The “Five Senses” Method I Learned at a Yoga Retreat is the Most Meditative Part of My Morning Routine
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The “Five Senses” Method I Learned at a Yoga Retreat is the Most Meditative Part of My Morning Routine

Jonathon Daily

Maybe you're like me, and when I need to make an important decision, I always go scrolling through my phone way more than I should. But when I take a break, my go-to is my meditation practice.

Meditating at home with peace and quiet is an excellent method for figuring out my feelings. Meditation makes you think at the moment, and my preferred way to meditate is by incorporating the human senses.


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Think about your hearing. Listen closely to everything around you. When you're indoors, you might hear the subtle vibrations from your air conditioner or the clicking of a nearby wall clock. Outside, you'll listen to different noises, from chirping birds to cars driving past.

The key is to not look at the sounds as negative or positive. Just observe them. A popular place to meditate is nature. People like to listen to beach waves or rain, and using earplugs helps to focus on what you want to hear.


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The smell is an essential sense while meditating. A person may still smell the coffee they brewed a few minutes before. Maybe they can smell their fresh linen or their favorite perfume from where they are. Try to find an aroma nearby, like a scented candle, if there aren't any unusual smells.

Like with hearing, scents shouldn't be seen as positive or negative. It may be hard to do this, with most scents at home being ones of comfort. After a minute has passed, then comes the taste.


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Now you can try to taste it. Find a beverage or food and try to savor the flavor. Slowly take each sip or each bite and think hard about the texture of the food.

Try to relax and feel the way the food is in your mouth. It's okay if you don't have any food, try to focus on the inside of your mouth. Think about how your mouth feels and recognize the tongue behind your teeth.