The One Home Office Upgrade That Completely Improved the Way I WFH (and Stopped My Wrist Pain)
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The One Home Office Upgrade That Completely Improved the Way I WFH (and Stopped My Wrist Pain)

Johan Brown

I work on the computer and at my desk a lot. I'm constantly typing because of my writing profession, the numerous emails I respond to daily, and my journaling. I've just begun to have some concerning wrist aches. I've had the standard, infrequent wrist ache we all experience, but this one seemed distinct, more severe, and more persistent.

I feared I was on the verge of carpal tunnel syndrome (my mother and sister both suffer from it), so I knew I needed to take immediate action.


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So I started researching, on the hunt, for something that would help my immediate wrist pain and improve my overall wrist health. That's when I stumbled upon an ergonomic split keyboard, the find that changed the way I look at typing forever.

Why is this keyboard so unique, then? This keyboard has a curved, split keyframe that puts your hands, wrists, fingers, and forearms in a more natural posture, which you'll feel when you use it for the first time by the instant absence of tension felt.


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It was created to help you type in a more natural, ergonomic approach. This keyboard has a wide, full-sized design with a pillowed wrist rest that elevates your forearms slightly above the keyboard, which the company claims provides 54% greater wrist support and 25% less wrist bending. It also has a number pad.

The best part is that it can be linked to your computer via either Bluetooth or USB, making it a smooth addition to most WFH installations. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.


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Its size is what immediately stood out to me. I was aback by how big this keyboard is—it measures 17.95 inches long and 9.17 inches thick. It seems more significant since the keyboard and wrist pad are joined together as one unit.

I wouldn't say it is significantly larger than a conventional keyboard and wrist pad combination. I appreciate how spacious it is and how easily I can move the entire arrangement while cleaning my desk.