they have this picture that they can show to everybody!

Patience Is a Virtue!

Pexels / Petrebels

There are many animals that, when taken to the vet, absolutely lose their minds. They begin to pace and are not comfortable in the cages that they have to stay in before or after a procedure.

So, when you find a very gentlemanly cat that has plenty of patience like this one, you have to snap a photo of them. How cute is this little guy?!

Look at Me!

Pexels / Reynaldo Yodia

Most calico kittens are female. We’re sure there’s a reason, but we have no idea, so the fact that this vet was able to take a picture of a male calico is not only adorable — but also pretty unique.

This adorable little furball is a one-of-a-kind kitten, and that makes him extra special on top of being so darn cute.

I Will Have My Revenge

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There are a lot of people that are either dog people or cat people. One of the reasons people choose dogs over cats might be because cats seem to have a little bit more attitude than dogs do.

This vet got the chance to actually take a picture of a perfect example — just look at that face. Though patient, you know somewhere in their mind, this cute little furball is planning their revenge.

Let’s Take a Nap

Pexels / Meruyert Gonullu

There’s nothing scarier for anyone than going in for surgery. But, when you can’t share your concerns with the doctor because you speak two different languages, that makes it even scarier.

Still, this veterinary clinic has a special way of taking care of their pups and other animals after surgery. Not only does the vet get a little sleep, but the dog gets some cuddles, which always makes recovery easier.

I’m Here for You

YouTube / Amazed Animal

Sometimes we just need a little reassurance and so do our pets. So, after complex surgery, having the doctor curl up next to you to give you a little love has got to be comforting. Plus, it gives the other vet techs the opportunity to take pictures like this.

How adorable is this, and why is this not this guy’s dating profile picture? We are sure he’d get tons of messages if it were!

Howl at the Moon

YouTube / Amazed Animal

There are a lot of majestic creatures that live in the wild. Some of them have tragically been hunted to near extinction, and others have found a way to survive. This little wolf pup is proof of this.

How cute and calm is this little guy?! This vet is so lucky to be able to handle such a beautiful animal. Doesn’t that face just make you want to cuddle up with him?


YouTube / Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center

Though you may not get a chance to see them very often, trust us when we say that beavers are super cute animals. Sure — they can be very territorial, and we are sure even vicious occasionally, but their little faces just make you want to kiss them.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at this little guy who seems to be saying hello and smiling big for the camera.

Do You Smell Something?

Pixabay / Vicki Roberts

Skunks get a bad rep when it comes to being a pet. Most people only consider the fact that when in danger or scared, they release a little bit of an odor that can’t be gotten rid of. That doesn’t mean they can’t make excellent pets, though.

This loving little skunk is all about this vet. We bet the vet is glad that he got a picture of this so that he could show people that there’s no need to fear the skunk.

Time Out!

Reddit - r/aww

Sometimes just like in every other situation, extreme measures have to be taken. There are some pets that have sharp teeth and, when afraid, lash out and bite. So, it appears that this vet had dealt with something like this before and created a unique way to handle it.

This little lizard seems to have gotten a little violent and has been put in a lizard timeout. By doing this, the vet can take this cute image and be able to ensure the X-rays are correctly handled.

This Is Not Cool

Reddit - r/aww

There are just some puppies that have a face that can melt your heart. Whether that’s with joy or with sadness is dependent on the situation. For this little puppy, looking into those eyes makes us sad to the point that we just want to cuddle up to him.

Though we’re sure that this vet is taking good care of the pup, it’s clear that this little fella isn’t happy about being there. We hope that his human gives him a treat after all is said and done.


YouTube / Amazed Animal

Just like humans, every pet has a personality. Sometimes they are serious, and other times they are affectionate, and occasionally you get one that’s a little goofy. Clearly, this dog falls in that category.

But so does the vet tech apparently, as it seems that this woman is trying to imitate this hilarious face that the dog has. This definitely makes for an Instagrammable moment! It seems to us that this visit to the vet is going pretty well, or is it?

You Have a Little Something Right There

YouTube / Amazed Animal

There are many different sizes of dogs in the world. And each one has a lot of love to give, but when the dog is as tall as you are, that love can be a lot. This pup is clearly happy about his experience at the vet’s office and is trying to show his appreciation.

Either that, or she has some food on her face that he’s trying to clean up. Either way, this picture is super adorable!

Hold Me

YouTube / Amazed Animal

Sometimes when you go to the doctor or — in this case — a vet, you just need someone to give you a little reassurance that everything is going to be alright. One of the best ways to do that is to give that person or animal a good hug.

That’s exactly what this vet is doing for this cat, and though they still look a little scared, we bet they aren’t as fearful as they used to be.

Get Him!

Unsplash / Melissa Askew

What do you do when you’re a vet that has to deal with a whole litter of Great Danes? These hyperactive pups all want attention, and this vet has figured out how to make sure that happens. We’re not sure this is safe, but it’s definitely cute.

By backing up against the wall, he made sure they could only approach from one direction and then began the loving.

That’s a Good One

Unsplash / nicole duncan

Dogs and humans have a special bond, and though there are many that think that dogs don’t have a sense of humor, they would be wrong. All they would have to do is take a look at this picture to see that clearly, something got this pit bull laughing.

It’s a pretty epic and adorable picture and just makes us wonder what exactly started the laughing fit for both the vet and the pup.