Man Who Buried 42 Buses Was Right About 2021
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Man Who Buried 42 Buses Was Right About 2021

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It has been several decades since Bruce Beach left his home to travel across Canadian borders to begin his major endeavor. See, Bruce had collected a lot of old school buses, and it was this collection that had caused locals to call him insane.

He needed the school buses for their reinforced steel roofs, but the locals did not know that. Bruce had a plan, and once he had amassed enough buses, he began to dig.

Intriguing Creation

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Bruce, who is 83 years old, has constructed a highly unusual structure in North America, which is located in Ontario, Canada and is currently buried under a significant amount of snow and ice. This structure has become one of the most mysterious and intriguing modern wonders on earth.

Despite the authorities' efforts to stop him, Bruce continues to pursue his vision with determination and purpose, driven by a deep sense of fear.

Pit Of Fear And Mystery

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Bruce's creation is a massive underground pit with tunnels and labyrinths that are said to extend deep below the surface of the earth. It is almost entirely underground and has never been accessed by anyone.

The fear that inspired Bruce to bury 42 buses beneath the ground did not develop gradually, but rather struck him in a sudden and intense wave in the 1970s.

Life-Changing Event

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Bruce was raised in Winfield, Kansas during his childhood. However, an event occurred during his youth that had a lasting impact on his life.

During Bruce's youth, he experienced the threat and tension of the Vietnam War and the Cold War, which had a significant psychological impact on him as a young person. These were tumultuous times in American history, and Bruce grew up in the midst of it all.

Keeping The Safe

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Fearing that another war would occur in the United States, Bruce took his family and fled to Canada to escape the fear. He Wanted to keep them safe.

It was in Canada where Bruce began a mission that turned him into a legendary figure. It is unclear what he believed he was doing at the time.

Wanting To Be A Protector

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Bruce chose to establish his base in Horning's Mills, a small, rural village located two hours from Toronto and far from public scrutiny. This village was the hometown of his wife, Jean.

Bruce believed that disaster lurked around every corner and was determined to take action to protect himself and his family.

Bruce's Bus Collection

From 1980 to 1985, Bruce focused on acquiring as many old, retired school buses as he could. He paid around $300 per bus and had them delivered to his home.

An integral part of Bruce’s plan was to collect 42 buses. The process took him five years and cost him a lot of money.

A Pit

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After Bruce acquired all of the old school buses, he placed them side by side and connected them to each other.

He then dug a large 14-foot deep pit on a 12.5 acre piece of land and buried the buses. It is not specified in the given information why Bruce took these actions.


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To ensure that the buses he had buried would remain underground permanently, Bruce poured a layer of solid concrete, two feet thick, over the pit.

In order to create a large underground labyrinth, Bruce opened up the buses and connected them together. This resulted in the construction of one of the largest underground structures in North America.

Underground Shelter

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After completing the project, the underground shelter, named "Ark Two," covered an area of 10,000 square feet. It is rumored to have the capacity to accommodate up to 500 people.

Bruce built the underground shelter with the intention of it being used by people in the future, but it is not stated who he intended to allow inside or for what purpose.

Decontamination Chamber

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Bruce determined that individuals with infectious diseases would not be allowed inside Ark Two.

To ensure that Ark Two remained free of contamination, Bruce built a decontamination chamber for individuals seeking to enter the shelter. This was done for a specific purpose, although it is not specified in the given information.



You see, Bruce is a “prepper.” He’s convinced that the apocalypse is imminent and has done everything to prepare for it. While some believe the end is near due to religious beliefs, others have different reasons to believe the world will be coming to an end soon.

Preppers prepare for everything from the zombie apocalypse to a global pandemic.

Restricted Access

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Bruce has restricted access to Ark Two for reporters and other individuals who may be seeking information out of curiosity. He has been cautious about allowing outsiders to view the shelter and has often denied access to members of the press who have attempted to cover it.

Individuals who have been granted rare access to Ark Two have typically been required to complete a task assigned by Bruce, such as chopping firewood or completing other chores, in exchange for the privilege of entering the shelter.

Facing Opposition

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The local government considers Ark Two to be a potential health and safety hazard and wishes to see it destroyed.

Due to the lack of proper permits, the local government has attempted to shut down Ark Two and has spent over $250,000 in the process. The local fire department has also taken action to try and close the shelter.

Shut Down

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Rather than engaging in legal battles, the Ontario fire department has taken physical action to shut down Ark Two by cordoning it off and closing it using the fire brigade.

The Ontario fire department has sealed the entrances to Ark Two on multiple occasions, but Bruce has managed to reopen them each time. It is not specified in the given information how Bruce's family feels about the situation or if they support him.